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What Is An English Cream Golden Retriever?

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Have you ever ever heard of a English Cream Golden Retriever? Often known as the White Retriever, AKA the Platinum Retriever. This pale coated canine IS NOT a brand new and uncommon breed.

In truth, the English cream and your typical golden are the identical canine breed however with completely different breed requirements. 

Whereas the platinum golden retriever appears barely completely different than your neighboring golden, this isn’t a brand new uncommon breed as some breeders declare. Much like its American cousin however completely different on the identical time, the platinum-coated retriever has so much to supply.

In case you are on the lookout for a faithful, highly-trainable, household canine, the English cream retriever could be the appropriate canine for you!

white retriever looking straight back at the camera

Nonetheless, whereas extremely popular, platinum-coated retrievers are nonetheless exhausting to return by and a purebred pet could make an enormous dent in your checking account. 

On this article, I’ll let you know all the things it is advisable learn about any such golden retriever and make it easier to resolve if that is the appropriate canine for you. 

English Cream Golden Retriever AKA Platinum Retriever AKA White Retriever

The English cream golden retriever is thought by a number of completely different names within the U.S. In addition to English Cream Golden Retriever, this breed additionally goes by Platinum Retriever, uncommon white European retriever, beautiful platinum imported golden retriever, and likewise merely White Retriever or White Golden Retriever.

Though there is only one golden retriever breed, there are slight variations, aside from the coat shade, between the English and American retriever varieties. Nonetheless, the pale platinum coat is the trait that made English lotions sought-after and widespread. 

Breed Historical past

Earlier than we go any additional, let’s set the report straight! The English cream golden retriever and golden retriever are the identical canine breed. There’s a whole lot of misinformation floating round, however that’s solely as a result of some breeders wished to market English lotions as a uncommon canine breed and cost extra to potential new house owners. 

The reality is that golden retrievers are available in a wide range of completely different shades and colours. The American golden retrievers have darker coats than their European counterparts. Nonetheless, all goldens come from the identical authentic bloodline and are all, in truth, the identical breed.

Initially bred within the 19th century, the golden retriever hails from Scotland the place it was used as a gundog to retrieve shot waterfowl. The breed’s creator, Lord Tweedmouth, wished to create a canine breed that labored nicely each on land and in water to retrieve shot fowl. 

An unknown yellow-colored retriever canine and now extinct Tweed water spaniel had been used to create the first-ever litter of golden retrievers. One among these puppies ended with Lord Tweedmout’s son who bred it together with his Irish setter, thus creating deep pink golden retrievers. It’s believed that the paler coat shade of English lotions is the results of breeding the palest goldens. 

Because the breed’s recognition grew, golden retrievers had been imported to America and Canada, which led to slight variations in look and temperament. However make no mistake, all subtypes of golden retrievers are descendants of the identical Scottish bloodline.  

Dimension And Look

In line with the breed’s commonplace, the English cream needs to be a medium-sized canine with a muscular and athletic physique. They need to measure from 21 ½ to 24 inches tall and may weigh from 55 to 75 kilos.

The most important distinction between the American and English variation is the coat shade. American goldens can vary in shade from golden to deep pink, whereas English lotions have a pale platinum coat. 

Whereas each variations have the identical commonplace, English cream golden retrievers have a stockier construct and a barely bigger head. In addition they have thicker and stronger necks, barely wider muzzles, and a stronger jaw. Their eyes are additionally rounder and nearer collectively, and the ears are on the identical degree because the eyes

Total, the English cream retriever has a stockier and extra sturdy look when in comparison with its American counterpart. As with all different breeds, male canines are barely bigger than females, however that doesn’t all the time must be the case. 


The breed’s pleasant, affectionate, and devoted nature is what makes golden retrievers such superb household companions. However though all goldens are the identical breed, there are clear variations in temperaments between the American and English variation. 

Platinum retrievers are typically calmer and extra wise than American goldens. Moreover, they’re not often hyperactive and rowdy, however that doesn’t imply they aren’t playful or energetic. Consider a platinum retriever as a barely calmer model of an American golden.

In case you are on the lookout for a sensible, straightforward to coach, companion canine that gained’t bounce round the home in any respect hours of the day, the English cream retriever could be an excellent selection. Nonetheless, don’t overlook they’re working canines at coronary heart, and your platinum canine will want a job to do.

Very smart and desperate to please, the platinum golden is straightforward to coach and excels in obedience and agility. Amiable and affectionate, this breed likes to spend time with its folks and is a tremendous household canine and an excellent companion.

Light and candy, the English cream retrievers get together with everybody they meet and gained’t hesitate to fulfill strangers. Resulting from their trusting nature, they’re poor watchdogs and usually tend to greet an intruder with a wagging tail than provide you with a warning of any suspicious exercise.

Regardless of their dimension, platinum golden retrievers have to reside indoors with their human household the place they are often included in all household actions.

Nonetheless, this playful and energetic canine wants some kind of outside house and isn’t suited to condo dwelling. A fenced yard is a should if you wish to hold your goldie completely satisfied and correctly exercised. 

Well being

The English cream retriever is mostly a wholesome canine. Nonetheless, like all different purebred breeds, they’re vulnerable to sure well being points. 

You may need heard that platinum retrievers are more healthy than their dark-coated counterparts. Nonetheless, there is no such thing as a proof to assist this and these claims had been most likely unfold by breeders who wished to market their canines as “more healthy” golden retrievers.

Nonetheless, there’s a 2010 examine that exhibits most cancers danger in European-bred Goldens to be decrease than North American Goldens:

Apparently, most cancers danger in European-bred Goldens seems to be considerably decrease. A 2010 examine put the mortality determine at 38.8 p.c (Dobson 2012, Adams et al. 2010). Though a lot increased than common, the incidence is considerably decrease than that present in North American Goldens.

The Bark

The commonest well being issues seen in English cream golden retrievers are:

Hip And Elbow Dysplasia

Hip and elbow dysplasia are hereditary situations which can be generally seen in massive breed canines. Basically, the hip and elbow bones aren’t joined correctly with the socket. which places a pressure on the ligaments and bone inflicting ache, discomfort, and lameness. Each of those situations turn out to be worse with age and may be extraordinarily painful for a canine if not handled. 

Progressive Retinal Atrophy

Progressive retinal atrophy is a watch situation that causes a gradual deterioration of the retina. Within the first phases of this illness, canines begin to lose night time imaginative and prescient and, because the illness progresses, they turn out to be utterly blind. The excellent news is that almost all canines adapt to finish or partial imaginative and prescient loss so long as their dwelling house stays the identical. 

Coronary heart Issues

English cream retrievers are affected by a number of coronary heart issues, together with dilated cardiomyopathy and subvalvular aortic stenosis. Dilated cardiomyopathy causes the center to turn out to be enlarged and weak, and often ends with a congestive coronary heart failure. 

Then again, the subvalvular aortic stenosis is attributable to the slender connection between the aorta and the left ventricle and may be handled if identified in time.  


Bloat is a life-threatening situation that impacts many massive breed canines and is often seen in deep-chested breeds like goldens. Canines who eat just one or two bigger meals per day, train after shortly after consuming, or eat too quick are on the highest danger of growing bloat. 

Bloat occurs when a canine’s abdomen twists, thus stopping the blood circulation to the center.

The commonest signs of bloat embrace drooling, lethargy, restlessness, and a speedy heartbeat. When you discover any of those signs or suspect your canine has bloat, name your vet instantly. When not handled in time, this situation may be deadly.

Train Wants

Whereas typically they’re calmer than their American cousins, the English cream retrievers nonetheless want a whole lot of train. As a working canine breed, your platinum golden retriever will want not less than an hour of high-intensity train each day. In any other case, your canine will turn out to be bored and stressed and would possibly resolve to launch all that pent up vitality by damaging your own home and belongings.

In addition to common train classes, you must also spend not less than quarter-hour each day taking part in along with your canine. As a very smart canine breed, your cream retriever will want a whole lot of completely different toys to remain entertained and mentally stimulated. Video games comparable to fetch, tug-of-war, and flyball will hold your canine occupied and assist him keep in good condition. 

Platinum golden retrievers are energetic canines and as such are greatest suited to energetic households who prefer to spend time outside and may meet their excessive train wants. As talked about earlier, this breed doesn’t do nicely in flats and must have entry to a fenced yard the place it could possibly run, play, and burn extra vitality.


Very smart and desperate to please, the English cream retriever may be very straightforward to coach. They excel at obedience coaching and can be taught instructions shortly when correctly motivated. Use constructive reinforcement strategies and reward-based coaching to encourage good habits and your canine’s studying efforts.

Resulting from their calm nature and trainability, platinum retrievers are an excellent selection for novice house owners. Even in the event you didn’t personal a canine earlier than, you gained’t have any bother home coaching and educating your canine primary instructions.

Though they’re naturally pleasant, begin socializing your goldie from a younger age, as you’ll some other canine. Attempt to expose your pet to as many various folks, locations, sounds, and conditions as quickly as you carry him residence. This manner, you’ll assist develop right into a well-mannered and balanced canine. 


The English cream retriever must eat high-quality kibble that incorporates all the required vitamins, nutritional vitamins, and minerals. Since they’re the identical breed, the platinum golden retriever can eat the identical meals as a golden retriever.

We feed our canines a mix of meals together with contemporary (The Farmer’s Dog), premium kibble (Wellness Core), and Dehydrated (Honest Kitchen).

You need to ensure the meals you might be feeding incorporates the appropriate steadiness of proteins, fat, carbs, fiber, and omega fatty acids. Since all canines are people, the quantity of meals your canine will want will rely on his age, dimension, exercise degree, and general well being. When you don’t understand how a lot meals your canine wants, seek the advice of your vet, and observe his recommendation. 

Keep in mind that your dog’s nutritional needs will change with age. An English cream retriever pet might want to eat high-quality pet meals for big breeds that’s formulated to assist development and growth. Canine meals for big breed puppies are specifically designed to forestall speedy bone development, thus minimizing the dangers of bone problems comparable to elbow and hip dysplasia. 

Pay particular observe to the quantity of meals your cream retriever is consuming, and attempt to supply three or extra smaller meals all through the day. This manner, you’ll forestall overfeeding and likewise scale back the danger of bloat. 

Coat Shade and Grooming

The English cream retriever’s breed commonplace permits any shade of gold or cream coat shade, which is neither mahogany nor red. This implies these canines don’t essentially must have a cream or platinum coat. Nonetheless, platinum canines are extremely widespread and there may be all the time the next demand for puppies with a paler coat.

The English cream has a medium-length, silky, water resistant double coat that sheds reasonably all 12 months spherical. This breed additionally goes by way of a heavy shed twice a 12 months – within the spring and fall. You’ll must brush your canine not less than 3 times every week to forestall mats and tangles and hold his coat in tip-top situation.

Relating to bathing, you possibly can bathe your English cream as soon as in a few months or extra usually if he will get very soiled. If it is advisable bathe your dog more often, use a hypoallergenic pure canine shampoo that gained’t harm your canine’s pores and skin or coat.

English Cream Golden Retrievers As Pets

The English lotions are wonderful pets and make superb companions to folks of all ages and households with young children. Affectionate, mild, and fun-loving, these canines get together with everybody and prefer to be concerned in all household actions. In addition they get together with different pets and can get pleasure from having somebody to maintain them firm whilst you aren’t round. 

Please observe, though they like youngsters and are exceptionally mild, English lotions are massive canines. They’ll simply knock a small baby within the warmth of a play session by accident. To keep away from accidents of this kind, by no means go away younger youngsters unsupervised along with your canine.

Moreover, present your youngsters learn how to work together along with your canine and play with him properly. Clarify why they need to by no means pull your canine’s ears and tail, and supervise all playdates. Regardless of how socialized and nicely behaved your canine and your youngsters are, they need to by no means be left unsupervised.

FAQ’s About Platinum Golden Retrievers

What Is A Platinum Retriever?

Platinum retriever, also called the English cream golden retriever and uncommon white European retriever, is a pale coated number of a golden retriever. Whereas some breeders promote platinum retrievers as a uncommon breed, these canines are the identical breed as common American goldens. 

Whereas comparable, these two sorts of golden retrievers are barely completely different. Platinum retrievers have a pale coat, stockier constructed, larger head, and rounder eyes. They’re additionally calmer than American golden retrievers, however no much less playful or fun-loving.

What Are The Three Sorts Of Golden Retrievers?

There are three several types of golden retrievers – American, Canadian, and English golden retrievers. Though there is just one golden retriever breed, every considered one of these three subtypes has its personal breed commonplace. 

The American kind is acknowledged by the American Kennel Membership, the Canadian retriever by the Canadian Kennel Membership, and the English by the United Kennel Membership.

How A lot Does An English Cream Golden Retriever Price?

The platinum retrievers which can be bred in keeping with the United Kennel Membership breed commonplace are nonetheless pretty uncommon and may be costly. On common, a platinum retriever can price between $1,500 to $3,500. Nonetheless, the worth of a pet can differ from one breeder to the subsequent and can rely in your location, breeder’s fame, and the pup’s lineage. 


Platinum golden retrievers, also called the English cream golden retrievers, are very smart, affectionate, and simply trainable companion canines.

Playful and pleasant, the English cream makes an excellent household canine and will get together with folks of all ages. The breed’s promoting factors are:

  • Calmer than American golden retriever
  • Affectionate and devoted companion
  • Fast learner and simple to coach

In case you are on the lookout for a loyal, devoted, and extremely energetic canine that can match proper into your loved ones, the platinum golden retriever is a perfect selection.

So, have you ever determined to get an English Cream Golden Retriever?

If that’s the case, inform us about your resolution within the remark part beneath.

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