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What Other Pets Get Along With Dogs?

Have a much-loved canine, however hankering after a second pet?  You might want to know what different creatures would make an appropriate addition to your furry household.

The excellent news is that there are many potential pets that Fido will get together with. The important thing to creating the precise alternative is knowing your canine’s temperament, particularly his prey drive.

Understanding the Canine Prey Drive

All canines have an instinctual prey drive, which is a primary survival conduct. The prey drive basically manifests in 5 other ways:

The prey drive presents itself in a different way in every canine breed. For instance, herding canines have a robust intuition to chase, whereas terriers have been bred to flush out and kill rats and different small prey akin to foxes and rabbits. Different canines are fairly completely happy to precise their prey drive by shaking a toy or chasing a ball.

When selecting a second pet, you will need to perceive your canine’s prey drive. So, in case you personal a retired greyhound, you possibly can’t hold a cat or rabbit, as your hound is sort of assured to chase something small and furry that runs away!


Sadly, some canines, no matter breed, will be feisty or aggressive. That conduct would possibly manifest solely when your pooch is round different canines, or it could possibly be directed towards any stranger coming into the home.

That character trait doesn’t imply you possibly can’t have a second pet. It simply signifies that you’ll want to decide on it fastidiously.

Caged Pet Etiquette

Though caged pets akin to birds, rodents, and fish are a secure alternative when you’ve got a canine that tends to chase, these creatures can develop into extremely careworn in the event that they bark at them or problem them.  If that occurs, you would possibly must hold the cage or aquarium in a room that your canine doesn’t have entry to.

So, what different pets get together with canines?


One pet that’s nearly assured to get together with the household canine is your good ol’ goldfish!

Fish are fashionable pets, accounting for 11.5% of pets owned by U.S. households. Though there’s a small quantity of upkeep required to maintain the water clear and secure for the fish, you don’t want to fret about exercising, grooming, or licensing your fish. And there are not any veterinary payments to pay both.

One other Canine!

In case your canine enjoys socializing and enjoying with different pups on the canine park, you would possibly need to think about changing into a multi-dog family.

Canine usually kind a detailed bond that’s heartwarming to see. When you have two canines that get alongside, they’ll hold one another firm and stop the separation anxiousness that may occur when one canine has left house alone whilst you go to the shop or to work.

Curiously, the A.S.P.C.A. recommends that you just select a canine of an identical dimension and reverse gender to your current pet.

A Cat

In case your canine doesn’t have a robust chase prey drive, he would possibly get together with a cat.

Many shelters have cats rehoming recognized to be dog-friendly and gained’t be fazed by a pleasant pup sniffing them. A calming-out older cat is often the best choice, as Kitty is much less more likely to run and set off a response in your canine.


Once more, when you’ve got a pleasant, easygoing canine, rabbits could make appropriate pets that youngsters love. Right here we stress the plural, as rabbits are extremely social animals that ought to by no means be stored alone.

A phrase of warning: canine breeds akin to terriers, whippets, lurchers, greyhounds shouldn’t be stored with rabbits. In case your canine likes to chase squirrels within the park, rabbits should not a pet’s sensible choice.

Guinea Pigs

Once more, in case your canine is a chilled-out dude who wouldn’t dream of chasing something, guinea pigs could make good pets.

Nevertheless, when you’ve got a big, boisterous canine, at all times carefully supervise proceedings when the housemates are collectively.


Ferrets could make a unusual enjoyable pet that may get together with canines. These high-energy creatures could make great playmates for a vigorous pup, they usually appear to be a great match for herding breeds, as you possibly can see in this charming video.

Nevertheless, when you’ve got a lazy canine, he would possibly shortly develop into fed up with a super-charged ferret that desires to play 24/7.


Birds could make a good selection of pet, as they’re stored effectively out of your canine’s attain in a cage for more often than not.

When you do have your birds free-flying round your home, at all times supervise your canine carefully to verify no accidents occur.

Farmyard Animals

When you have a rural property with loads of exterior house, you would possibly need to tackle a rescue farm animal akin to a goat, mini pig, or sheep.

Canine typically get alongside high quality with these sorts of animals and may kind fairly a bond, however a cloven foot can do numerous injury to tender paws, so we advise shut supervision in case your canine will get stepped on.

Hamsters, Gerbils, Mice, and Rats

Hamsters, gerbils, mice, and rats make good pets for youths, and since these animals spend the overwhelming majority of their lives of their cage, interplay together with your canine is minimal.

Whenever you get your rodents out of the cage for some playtime of their run, it’s greatest to close your canine out of the room; the eye of a curious canine would possibly show nerve-racking for a tiny mouse.


Canine and horses can get alongside extraordinarily effectively. Typically, the household canine can accompany horse and rider on path rides, which is nice for very lively outdoorsy canine breeds akin to Border Collies, German Shepherds, and the like.

That stated, horses are giant animals that may trigger severe damage to a canine if the canine will get stepped on or kicked. So, by no means go away your canine unattended round horses, particularly when the horse is tied up or in his stall.

Ultimate Ideas

It doesn’t matter what breed of canine you personal, there’s no cause why you possibly can’t take pleasure in welcoming one other pet into your property.  The species of pet you select will largely rely in your canine’s temperament and the character and power of Fido’s prey drive. Select your pet properly, and there’s no cause why everybody can’t dwell in concord.

Let’s discuss canines, and even higher, let’s find out about canines.  Put aside a while to obtain Spike’s canine blogs by Acme Canine.


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