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Why does my dog eat everything?

A typical downside in canines is the ingestion of unnatural objects akin to sweet wrappers, rest room paper, or socks.  This downside known as Pica habits

Not solely is that this habits a nuisance round the home, however the swallowing of non-food particles poses a severe menace to the well being of the canine. The issue requires consideration and therapy.

The Causes of Pica Habits


Many medical circumstances, akin to dietary deficiencies and esophageal dysphagia, ought to first be dominated out by a veterinarian’s examination. Within the absence of any physiologic or pathologic causes, there are a number of behavioral causes for pica.

To Acquire Consideration

A canine can shortly be taught that choosing up a international object or a non-food merchandise will achieve the proprietor’s consideration. The eye supplied by the proprietor will be rewarding and strengthened though the reward is unintentional. Even when a scolding follows, this may occasionally act as a reward for a canine disadvantaged of consideration.


Boredom or lack of train for lengthy durations of time with out companionship can play a serious function in a canine’s curiosity in chewing on non-food objects. A canine with little to do in his day will “discover” behavioral actions, akin to chewing on international objects.

Carryover From Puppyhood

Pica is usually a carryover from puppyhood. Puppies that had been orally oriented, inspired to choose up objects and play with them, can retain the attribute into maturity.


The canine’s mouth is an organ by which he explores and takes possession of objects and eats them. Typically these two features are so intently related to one another that the canine finally ends up partially ingesting one thing that it initially meant solely to analyze and launch.

Behavioral Therapy and Prevention

The best therapy for pica habits is to supply sufficient train and lively play for the animal. Taking the canine out for lengthy stroll twice a day will assist tire the canine out, present the canine with companionship and diversion. After a long term, the canine will spend extra time resting, and this could assist expend some power that was spent searching for objects to choose up in its mouth.

For canines with an urge to search out, chew and maintain objects inside their mouth, it’s helpful to orient the canine in the direction of an appropriate object akin to robust nylon or rawhide bone. Teasing the canine with a bone or chew toy will assist stimulate curiosity within the object. Encourage the canine to play with acceptable chew objects. (Be certain the bone or chew merchandise is massive sufficient in order that the canine can’t swallow it.)

In circumstances the place the canine is exhibiting pica habits to realize consideration and the canine is performing the habits in your presence, it’s best to disregard the canine if it already has one thing in its mouth. Any response, together with an satisfying chase, or aggressive response, shall be thought to be rewarding by the canine. The optimum time for intervention is to divert the canine’s consideration earlier than it approaches an object it intends to choose up. For instance, instruct the canine to carry out some beforehand realized command-response and reward him by petting or meals. This therapy typically entails elevated supervision of the canine.

Different steps to assist forestall pica habits:

  • take away unfastened objects from areas round the home throughout the canines attain
  • booby entice objects or lace objects with style deterrents akin to Tabasco or one of many many commercially out there sprays like Citronella spray
  • cut back the canine’s urge for food by feeding lesser quantities extra usually and including fiber to the food regimen to advertise a sense of fullness.

By not encouraging puppies to choose up and play with objects and offering the canine with sufficient train, you possibly can normally keep away from pica issues.

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