Why Your Older Dog Is Losing Weight And What To Do

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Normally, once we speak about older canine, we speak about them placing on weight.

They’ve much less power and a slower metabolism, so it’s common for them to pile on a couple of additional kilos, very similar to people. However what in case your senior canine begins to shed pounds?

It’s truly a fantasy that each one older canine acquire weight as their our bodies change. They may equally discover themselves shedding weight, very similar to folks. So, dropping just a little little bit of weight can simply be a pure a part of getting older.

However, in case your older canine begins shedding vital weight, both all of a sudden and quickly or slowly and steadily, it may be a warning signal that one thing will not be fairly proper with their well being.

golden retriever sitting on a scale getting weight checked.

On this article, you can find an inventory of the commonest causes of weight reduction in older canine and the important thing related signs to look out for when speaking together with your vet to find out whether or not you ought to be anxious and what the trigger is perhaps. 

We may even take a look at what you ought to be feeding senior canine to assist them preserve a wholesome weight.

However first …

DISCLAIMER: We’re not veterinarians, in case your canine is shedding weight or has any well being issues please discuss to your veterinarian.

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How A lot Weight Loss Is Worrying?

Similar to you, your canine’s weight will fluctuate relying on what they’ve been doing, what they’ve been consuming, and even their temper. 

Additionally, the modifications that older canine endure of their hormones and metabolism imply it’s simply as seemingly that they may drop some weight and settle with a skinnier physique as pile on just a little little bit of weight as they age.

So, when do you have to begin worrying in case your canine is shedding weight?

The reply: vital weight reduction.

Vets outline vital weight reduction as 10% of a canine’s regular physique weight.

You’ll in all probability discover in case your canine loses that form of weight. However keep in mind, with a small five-pound pup, that’s simply half a pound.

PRO TIP: One behavior price moving into is taking your canine to the vet only for a fast go to to say hello to the workers and use their scale for a weigh in. This can assist develop optimistic associations together with your vet and offer you an opportunity to observe the burden of your canine.

Frequent Causes Of Weight Loss In Older Canines

There are a selection of various issues that may trigger weight reduction in older canine.

Relying on the issue, they could additionally show different signs that may enable you and your vet make a prognosis and begin treating the issue.

Under are the commonest causes of great weight reduction in older canine.

Dental Issues

Your canine could begin displaying much less curiosity in what’s in his bowl if he’s having issues together with his tooth. Whether it is painful for them to eat, it is going to be much less seemingly for them to chow down, and weight reduction is the inevitable outcome.

If the issue is of their tooth, you’ll in all probability discover different signs equivalent to extreme drooling, dangerous breath, and discolored or swollen gums.

That is in all probability one of the vital frequent causes for weight reduction in older canine. By the age of three, round 80% of canine are already struggling with dental points, and it simply turns into extra prevalent as they age.

Remedy would require a visit to the vet, who could suggest the extraction of contaminated tooth or remedy to cope with different dental points. They might additionally counsel a brand new dental care routine.

For instance, in case you have been utilizing dental chews for years, however they’re now too robust to your canine’s tooth, it might be time to take a brush to them and begin cleansing them your self.

Once more, shifting your canine into moist meals may also be a good suggestion if they’ve dental points, because it requires much less chewing, so can be simpler for them to eat.

PRO TIP: You may soak kibble in heat water for 10-15 minute which is able to make it simpler to your canine to chew and can assist to maintain her higher hydrated.


As canine enter their center and older years, they turn out to be extra more likely to develop diabetes.

One of many early indicators of that is weight reduction, as they’re unable to get the power they want from the glucose they eat, so their our bodies will begin burning saved fats and muscle for power.

Different indicators your canine could have developed diabetes embody extreme thirst and urination, an elevated tendency to develop urinary tract infections, and common lethargy. 

Diabetes could be managed in canine with a mix of insulin injections and a particular weight loss plan designed to maintain their blood glucose ranges on an excellent stage.

Your vet may help you develop the appropriate routine (remedy and/or weight loss plan) to your diabetic pup.

The perfect weight loss plan can be excessive in good high quality protein and low in carbohydrates and sugars.


Typically talking, as canine age, they have an inclination to have a discount in fluids, which can trigger them to lose just a little little bit of weight.

However older canine may also be inclined to drink much less, which may end up in dehydration, and this may be harmful to their well being.

If that is what’s inflicting your canine to drop kilos, you’ll in all probability discover different signs as properly.

The most typical of those are a diminished have to urinate, urine that’s darker in shade than regular, common lethargy, and rubbery gums.

When you suspect your canine of being dehydrated, it is best to encourage them to drink extra water. You are able to do this by guaranteeing that their water is at all times contemporary.

Change it daily or put money into a bowl that circulates water. In the event that they eat largely dry meals, it’s also possible to introduce some moist meals into their weight loss plan, which additionally acts as a supply of moisture.

Nonetheless, in the event that they appear to be ingesting commonly and are nonetheless displaying signs of dehydration, it’s time for a visit to the vet, as dehydration may also be a symptom of a lot of medical situations.

Liver Or Gallbladder Illness

Weight reduction may also be an indication that one thing will not be fairly proper in your canine’s liver or gallbladder. As these are each elements of the digestive system, weight reduction could be one of many first signs.

If the liver is the trigger, you’ll in all probability additionally discover different digestive points, equivalent to decreased urge for food, vomiting, and diarrhea.

They’ll in all probability additionally present indicators of ache and should expertise fever, and also you may discover a yellowing of the gums, pores and skin, and eyes.

There are each medical and surgical choices out there to deal with liver illness, relying on the case of the issue. If caught early, there’s a good likelihood that your canine will make a full restoration.

Kidney Illness

Issues within the kidneys also can trigger weight reduction in canine. At any time when one of many main organs stops functioning correctly, it could play havoc together with your canine’s physique.

Different signs embody vomiting, diarrhea or constipation, a lack of urge for food, melancholy, lethargy, and pale gums.

Sadly, when these signs develop, the illness is often fairly far superior and could be troublesome to deal with.

This is likely one of the causes you will need to monitor your canine’s weight and never merely dismiss just a little weight reduction as a pure a part of the ageing course of.

Coronary heart Illness

Weight reduction could be one of many early indicators of coronary heart illness in canine, and should provide you with a warning to the issue with time to behave.

Different signs associated to the illness can embody a continual cough, issue exercising and tiring out simply, and common restlessness.

Relying on the severity of the situation, coronary heart illness could be managed with a mix of medicines and life-style modifications, however solely whether it is caught early.

Sadly, our Linus battled coronary heart illness in his ultimate weeks. He misplaced his urge for food and his weight reduction was very noticeable.

Most cancers

Sadly, most cancers is a killer in canines in addition to people, and weight reduction could be one of many first signs that may provide you with a warning that your canine has the illness.

You’ll in all probability additionally discover they’re torpid normally and don’t have a lot curiosity in consuming.

They’ll develop lumps and swellings, in addition to uncommon bleeding. You might also discover a distended stomach and limping or lameness. 

Sadly, canine typically don’t current signs till their most cancers is sort of superior, however relying on the situation and severity of their most cancers, you’ll have a lot of therapy choices.

Stetson misplaced his battle with most cancers. Nonetheless, he didn’t shed pounds (he gained weight) and he didn’t lose his urge for food till his ultimate days.

What To Feed Older Canines

In case your vet doesn’t suppose your canine’s weight reduction is a significant medical concern and is simply a part of getting older, that doesn’t imply there may be nothing you are able to do.

Feeding your older canine an applicable weight loss plan for his or her age may help you preserve them at a wholesome weight, in order that they proceed to take pleasure in the very best high quality of life for so long as doable.

So, what precisely does a nutritious diet seem like for older canine?

Properly, beginning with energy, older canine are often much less energetic and have a slower metabolism, in order that they want fewer energy than after they have been youthful.

If a medium-sized, energetic canine wants about 27 energy per pound of their physique weight, as they become old, you might want to scale back their caloric consumption by about 20%.

However no two canine are the identical, so you might want to monitor your canine’s weight to see if that is sufficient for them to maintain their present life-style, or they want just a little bit extra. 

If they’re shedding weight, then their hormone modifications counsel they want extra energy to maintain themselves.

On this case, you may wish to improve their caloric consumption by 10%. If they’re nonetheless shedding weight, then go as much as 20%.

They may even profit from extra good high quality protein, equivalent to pink meats, fish, and hen and fewer low-quality meats equivalent to meals and by-products.

This can assist improve their metabolism, as will meals that embody L-carnitine of their nutrient pack. 

Some analysis means that canine may want as much as 50% extra protein of their weight loss plan as they age, and they need to definitely be getting a minimal of 25% of their energy from protein.

Some folks fear that an excessive amount of protein may play havoc with their older canine’s kidneys. However analysis means that until your canine has kidney issues, extra protein is best with regards to older canine.

However, as you wish to be feeding their lean muscle and never their fats shops, the meals you select to present them needs to be decrease in fats than what they is perhaps used to.

Older canine also can profit from lowering the quantity of sodium of their weight loss plan, which may exacerbate hypertension, coronary heart issues, and kidney issues.

A bit of additional calcium to assist preserve their tooth and bones can be ultimate.

Older canine typically develop joint issues as properly, which may hinder their urge for food if bending all the way down to their bowl turns into uncomfortable.

Not solely do you have to put their bowl someplace straightforward to succeed in, however select meals enhanced with glucosamine, which may soothe sore joints and decelerate their deterioration.

Shifting your canine into moist meals may also be a good suggestion for a lot of causes.

First, if they’ve a decreased urge for food, and the odor of the moist meals may make them extra enthusiastic about tucking in.

Second, older canine could be susceptible to dehydration, and moist pet food may give them a variety of the moisture they want.

Thirdly, they’re more and more more likely to have dental issues as they age, and moist meals is simply simpler to chew!

If you’re searching for extra info on what to feed your senior canine, try our article on proper nutrition for senior labradors, and our assessment of the best dog food for senior pups.


Why Is My Outdated Canine Shedding Weight?

There are a variety of causes an outdated canine may begin shedding weight. It could possibly be a results of pure modifications to their metabolism and hormone ranges as they become old, which merely means a little bit of a change in weight loss plan is so as.

Nonetheless, it may be a symptom of a medical situation that requires therapy.

Canines will typically go off their meals whether it is painful for them to eat, both due to dental issues or joint issues that imply their bowl is troublesome to entry.

A change of their consuming preparations may get them consuming usually once more.

Nonetheless, quite a lot of critical medical situations also can put them off their meals or depart their physique unable to correctly produce power from meals, and subsequently, depend on fats shops as an alternative.

Examples of this embody diabetes, kidney illness, and coronary heart illness. These will often be accompanied by different signs, which is able to enable you make a prognosis together with your vet.

Is It Regular For An Outdated Canine To Lose Weight?

Whereas we would consider older canine piling on the kilos as they get much less energetic, they could have the alternative response to ageing.

Modifications of their hormones with age can change the best way the physique generates power. This might depart them being naturally leaner.

Nonetheless, when older canine shed pounds, it may be a symptom of a medical situation they turn out to be extra susceptible to when they’re older, equivalent to diabetes, coronary heart illness, or dental illness.

How are you aware which it’s? You in all probability don’t want to begin worrying about your older canine shedding weight till they’ve misplaced about 10% of their physique weight.

Additionally, look out for different modifications of their habits and look that could possibly be an indicator of one thing else going unsuitable.

What Are The Indicators Of A Canine Dying Of Outdated Age?

Lack of urge for food and a associated lack of power could be one of many indicators your canine is lastly succumbing to outdated age and coming into their ultimate days.

However, if so, you gained’t be curious in regards to the supply of their weight reduction, as you should have noticed they’ve stopped consuming.

Different indicators related to dying of outdated age embody a lack of coordination and common disorientation and confusion.

When the top attracts shut, you’ll in all probability additionally discover that your canine goes off on their very own. Canines have a tendency to cover after they consider they’ll die.

How Do You Fatten Up An Outdated Skinny Canine?

Older canine can lose their urge for food, which may make it troublesome to keep up their weight. However you’ll be able to assist by making their meals as attractive as doable.

This typically means abandoning the dry kibble for fragrant moist meals or it’s also possible to add gravies to their kibble to make it extra attractive.

An ideal contemporary pet food we feed our canine every now and then is The Farmer’s Dog. Raven and Elsa eat this meals quicker then I can say “Bob’s your uncle”.

You also needs to take into account whether or not your canine will not be consuming as a result of they aren’t hungry or as a result of they’re having hassle consuming.

Dental points may imply chewing is uncomfortable and mobility points may imply that leaning all the way down to their bowl is just a little difficult.

Switching to moist meals and placing their bowl on one thing raised in order that they don’t must bend all the way down to get to may see them all of a sudden hungry once more.

The Verdict

In case your canine begins shedding weight as they become old, it might or will not be a trigger for concern. It may simply be a pure a part of the best way their physique is altering with age or it could possibly be an indication of a extra critical medical situation.

The one method to know is to observe your canine for different signs and converse to your vet to determine what is perhaps happening together with your canine.

If their weight reduction does appear to be only a pure response to altering hormone ranges, then it’s also time to vary their weight loss plan to 1 that’s appropriate for sustaining their well being on this new part of life.

Have you ever handled an older canine shedding weight?

What was the trigger and what did you do?

Share your expertise with the neighborhood within the feedback part beneath.

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Why Is My Older Dog Losing Weight? - Golden Retriever sitting on scale to check his weight.
Why Is My Older Canine Shedding Weight?

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