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Why Is My Frenchie Eating So Fast? Does He Choke?

Why is it bad for your Frenchie to eat fast?

As you can conclude, fast eating can cause painful stomach bloating. It can also cause excessive gasses and even obesity. Many dog owners think that their dogs are still hungry if they ate their meal in 2 minutes. Since we all consider pets our children, we often resort to overfeeding to make our dogs’ bellies full. Unfortunately, it’s one of the worst things we can do for our French bulldogs’ health. Obese French bulldogs will be more prone to breathing issues, they can’t sustain going on long strolls and can develop hip and joint issues. Therefore, do not overfeed your Frenchie, and take care of the calorie intake that is suitable for his age and physical activity. If you’re not sure how to determine the amount of food your dog needs, we recommend you consult your breeder or your vet.

How to slow down your French bulldog’s eating?

The best thing you can do for your Frenchie is to buy a slow-feeding bowl. Slow-feeding French bulldog bowls are specially designed to make your dog work for his food. In that way, your pooch won’t be able to inhale the food and will prolong his time for eating.

Interactive Anti Choke Bowl

Specially added zig-zag pattern inside of this bowl will prevent your pooch from choking. It will slow down his eating and make him less susceptible to stomach gasses. The bowl is made of non-toxic bamboo fiber melamine, and it’s scratch and bite resistant. The non-slipping bottom will keep the bowl in one place, while the various obstacles your dog encounters during meal will wake up his intelligence. 

Frenchie Anti-Bloat Feeding Bowl

Another French bulldog feeding bowl that can help you slow down your dog’s eating is this practical bowl available in different patterns. The silicone partitions are placed to keep your pup engaged for up to 10 times longer. 

Frenchie World® Anti-Choke Slow Eating & Drinking Bowl

Bowls with rotating bones in the middle effectively guard against obesity, indigestion and bloating which are caused by fast eating. To reach the food, your dog will have to rotate the bone to get the bite. The inner bowl can be separated from the base, which is convenient to detach and clean. 

French Bulldog Tumbler Slow-Feeding Bowl

Unlike previously mentioned French bulldog feeding bowls, this one can serve as an interactive toy while your pooch spends time alone. Since Frenchies find it difficult to bear loneliness, using slow-feeding interactive bowls can keep them entertained and occupied while you’re outdoors. The bowl releases the dry kibble food as your dog moves it with muzzle, so you can be sure that he will love playing with it. Besides, it represents the ideal solution for greedy eaters who suffer from flatulence. Your pup will slow down and extend the time for eating, so he will be less prone to experience painful gasses.

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