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Why Does My Dog Bite My Ankles When I Walk? (10 Reasons + How To Fix It)

While you first acquired your pet, you might have observed a bent within the canine to nip at your ankles on the slightest alternative he might discover. You most likely thought that this was his personal concept of enjoyable. And to some extent, you had been proper.

However now the canine is all grown but he continues to nip at your ankles, toes, and even sneakers and shoelaces. As a accountable pet dad or mum, you will have all the explanations to be involved.

Everybody is aware of that puppies like to nip at their homeowners’ toes. Nonetheless, they need to naturally develop out of this conduct as they strategy maturity. So, in case your grownup canine nonetheless enjoys nipping at your ankles, it might get you questioning, why does my canine chew my toes after I stroll?

Properly, there are quite a few doable solutions to this query.

For starters, it’s value noting that the majority canine will nip at your ankles as a response to an ancestral trait. That is notably widespread amongst canine that had been initially educated for herding or guarding. Nipping on the ankle was the first means herd canine managed to regulate cattle and steer them in a specific course. As for guard canine, biting the toes was their first line of assault on potential intruders.

In addition to being an inherited trait, some canine additionally derive enjoyable and pleasure from biting their homeowners’ toes. Whereas others take to this conduct once they’re bored or anxious. Sure medical circumstances may also trigger your pooch to nip at your ankles.

Crucial factor is to know the explanation why your canine bites your toes. After that, you may proceed to undertake probably the most appropriate resolution to cease or redirect the conduct.

Learn on for extra insights on why canine chew at their homeowners’ toes and how you can treatment this drawback.

Why Do Puppies Chunk Ankles When You Stroll?

To grasp why your canine bites your toes or ankles whenever you stroll, it’s crucial that you simply first decide the canine’s age. Though many canine nip at their homeowners’ toes for a similar causes, some causes are particular to puppies whereas others apply solely to grownup canine.

Now, you’ll understand that your pet typically likes to chew your toes whenever you stroll previous. And the quicker you progress, the extra bites you’re more likely to obtain. You may additionally observe that the conduct tends to be extra intense when you will have a trailing shoelace or when you’re carrying dishevelled pants.

Enjoyable and pleasure are the commonest explanation why your pet nips at your ankles. Like all younger pets, puppies are stuffed with playful power. They usually are likely to play with issues that transfer. So, the movement generated by your toes as you stroll previous is all it takes to set off their play instincts.

Additionally, be aware that your toes and ankles considerably appear to be bones. Which makes them much more enticing to your pup.

How to Stop Your Dog from Biting Your Feet?

The next are different doable explanation why your pet bites your toes whenever you stroll.

1. Searching instincts

Canine are predatory animals. It doesn’t matter what number of years we’ve domesticated them, they’ve not misplaced their searching instincts.

Biting your toes and ankles is likely to be a method your pet tries to hone his searching expertise. That’s particularly when you stroll previous the canine with a trailing shoelace.

Do not forget that a shoelace nearly resembles the tail of a mouse. And a mouse is simply what your pet wants for goal apply.

2. Investigative conduct

Puppies examine the world round them primarily by way of their mouths. The identical conduct is widespread with human infants who are likely to put objects into their mouths, together with issues which are clearly inedible.

After all, human infants may also discover the world utilizing their arms. Sadly, that’s not the case with canine.

So, the one means your pup will determine what your toes really feel like is by nipping at them whenever you stroll by.

Puppies that nip at their homeowners’ ankles resulting from investigative conduct additionally are likely to chew the toes of their fellow litter mates. Subsequently, take time and examine how the pups play amongst themselves. If their playtimes are marked by fixed nipping, then you may conclude that there’s nothing to be anxious about.

3. Teething

Teething may also trigger your pet to chew your toes. Usually, puppies start teething between 5 and 6 weeks. They then shed their child tooth between their twelfth and sixteenth week, after which they develop grownup tooth.

Throughout teething and shedding of child tooth, a pet’s tooth can really feel painful and itchy. In such conditions, the canine would possibly select to chew or chew objects (together with your ankles) as a means of relieving the disagreeable sensation.

You may inform that your pet is teething if the canine additionally chews on different issues, equivalent to sneakers, toys, furnishings, and principally something he can get his tooth on. You may additionally wish to search for swollen gums or blood on the issues that he bites. Teething puppies additionally are likely to drool so much.

beagle puppy chewing a rope toy

Why Do Canine Chunk Ankles When You Stroll?

We’ve simply highlighted among the explanation why puppies chew their homeowners’ toes and ankles. Generally, puppies will develop out of this conduct.

However what in case your canine is all grown but the issue of nipping at your toes persists?

Properly, listed here are some causes that would trigger a mature canine to chew his proprietor’s toes.

1. It’s ingrained in his DNA

Most grownup canine have much more developed brains than puppies and so they’ll simply know that biting your toes would possibly trigger you ache. So, a mature canine will hardly ever nip at your toes in response to his searching instincts.

Nonetheless, there are other forms of instincts at play right here, together with herding and guarding instincts.

However why do herding canine chew ankles?

Canine breeds that had been initially bred for herding are hardwired to chew at their homeowners’ ankles. For such canine, your strolling motion is all it takes to set off their herding instincts. It’s value noting that biting of the toes in response to herding instincts will not be all the time an indication of dangerous conduct. In actual fact, the biting tends to be much less frequent and fewer intense in comparison with when it’s triggered by different causes.

Additionally, it’s not like your pooch considers you to be cattle. As a substitute, the biting response comes naturally because it’s all ingrained within the canine’s DNA.

Similar to herd canine, guard canine additionally generally tend for ankle nipping. However the nipping is normally directed at different folks versus the canine’s homeowners.

You might have all the time questioned, why does my canine assault folks’s toes? Or, why does my canine chew different canine’ ankles?

Properly, the conduct may very well be indicative of a canine that was bred for guarding.

Beagle puppy biting owner's foot

2. Enjoyable and pleasure

Canine like to play so much. And most canine enjoyment of taking part in with their homeowners.

As a result of your canine can’t converse, you don’t count on him to come back to you and verbally invite you to play with him. As a substitute, the canine might select to nip at your toes. The animal understands that biting at your ankles will probably get you up and taking part in.

You might also understand that the quicker you stroll away from the canine, the extra intensely he bites your toes.

Perhaps you’ve all the time questioned, why does my canine chew my toes after I run?

As we’ve simply identified, operating away from a canine that’s attempting to ask you to play with him will solely earn you extra bites at your ankle.

3. Redirected aggression

Some canine might chew at their homeowners’ toes as a type of redirected aggression. This aggression normally develops from concern, anxiousness, or frustration.

As an illustration, your canine might really feel anxious on the sight of different canine within the neighborhood or the sound of fireworks. The animal can also really feel pissed off by his incapability to retrieve a bone from the kitchen shelf. With out realizing the place to direct his aggression, the canine might flip to you and chew your toes.

It’s essential to know your canine’s physique language and know when he’s exhibiting aggressive conduct. That’s as a result of bites inflicted resulting from redirected aggression could also be unbearably painful.

A number of the indicators of aggression embrace physique stiffness, baring of tooth, and fast, repeated bites.

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4. Consideration-seeking conduct

Canine are attention-craving animals. They usually can resort to all method of aberrant behaviors once they really feel that they aren’t getting their justifiable share of consideration.

Biting at their homeowners’ toes is one such conduct. Your pooch would possibly nip at your ankles as a means of reminding you to take a look at him, feed him, or simply deal with him proper.

Biting at your toes may also be a means the animal makes an attempt to attract your consideration to an imminent hazard.

5. Possessive conduct

It’s commonplace to come back throughout a canine proprietor questioning, why does my canine chew my toes after I depart?

Probably the most believable reply is that the animal is very possessive of you.

A possessive canine would need you to remain by his facet on a regular basis. Any makes an attempt to depart could also be met with quick, painful bites.

Nonetheless on possessive conduct, a canine might chew your toes when you occur to be holding or standing in the way in which of one thing that belongs to him, equivalent to his meals bowl or favourite toy. It’s the canine’s means of telling you to surrender his meals bowl or toy, or just get the hell out of his means.

In some circumstances, the conduct can also be accompanied by barking and growling.

6. Insufficient stimulation

Canine that don’t obtain sufficient bodily and psychological stimulation will nearly all the time chew their homeowners’ toes. That is extra widespread amongst canine that spend quite a lot of their waking hours alone. Loneliness breeds boredom, which solely makes a canine extra withdrawn than energetic.

Bodily stimulation is usually achieved by way of train, whereas psychological stimulation is achieved by way of toys. A canine that misses both or each of those main necessities may have an excessive amount of pent-up power in him. And with out sufficient methods to launch that power, the animal might resort to biting at his proprietor’s toes.

Most canine that chew their homeowners’ toes out of insufficient stimulation will achieve this at evening.

So, you might need questioned, why does my canine chew my toes at evening? Or, why does my canine chew my toes beneath the covers?

Properly, it’s all of the canine’s means of desirous to launch his pent-up power.

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7. Lack of coaching

As we already indicated, puppies typically develop out of ankle biting.

But when your canine nonetheless bites at your toes regardless of his grownup age, then the issue would possibly come all the way down to an absence of coaching throughout his formative months.

On this case, the most effective resolution can be to coach or retrain the canine.

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8. The canine is in ache

Ache naturally causes canine to chew. In case your canine is in ache, he might chew your toes to forestall you from touching him within the tender locations.

It’s not just like the canine is aggressive or something. Nipping at your toes is just the canine’s personal means of letting you recognize that he’s in ache.

Some canine could also be too sensible to not chew your ankles. As a substitute, they might select to warn you by air snapping in the event that they assume you’re going to the touch them within the sore space.

A canine can also chew your ankle out of ache when you by chance step on him. That is the canine’s instinctive response to guard the harm space or cease you from inflicting any additional ache on him.

9. You inadvertently inspired the conduct

Many undesirable pet behaviors are literally strengthened by the pet dad and mom themselves.

As an illustration, when you normally discover your canine sleeping in your mattress however draw him away utilizing a deal with, the animal will finally affiliate your mattress with a deal with. The identical case applies to biting at your toes.

Bear in mind your preliminary reactions when your canine started nipping at your ankles!

Did you throw a bone at him? Did you lure him away utilizing a chew toy? Unknown to you, you might need inadvertently strengthened the conduct.

In the identical breath, be aware that yelling or shouting on the canine may also produce undesirable outcomes. That’s as a result of canine interpret yelling as an encouragement to proceed with a particular line of motion.

training jack russell dog with treats

10. Underlying medical circumstances

Sure medical circumstances would possibly trigger your canine to nip at your toes. One such illness is separation anxiousness.

Separation anxiousness is an anxiousness dysfunction that impacts canine who’re left for prolonged durations with out sufficient bodily or psychological stimulation.

The situation is usually characterised by intense restlessness everytime you’re about to depart the home and overly-excited greetings everytime you come again dwelling.

Maybe you’ve all the time questioned, why does my canine chew my toes after I get dwelling?

Properly, you could possibly be coping with a case of separation anxiousness.

Different widespread signs of separation anxiousness embrace escaping, pacing, extreme chewing, and pooping/peeing in inappropriate places.

In addition to separation anxiousness, any illness that predisposes your canine to aggression would possibly make him chew or nip at your ankles. A few of these circumstances embrace rabies, hypothyroidism, hyperkinesis, psychomotor epilepsy, and neoplasia.

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Easy methods to Cease Your Canine from Biting Your Ft

We’ve highlighted a wide range of causes that would make your canine chew at your toes. No matter how innocent it feels, ankle biting would possibly finally change into uncomfortable for many canine homeowners.

Thankfully, there are quite a few causes to cease or redirect this disagreeable conduct.

For starters, you’ll want to ascertain when the canine bites your toes probably the most, in addition to every other accompanying conduct.

Right here’s a abstract of the varied behaviors which may accompany ankle biting and what every conduct signifies;

✔Ankle biting whenever you’re carrying trailing shoelaces or dishevelled pants – Searching instincts or playful conduct.

✔Biting will get intense everytime you transfer away – Herding or guarding instincts.

✔Growling, barking, physique stiffness, or baring of tooth earlier than nipping at your ankles – Aggression.

✔Swollen gums, blood in your ankles, or drooling – Pet teething or painful gums.

✔Ankle biting at evening or whenever you’re taking a relaxation – Insufficient stimulation.

The subsequent step is to find out the canine’s age. By now, you need to already know that puppies typically chew at their homeowners’ toes for various causes than grownup canine.

One efficient tip on how you can cease pet biting ankles when strolling is to supply the canine optimistic distraction, such as a chew toy. Distracting your pet will likely be notably useful if his ankle biting is triggered by the necessity to play or examine.

Various chew toys can also assist teething puppies. Nonetheless, your finest wager right here can be to take the canine to the vet for additional checkup.

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The final step is to find out your canine’s breed. As you shall discover, sure canine breeds have a better predisposition to ankle biting in comparison with others.

The commonest canine breeds related to ankle biting embrace;

  • Australian Cattle Canine
  • Australian Shepherd
  • German Shepherd
  • Belgian Sheepdog
  • Belgian Telvuren
  • Belgian Laekenois
  • Belgian Malinois
  • Bergamasco Sheepdog
  • Icelandic Sheepdog
  • Shetland Sheepdog
  • Pyrean Shepherd
  • Previous English Sheepdog
  • Polish Lowland Sheepdog
  • Border Collie
  • Bearded Collie
  • Berger Picard
  • Miniature American Shepherd
  • Pembroke Welsh Corgi
  • End Lapphund
  • Entlebucher Mountain Canine
  • Spanish Water Canine
  • Swedish Vallhund

As you might have realized from the above record, most canine with a bent for ankle biting additionally occur to be herd canine.

When you’re armed with info concerning your canine’s age and breed in addition to different behaviors that accompany ankle biting, you may implement any of the next measures to cease the animal from biting at your toes.

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1. Give the canine sufficient stimulation

Canine must be exercised as repeatedly as doable. Exercise tires down a dog and allows him to release his pent-up energy.

Canine that obtain sufficient bodily train will likely be much less motivated to chew your toes or expend their energies in different undesirable methods.

Sufficient stimulation can also counter the results of boredom, loneliness, stress, and anxiousness.

As you care for your canine’s bodily train, even be aware of his psychological wants by offering him enough toys. Toys can go a good distance in relieving separation anxiousness, especially for dogs that spend much of their time alone.

When on the lookout for the right canine toys, insist on those who assist to elicit most psychological stimulation. Examples embrace chew toys, interactive ball launchers, puzzle toys, or laser-guided toys.

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2. Ignore the canine

One other means you may cease a canine from nipping at your heels is to behave detached to him. That is very true for canine that nip their homeowners’ ankles out of pleasure or as attention-seeking conduct.

In the event you don’t react in any respect to ankle biting, the canine might really feel demotivated and search for enjoyable elsewhere.

Be aware that it might be difficult to maintain nonetheless when your canine bites your toes as some bites will be excruciatingly painful. However when you’re in a position to withstand all kinds of motion, the animal would possibly finally change into disinterested in your toes.

3. Prepare or retrain the canine

That is arguably the simplest solution to cease ankle biting. Right here’s a easy coaching you may strive;

i. Enable the canine/pet to latch in your toes.

ii. Say the “cease” command and watch what occurs.

iii. If the canine stops, tell him to “sit”.

iv. Pat him on the again or give him a lightweight head rub in order that he is aware of you recognize his obedience.

Be aware that you could be not obtain fascinating outcomes on the primary try, particularly when you’re coaching a pet. However don’t hand over. On an extended sufficient timeline, the canine will finally know that ankle nipping is dangerous conduct.

Additionally, don’t forget to strengthen the coaching utilizing treats, such as chew toys or bones. Most significantly, unleash the deal with on the proper time in order that the canine views it as a reward for good conduct.

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There are numerous explanation why canine nip at their homeowners’ toes. Though ankle nipping tends to be widespread amongst puppies and sure canine breeds, no canine is completely immune from the issue.

Thankfully, there are quite a few suggestions you may implement to cease, redirect, and even forestall this disagreeable conduct. Ought to the issue persist regardless of your finest efforts, take the canine for skilled checkup.

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