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What’s in Dog Saliva

Speaking about what’s in canine saliva, let’s take out time to offer a short introduction to canine saliva.

Introduction on Canine Saliva- What’s in Canine Saliva?

Canine saliva is clear barely sticky fluid synthesized and discharged by the salivary glands within the mouth.

Canine’s saliva is 99.5% water plus electrolytes, mucus, leukocyte, antimicrobial brokers, and enzymes

what's in dog saliva

Advantages of Canine Saliva

The saliva in canines has sure advantages.

A few of them embody;

Canine saliva has some antibacterial and antimicrobial results.- Canine saliva is efficient in opposition to Escherichia coli (E. coli), and evenStreptococcus canis which is zoonotic

Some of the enzymes in the saliva are vital in initiating the digestion of starches and fat.

Some different enzymes additionally play a job in degrading meals particles hanging inside dental areas, thus stopping dental diseases.

Saliva additionally performs a lubricating perform, making meals moist and facilitating swallowing, and additionally stopping oral desiccation (dry)

Dog saliva additionally performs a job in style

Canine Saliva illness signs

There are signs of saliva illness in canines and so they embody;

Xerostomia- Characterized by dry mouth

Ptyalism– Characterized by drooling of saliva

Salivary mucocele (or sialocele)Characterized by an accumulation of saliva within the submucosal or subcutaneous tissues and swelling

Salivary gland tumorsCharacterised by swelling and tumor round the mandible

What Disease Can You Get from Canine Saliva

As people, we should be very cautious as there are specific ailments that may be gotten from canine saliva.

A few of them embody;




Capnocytophaga canimorsus infection

Canine Saliva in Eye and Mouth

It doesn’t have any vital dangerous impact offered the canine is wholesome.

But when it’s an unhealthy canine the eyes is perhaps significantly contaminated, due to some micro organism within the saliva.

Therefore it’s advisable to rinse the eyes with regular saline and see a physician immediately.

If the saliva is swallowed offered the dog is wholesome and the one that additionally swallowed is wholesome, then there may be no vital harmful impact.

But when the above is not the case, then a right away go to to the physician is important.

Canine Saliva Micro organism

Micro organism current in canine saliva embody;

Capnocytophaga canimorsus

Staphylococcus spp

Porphyromonas spp

Solobacterium spp

Streptococcus spp

Haemophilus spp

Corynebacterium spp

Cellulosimicrobium spp


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