dark coated golden retriever looking up at the camera.Training 

What Is A Red Golden Retriever?

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If you’re on the lookout for a golden retriever as a brand new pet, you aren’t alone. They’re the fourth hottest canine breed in america (as of the yr 2020).

Maybe in your seek for the right pup to undertake, you have got come throughout the purple golden retriever.

Usually simply known as a purple retriever, these are a pure variation inside the golden retriever household, however with a putting darkish purple coat.

There are a number of different issues that set a purple retriever canine aside from a extra conventional golden retriever, akin to measurement and coat, however in relation to discovering an clever, trainable, loyal, and pleasant pet, a red-haired golden retriever is simply as fantastic because the lighter golden retriever pups that you’re in all probability extra acquainted with.

dark coated golden retriever looking up at the camera.

Learn on for every thing it’s essential to find out about these darkish purple golden retrievers.

What Is A Pink Golden Retriever?

A purple golden retriever is a pure variation inside the golden retriever breed, however with a darker coat than most golden retrievers. With a particular purple hue, the coat is described as mahogany.

Formally, there are solely three colours of golden retriever: golden, gentle golden, and darkish golden. The purple retriever falls into the final of those classes, however stands out due to the clearly purple hue.

Because of this, purple retrievers are thought-about abnormalities and due to this fact ineligible to take part in canine reveals.

Not like different golden retrievers, whose coats generally tend to lighten or darken as they age, a purple golden retriever will retain its mahogany hair coloration all through its life (although you might discover a number of grey hairs).

They’ve the identical darkish brown or black nostril, eyes, lips, and nails as nearly all of golden retrievers.

Identical to different goldens, their nostril and different options can generally tend to lighten to a pink coloration in chilly temperatures or after they don’t get sufficient daylight. This can be a pure fading of the pigment widespread to goldens.

This purple coloring is a pure genetic variation inside the golden retriever breed. Nonetheless, the genes that give this coloration are recessive, and due to this fact additionally it is a comparatively uncommon coloration to see.

OUR EXPERIENCE: Over our lifetime we’ve had three completely different shades of Golden. Our household Golden Retriever, Kiko was darker and possibly would have been thought-about a Pink Retriever. Our second Golden Retriever, Raven was virtually white in coloration sometimes called an english cream golden retriever, platinum retriever, or white retriever. Lastly, our lil’ Tank was proper in the midst of the colour chart and was a lighter shade of gold.

Breed Historical past

Golden retrievers have been bred as gun canines within the Scottish Highlands within the mid-Nineteenth century when wildfowl looking was a very talked-about sport.

The Scottish elite didn’t assume their present retriever breeds have been fairly proper for the duty of retrieving the fowl.

Improved weapons meant that the retrieving canines wanted to vary additional to gather sport, they usually had to have the ability to retrieve the sport from each land and water, because the looking grounds have been pocketed with marsh ponds and rivers.

The person primarily chargeable for creating the breed was the first Baron Tweedmouth, Dudley Marjoribanks, who had a grand property close to Glen Affric in Scotland.

The breed is a mixture of a Tweed water spaniel (now extinct), Irish setter, and bloodhound, which was developed over a interval of about 50 years.

Golden retrievers have been first accepted by the Kennel Club in 1903, after which exhibited in 1908. They turned formally acknowledged because the breed they’re at present in 1911.

It took one other 14 years for the canine to grow to be acknowledged in america, having been taken there by the sons of Dudley Marjoribanks, after which the breed shortly turned in style.

The mahogany coat variation that we see from purple retrievers from the Irish setter, also referred to as a purple setter, during which mahogany is a standard coloration.

Variations Between Golden Retrievers And Pink Golden Retrievers

Whereas the principle distinction between normal golden retrievers and purple golden retrievers is their coloration, there are a number of different variations to concentrate on.

Nonetheless, it’s value noting that these variations don’t stem from the identical genetic markers that trigger purple retrievers to have their mahogany coloration.

Relatively, purple retrievers have a tendency to return from looking strains, whereas many different goldens are bred to be pets, service canines, or present canines. Because of this, completely different traits have grow to be dominant.

Pink retrievers are typically barely smaller and lighter in weight than different goldens.

Male purple retrievers will weigh on the decrease finish of the 65 to 75-pound vary that’s normal for golden retrievers, and will probably be 22-23 inches tall, whereas normal goldens typically develop an additional inch or two.

Feminine purple retrievers will once more be on the decrease finish of the 55- to 65-pound vary that’s normal for golden retrievers, and are typically 20 to 21 inches tall, whereas normal goldens could also be an inch taller.

They have a tendency to have a extra streamlined and athletic construct than different goldens and have slightly bit extra vitality, so want a bit of additional train.

This makes purple retrievers the smallest of the golden retriever breed.

Their coat can be slightly bit completely different in texture. Like all goldens, they’ve a brief undercoat and an extended outer coat, which permits them to retain warmth in chilly temperatures.

The overcoat of goldens is feathery across the ears, entrance of neck, and underbelly. That is a part of the rationale why they’re prolific shedders. 

Nonetheless, the outer coats of purple retrievers are slightly bit shorter, which implies they shed slightly bit much less and want slightly bit much less grooming. Nonetheless, they’re nonetheless heavy shedders in comparison with many canine breeds.

All retrievers must be groomed not less than as soon as per week to maintain their coats underneath management.


Other than having a bit extra vitality, and due to this fact having fun with longer and extra intense train than different goldens, purple retrievers have the amazingly pleasant and sociable temperament of goldens that make them glorious family pets.

Pink goldens are very clever, which implies they’re straightforward to coach, and still have the intelligence and sensitivity to determine what’s required from them with out being particularly advised.

This is among the causes that golden retrievers make nice work canines and are sometimes utilized in roles like incapacity help.

Goldens are additionally very food-motivated. This contributes to their trainability, as they’ll do something for a tasty deal with, however it additionally means they will generally tend towards gaining weight if their weight loss program isn’t appropriately monitored.

They bond with people very simply, which makes them nice household pets. However it additionally means they must be a part of the household. They should keep inside with the household unit, and can’t be left alone for hours on finish with out affected by separation nervousness.

They’re nice with children, different canines, and even strangers, so that they aren’t nice guard canines. Whereas they’re fairly massive, they don’t are typically clumsy, they usually have a mushy mouth that permits them to select issues up with out biting. This implies there are hardly ever accidents at residence with kids.

They want not less than an hour of train per day, and plenty of psychological stimulation. In any other case, they’re clever sufficient to get into lots of mischief.

One approach to curb a golden’s harmful streak is with puzzle toys, which this breed tends to get pleasure from. A few of our favourite choices are listed under.

Well being Points

Pink retrievers share the typical life expectancy of golden retrievers, which is round 10 to 12 years.

Sadly, they’re additionally liable to all the identical medical circumstances that may afflict golden retrievers in later life.

Quite a few completely different cancers are widespread amongst goldens. 

So are joint issues akin to hip and elbow dysplasia, and hock osteochondrosis. This could severely restrict the motion of goldens of their later years, which might make it difficult for them to get the train they want. It could additionally make sleeping grow to be an issue, because the joints sit painfully in opposition to surfaces. An orthopedic dog bed will often be required for senior goldens.

You will discover extra suggestions for caring for senior canines right here.

Golden retrievers, together with purple retrievers, are additionally predisposed towards eye issues together with progressive retinal atrophy and cataracts.

Different widespread points embrace subaortic stenosis, which is an obstruction of the guts ventricle, myasthenia gravis, which is a muscular fatigue illness, and hypothyroidism, which can lead to hormonal imbalances.


The one cause you may need to keep away from getting a purple retriever is in case you are on the lookout for a present canine. In keeping with American Kennel Club guidelines, darker purple colours are excluded from the ring. Even when they’re allowed to compete, they’re prone to lose vital factors because of their coloration.

It is because canines should be thought-about an “instance of the breed” with a view to participate within the present. As a result of the purple coloration variation isn’t thought-about normal, it’s handled as outdoors the usual of the breed and due to this fact ineligible to point out.

Canine are additionally prevented from taking part in reveals if they’ve been spayed or neutered. Tail docking and ear cropping, additionally thought-about surgical alterations to the looks of a canine, are additionally banned in some reveals, however the rule isn’t common.


If you’re shopping for a golden retriever pet from a breeder, you may anticipate to pay a minimal of $1,000 to get your fingers on considered one of these superb pups.

Nonetheless, as a result of purple retrievers are a lot rarer and due to this fact troublesome to return by, you may anticipate to pay upwards of $3,000+ to make one a member of the household.

UPDATE: Whereas the $1,000 – $3,000 price ticket is a reasonably widespread vary when shopping for a Golden Retriever pet. On the time of this replace we’re in the midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic and costs for puppies are hovering. Whereas researching Golden Retriever puppies we’ve seen the next pricing from respected breeders $3,500, $4,000, and $4,300.

You may additionally be capable of discover purple retrievers that don’t have a house in retriever shelters. You will see a complete list of golden retriever rescues by state listed right here.

Contemplating the scale and urge for food of purple retrievers, you need to anticipate any such canine to value you round $1,000 a yr together with meals and medical payments.

The invoice within the first couple years is likely to be larger, at round $1,500, to cowl extra medical wants akin to vaccinations and spaying or neutering.

Adopting A Pink Retriever

If you’re contemplating adopting a purple retriever, there are a number of essential questions you need to ask your self to make sure that you’re prepared for the accountability:

  • Am I able to tackle the accountability of a canine for the subsequent 10 to 12 years? That is the typical life expectancy of a golden retriever.
  • Can I afford to pay for the meals, medical care, and different bills related to a canine for the subsequent decade? Keep in mind that golden retrievers are comparatively massive canines and so eat fairly a bit. You must anticipate to spend not less than $1,000 per yr caring on your canine.
  • Are you able to decide to giving a purple retriever the train it wants? Meaning a minimal 45 to 90 minutes per day, and maybe extra on weekends if attainable.
  • Do you have got sufficient time to offer a golden retriever the eye it wants? They don’t seem to be the kind of canine that may be left alone for 10 hours a day on a regular basis if you are at work.
  • Do you have got individuals who can take care of your canine when you find yourself touring or within the case of different extenuating circumstances? This might be pals or household, or entry to and finances for a neighborhood canine care facility.
  • Does anybody in your family have an issue with canine hair? Goldens shed lots, and due to this fact aren’t acceptable if anybody in your home has allergy symptoms. Common cleansing will probably be required to maintain the home comparatively hair-free, and there’ll must be a degree of tolerance for not less than some canine hair across the residence.


What Is A Pink Retriever?

Pink retrievers are golden retrievers with a mahogany coat, versus the extra conventional golden coat. This happens as a pure genetic variation; nevertheless, the mahogany-colored genes are recessive, so it’s a comparatively uncommon coloration.

Because of this, purple retriever puppies are typically dearer than different golden puppies. They are often excluded by the American Kennel Membership from present competitions.

How A lot Do Pink Golden Retrievers Price?

Whereas a typical golden retriever pet from a good breeder ought to value round $1,000 as a result of relative rarity of purple retrievers, you need to anticipate to pay considerably extra, maybe round $3,000 for a brand new pet.

What Is The Distinction Between A Pink Retriever And A Golden Retriever?

The principle distinction between a purple retriever and a golden retriever is coat coloration. Whereas golden retrievers have a gold-colored coat, purple retrievers are a deep mahogany coloration. 

There are a number of different widespread variations between purple and golden retrievers.

Pink retrievers are typically slightly smaller, slightly extra energetic and due to this fact require extra train, and have a barely shorter coat.

This implies they shed rather less than golden retrievers, however nonetheless rather more than many different breeds.

What Are The Three Varieties Of Golden Retrievers?

The three various kinds of golden retrievers are often called English, American, and Canadian. The distinction between the three variations could be very delicate. English goldens are likely to have a stockier construct than the opposite two sorts, and Canadian goldens are likely to have the thinnest coats of the lot. English golden retrievers additionally are typically lighter in coloration, and may have a virtually white coat. Nonetheless, the purple retriever variation exists inside all three forms of golden retrievers.

What Are The Completely different Colours Of Golden Retrievers?

The three completely different golden retriever colours acknowledged by the American Kennel Membership are golden, gentle golden, and darkish golden. Pink retrievers could be thought-about among the many darkish golden variation. 

Nonetheless, they stand out as a result of purple hues of their coat, which implies they’re known as purple or mahogany as an alternative of darkish golden. It’s this variation that causes purple goldens to be excluded from taking part in reveals, as it’s outlined as an irregular variation of the golden retriever breed.

Are Pink Golden Retrievers Uncommon?

The gene that makes golden retrievers purple is recessive, which implies that it manifests comparatively hardly ever. Because of this, it’s arduous to return throughout a purple retriever pup. Because of this, you may anticipate to pay thrice as a lot to purchase a purple retriever than a extra widespread golden pup.

The Verdict

With the distinctively mahogany coat, purple retrievers are a pure however comparatively uncommon variation inside the golden retriever breed.

Other than their distinctive coloration, they’re just about identical to all golden retrievers.

Meaning clever, pleasant, and dependable.

Nonetheless, put together your self for an brisk pup that wants lots of train and a focus. However they’ll pay you again in spades with their love and affection.

How about you? Do you have got a purple Golden Retriever?

Have you ever owned completely different coloured Goldens? If that’s the case, did you discover any variations?

Inform us about your experiences within the remark part under.

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dark coated golden retriever looking up at the camera.

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