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What Causes Giardia in Dogs? [Symptoms and Treatments]

When your pet or canine has diarrhea, it’s disagreeable and alarming. Frequent diarrhea is normally a symptom of an underlying well being downside and may result in critical points like dehydration.

The issue is, there are quite a few causes for diarrhea in canines together with dietary adjustments, irritable bowel illness, and allergic reactions. This makes diagnosing the foundation trigger an advanced guessing sport for canine homeowners.

Giardia in canines is one widespread an infection that’s identified to trigger canine diarrhea. As many as 50% of puppies and 100% of dogs housed in kennels contract Giardia in some unspecified time in the future.

What’s Giardia in Canine?

Giardia (pronounced jee-ahr-dee-uh) is a single-celled (protozoan) parasite that may end up in an an infection of the intestines referred to as Giardiasis, additionally known as “beaver fever”.

This an infection occurs when Giardia cells connect themselves to inside the small gut, take in vitamins, and multiply through asexual replica.

What Causes Giardia in Canine?

Canine contract Giardia once they ingest infectious cysts present in different animals’ feces.

This could possibly be by means of direct contact (consuming other animals’ poop) or oblique contact (like ingesting soiled puddle water or consuming contaminated grass).

Water contamination is the quantity #1 reason behind Giardiasis as a result of cysts thrive in moist environments. 

What are the Signs of Giardia in Canine?

A few of the fundamental signs of Giardia that canine homeowners can observe embody:

Weight Loss

❌ Diarrhea (continual or intermittent)

❌ Comfortable, pale feces with the looks of fats or mucous

❌ Vomiting

❌ Dehydration

❌ Poor coat look

Issues like weight reduction and poor coat look are brought on by malabsorption of vitamins in your canine’s food regimen. Canine with Giardia can also have microscopic intestinal lesions. 

In extreme circumstances, untreated Giardia may end up in demise which is why prognosis and therapy is important. Giardia will be particularly problematic in puppies, aged canines, and canines with compromised immune techniques. 

Can My Canine have Giardia With out Signs?


Not all canines who’ve the Giardia parasite present signs or develop an an infection that must be handled.

The right way to Take a look at for Giardia in Canine?

Diagnosing Giardia is a difficult course of.

Jennifer Coates, a Physician of Veterinary Medication, shared an in-depth have a look at her process for diagnosing Giardia with PetMD. In her article, she outlined the challenges that may come up when diagnosing the situation in cats and canines.

In line with Coates, diagnosing a suspected case of Giardia begins with a microscopic fecal examination. These checks are easy and cheap, however as a result of the parasite solely sheds intermittently (which means not each poop your canine has will include infectious Giardia cysts), it might take a number of samples to make an correct prognosis.

Finding out just one pattern usually results in false negatives.

If fecal exams are destructive however Giardia remains to be suspected, the subsequent diagnostic check that’s carried out is a Fecal Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA). This check ends in fewer false negatives and will be carried out as a speedy snap check or despatched to a lab for testing.

Coates solely does this check for canines who’re displaying signs and almost definitely have a Giardiasis an infection, as a result of some canines with Giardia don’t want therapy. Overuse of this check in asymptomatic circumstances may imply treating the incorrect downside if a canine’s diarrhea is brought on by one thing else.

That’s the place a canine’s historical past comes into play when making an correct prognosis. An older canine that has minimal contact with different canines is much less prone to have contracted Giardia. A pet who was simply bought from a pet retailer or adopted from a shelter could be thought-about larger danger. 

The right way to Deal with Giardia in Canine?

Three drugs most prescribed to deal with Giardia in canines are fenbendazole, metronidazole, and panacur. In circumstances which are resistant to those therapies, generally mixtures of medicines are used. 

Fenbendazole is usually prescribed for 3 to 5 days and may be very secure, even for pregnant and lactating animals. It’s best for circumstances the place there’s a clear Giardia prognosis. 

For circumstances that aren’t as clear, the place diarrhea could be attributable to one other underlying situation, metronidazole (Chewy hyperlink) will be prescribed for 5 to 10 days. This medicine is anti-inflammatory and eliminates Giardia in addition to different micro organism that may trigger diarrhea. 

Panacur (Amazon hyperlink) (often known as fenbendazole) is an over-the-counter intestinal de-wormer that may be efficient in treating giardia when drugs just like the earlier two are ineffective.

Can a Canine with Giardia be round different Canine?

Your canine with Giardia ought to be stored separate from different canines till they’re higher.

Since Giardia is very contagious, this additionally means pushing aside journeys to the canine park, doggy daycare, and play dates with different pups.

How Lengthy does Giardia Final in Canine?

It could actually take up two weeks to get rid of giardia in canines when therapy is run on time and appropriately

Restoration from Giardia just isn’t normally difficult until your canine is younger, previous, or has a compromised immune system. 

Listed here are some issues to bear in mind through the restoration course of, in addition to tricks to forestall reinfection:


Throughout restoration, your canine will doubtless be on an oral medicine. That you must rapidly decide up their poops and clear the world the place your canine lives, so the house doesn’t get contaminated.

In line with Cascade Heights Veterinary Center, it’s essential to:

Give your canine a shower on the primary and final day of therapy. Put on gloves and pay particular consideration to your canine’s rectal space to ensure any infectious cysts are washed away. 

Wash your pet’s toys completely.

Clear onerous surfaces with diluted bleach or disinfectant.

Steam clear upholstery and carpets.

These precautions will assist ensure your canine doesn’t unfold the an infection to different members of the home or reinfect themselves.

Period of restoration?

If all goes properly, restoration from giardia can take as little as two weeks. Nonetheless, therapy resistant circumstances could require a number of rounds of medicine.

Pure Treatments and Issues to be Conscious Of

Apart from sustaining good hygiene, one other factor you are able to do to assist your canine recuperate from Giardia is make some minor adjustments to your canine’s food regimen.

Many canine homeowners attest to the effectiveness of small doses of recent garlic (chop and let it sit for 10 minutes earlier than serving) along with medicine to eliminate Giardia infections. 

Different suggestions from canine homeowners embody utilizing dog probiotics and rising your pup’s fiber consumption with elements like shredded carrots.

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In some circumstances, your vet could suggest a bland food regimen of hen, rice, and pumpkin or a specialty dog food for gastrointestinal issues whereas your canine recovers.

Preventative Measures

5 issues that you are able to do to stop future Giardia infections:

  • At all times ensure your canine has entry to wash, recent water. Carry your individual dish and water on journeys, so your canine doesn’t drink from contaminated water supply.
  • Wash your pet’s meals/water dishes and toys often.
  • At all times decide up your pets’ poop straight away (we suggest utilizing a pooper scooper) and keep away from strolling your canine the place many animals have pooped.
  • In some locations Giardia is current in faucet water. If that’s the case, purchase a filter or boil your canines water and let it cool earlier than serving.
  • When you take your canine to a boarding or coaching facility, ask about their procedures for disinfecting widespread areas to stop infections from spreading.

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Giardia infections can not at all times be prevented however altering your habits in these easy methods and sustaining good hygiene significantly reduces the prospect of an infection.

Giardiasis FAQs

Can my pet have Giardia with out signs?

Sure. Not all puppies with Giardia develop signs/Giardiasis.

How lengthy does it take for Giardia to go away in puppies?

In some circumstances, Giardia circumstances are gentle and go away by themselves. In case your pet requires therapy, they could be placed on medicine for as much as 10 days, then re-evaluated to see if the an infection is gone a couple of weeks later.

How do I do know if my pet has Giardia?

Two fundamental signs that would imply your pet has Giardia are weight reduction and diarrhea.

Is Giardia critical in puppies?

If caught early a powerful and wholesome pet will bounce again from Giardia. Nonetheless, if the an infection is extreme or left untreated a pet with Giardia can turn into dehydrated and shed some pounds which will be deadly.

Ought to canines with Giardia be quarantined?

Sure. Your canine with Giardia ought to be quarantined and it is best to clear up after them continuously.

Can a canine with Giardia be round different canines? 

A canine with Giardia shouldn’t be round different canines due to how simply the an infection spreads amongst canines.

Can I get Giardia from my canine licking me?


Watch out to not let your dog lick your face and don’t contact your face after petting your canine with out washing your fingers first.

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