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Why Do Dogs Dig The Carpet

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why do dogs dig carpet

Digging the carpet won’t make any sense to us people, nevertheless it’s a kind of issues canine like to do.

To be trustworthy, my pooch appeared hilarious the primary time he scratched the carpet, however issues stopped being humorous once I found that he’d ripped the carpet fibers to shreds. In case your pup is something like mine, you’re in all probability questioning why on the planet canine dig on the carpet.

Listening to the sound your canine’s nails make whereas they’re tearing into the carpet fibers might offer you chills, however there are a lot of the reason why canine do that.

It could be so simple as your pooch attempting to dig out a crumb of their favourite deal with that bought caught between the fibers. Or they could simply be attempting to create a comfy spot for his or her afternoon nap.

By the point I found out why my canine was digging the carpet within the first place, he had ditched the carpet for the bedding. Now, he’s scratching the blankets and pulling the bedding left and proper each night time whereas my cat sleeps within the tremendous cozy canine mattress. 

This was only a preview of what your life may appear to be if you happen to don’t determine why your canine is digging the carpet and handle the difficulty straight away.

That will help you resolve your canine’s digging drawback, I’ll share all of the the reason why canine like to have interaction in one of these conduct. Proceed studying if you happen to’re keen on preserving your carpets the way in which they’re!

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Why Does My Canine Dig At The Carpet?

As I already talked about, there are a lot of explanations for one of these digging conduct. Whereas your canine’s fascination with the carpet might sound random to you, there’s a logic behind all the things our canine companions do. So with out additional adieu, let’s dig into all of the doable causes in your canine’s carpet-digging obsession:

1. Digging Up Crumbs

Even if you happen to prefer to maintain your property tidy and have a robust vacuum for pet hair, there may be nonetheless an opportunity that you just missed a number of crumbs right here and there. Because of their highly effective sense of scent, canine can sniff out a single crumb buried within the carpet fibers and can attempt to dig it out. 

If there may be even the slightest probability that your carpet can function a buffet desk to your pooch, don’t be shocked if they begin digging and scratching on the carpet as if their life is determined by it. If this appears to be a possible trigger in your canine’s digging actions, take out your vacuum and clear your complete home totally. 

Whereas tedious, attempt to spend extra time vacuuming your carpets and rugs to take away all meals crumbs and any hint of canine treats and different goodies. In case your canine stops digging the carpet after you’ve cleaned it, your drawback is solved! 

To forestall future digging makes an attempt, vacuum your carpet repeatedly and don’t let your canine chew and munch any treats on the ground. This fashion, you’ll reduce the danger of any specks getting caught in between carpet fibers. 

2. Making A Cozy Sleeping Spot

Some canine, mine included, prefer to arrange their sleeping space by digging and turning round in circles earlier than mendacity down for a nap. This sort of conduct goes method again to when canine lived within the wild and didn’t have cozy orthopedic dog beds.

Within the wild, canine needed to make their sleeping space secure and cozy by stomping grass and digging up the grime, and rearranging the floor of the bottom. 

Though our canine live in a lot cushier situations now, and don’t truly must rearrange their beds to make them extra snug, it is a pure conduct and a few canine do it out of behavior. Your individual canine might dig the carpet for the very same cause. 

If that is the rationale in your canine’s carpet-digging conduct, you need to get them a cushty canine mattress and encourage them to sleep in it.

And if you catch your canine digging the carpet, say “NO” and take them to their mattress. Reward your canine and provides them treats once they go of their mattress as an alternative of attempting to dig the carpet and sleep on it. 

3. Engaging Smells

You understand how some canine, whereas exterior, prefer to dig after which roll in a very smelly patch of grass or grime? In case your pooch is like this, they might additionally attempt to dig and scratch your carpet in the event that they sniff a brand new and attractive scent. 

You won’t even understand that your carpet smells any completely different, however canine have extraordinary scent receptors and may scent issues a mile away.

Let’s say you went exterior or labored in your backyard a bit and, as you got here again residence, you transferred a little bit of soil to your carpet. Your canine’s eager nostril sensed a brand new scent, and they’re now compelled to dig into the carpet and examine. 

If this sounds just like the probably cause why your canine digs the carpet, you’ll want a very good carpet cleaner. Take a couple of minutes to find the spots on the carpet that your pooch is most taken with and use the carpet cleaner to totally scrub them of all smells.

As soon as the brand new and attractive odor is gone, your pooch received’t be so hell-bent on digging a gap by your carpet. 

4. Pleasure

Generally canine will dig and scratch the carpet frantically once they get extraordinarily enthusiastic about one thing. 

To you, it might look like your canine is taking it out on the carpet for no obvious cause, when in truth your pooch noticed a fowl or a squirrel within the yard. Your pooch might also sense one other canine exterior, however since they aren’t capable of exit, they might launch all of the pent-up vitality and pleasure in your poor carpet. 

In case your canine is definitely excitable about seemingly random issues, you’ll have to search out methods to redirect their consideration. To distract your canine from digging into the carpet, strive taking part in with them or taking them for a stroll.

If you’re quick on time, giving your canine puzzle toys or a stuffed Kong toy will be an effective way to maintain them occupied and fewer taken with destroying your carpet. 

5. Boredom

Canine resort to all kinds of harmful behaviors out of boredom, and digging holes in your carpets will be simply the factor that your canine finds essentially the most entertaining. In case your canine stays alone at residence loads or doesn’t have enjoyable toys to play with, digging into the carpet can look like the one method they’ll have enjoyable whilst you aren’t round.

When you suspect that the shortage of psychological stimulation and train is inflicting your canine to tear into your carpet, present appropriate enjoyable options. When you work lengthy hours, make sure that your canine has entry to lots of completely different and enjoyable toys they’ll play with whilst you aren’t round. 

You also needs to think about hiring a doggy walker who will take your canine out for a stroll and a romp within the park. This fashion, your pooch can have an opportunity to launch pent-up vitality and be extra taken with napping than destruction if you are at work. 

6. Separation Anxiousness

Canine with separation anxiety might begin digging into the carpet to alleviate their nervousness and stress when they’re left alone. In case your canine incessantly digs the carpet and flooring close to the entrance door, likelihood is they’re feeling anxious each time you permit the home. 

When you fail to spot the primary indicators of separation nervousness, your pooch might come to the purpose of tearing up your carpeting or creating scratch marks in your laborious flooring. Most canine with separation nervousness resort to harmful behaviors to search out consolation and to neglect that their house owners aren’t there within the first place. 

If separation nervousness is the rationale why your canine is digging the carpet, you need to make a plan and take steps to deal with your canine’s nervousness. Keep in mind, curing your canine’s separation nervousness received’t occur in a single day, and your canine might have skilled assist and medicine.

Regardless of how lengthy it takes and the way laborious it appears, take issues one step at a time and be affected person. 

7. Hiding Issues

Whereas any sort of carpeting received’t be thick sufficient to cover something from plain sight, your pooch should still try and dig into it to cover their useful treasures. Burying gadgets of worth is an intuition for canine, and your pooch might try to cover toys, treats, bones, or meals for later use. 

The truth that nothing is absolutely hidden or which you could clearly see your canine’s chew toy protruding of the carpeting received’t deter your pooch from their efforts. If that is the rationale in your canine’s digging, the one strategy to cease it’s with coaching. 

One of the simplest ways to coach your canine to cease digging the carpet to cover issues is by utilizing positive reinforcement techniques.

So, at any time when your canine looks as if they wish to bury the toy into the carpet, ask them to deliver it again to you. Reward and play along with your canine for a couple of minutes to allow them to see that bringing the toy again results in rewards and optimistic outcomes. 

8. Temperature Management

For canine, digging is an innate conduct and one thing all of them do to some extent. That is primarily as a result of canine are descendants of wolves, which needed to dig up dens that will shelter them and their offspring from harsh climate. 

In case your canine is digging into the carpet, maybe they’re feeling too scorching or chilly, and try to manage their physique temperature. Digging a comfy den is simply the factor their ancestors would do to chill down or stave off the chilly. 

Whereas most canine will resort to digging holes within the grime to manage their temperature, when no grime is offered a carpet will do. too. When you suppose that your pooch is feeling too scorching or too chilly attempt to regulate the temperature in your house to make them really feel extra snug.

Throughout the scorching summer time months, activate the air con and ensure your pup all the time has entry to contemporary, clear water. And through winter months or colder days, costume your canine in a sweater, get a heating pad, or add an additional blanket to their mattress to maintain them heat. 

9. Searching for Consideration

When you responded to your canine’s earlier carpet digging makes an attempt, they know it is a certain method of getting your consideration. In case your pooch feels ignored and simply desires to play with you, they might begin digging into the carpet simply to impress a response.

Your canine is aware of that you just’ll say one thing, or work together with them in another method, and that’s precisely what they need. So, if the lengthy working hours and the busy schedule have saved you from interacting along with your pooch as a lot as you’d prefer to, now’s the time to make a while. 

Take your canine for a stroll or a jog, play with them, or have a brief coaching session to point out them there may be nonetheless time for them in your busy life. And to cease your canine from digging into the carpet, set out time day by day to play, work together, and cuddle along with your pup.

10. It’s A Breed Factor

Whereas all canine have an intuition to burrow, sure breeds have been particularly bred to own a powerful urge to dig. Terrier breeds, for instance, have been bred all through the years to hunt, dig up, chase, and catch mice and different vermin dwelling within the floor. 

When you catch your fox terrier within the act of digging out a gap in your carpet, know that they’re doing the factor they have been bred to do. On this case, there isn’t a lot you are able to do, besides to make sure that your terrier is correctly exercised and has loads of toys that will assist curb their digging urges.

FAQs About Your Canine Digs At The Carpet

Why Is My Canine Scratching At The Carpet?

There are various the reason why canine dig the carpet. It is likely to be that your canine is bored, too excited, attempting to dig up meals, establishing a comfy place to sleep, or affected by separation nervousness.

The one method you’ll ever cease your canine from scratching your carpet and making holes in it, is by determining what’s inflicting one of these harmful conduct. 

How Do I Cease My Canine From Digging Up The Carpet?

One of the simplest ways to cease your canine from digging into your carpet is to clap your fingers or make some noise if you catch your pooch within the act. However don’t yell or do something that can startle your canine, since this will probably be fully counter-productive. 

After you have your canine’s consideration, attempt to redirect their conduct by asking them to do some easy process. Inform your canine to “sit,” “lie down,” or “give paw,” and reward them at any time when they carry out properly. 

Why Do Canine Dig At The Carpet Earlier than Mendacity Down?

Some canine dig on the carpet earlier than mendacity right down to arrange their sleeping space and make it extra snug. Scratching the carpet earlier than mendacity down may assist canine discover one of the best and most snug sleeping place.

Digging into the carpet is an innate conduct for canine, because it provides them a really feel of burrowing into a comfy den, identical to their ancestors did whereas dwelling outside. 

Why Does My Canine Scratch The Carpet In The Center Of The Evening?

The primary cause why canine scratch the carpet or bedding in the midst of the night time is due to their inherited burrowing intuition.

Canine wish to really feel snug and secure whereas they sleep, so they are going to scratch and dig the carpet to create a cushty sleeping space for the night time. Some canine may also flip round in circles for a number of moments earlier than settling down for a very good night time’s relaxation.


Realizing why canine dig the carpet can assist you curb this undesired conduct and in addition save your carpeting earlier than it turns into threadbare or riddled with holes. Digging is an intuition for all canine, however most begin scratching or digging into the carpet for considered one of a number of causes. A few of the commonest causes of indoor digging in canine embody:

  • Establishing a sleeping space
  • Boredom and separation nervousness
  • Hiding meals, toys, and treats

Determining what’s inflicting your canine to sink their nails and dig into your carpet frantically is one of the best and the one method you’ll be capable to cease this conduct as soon as and for all. Needless to say some canine breeds have been bred to burrow and dig, they usually might have a stronger urge to scratch your carpet.

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