Types of Dog Crate

types of dog crate

If you are planning to buy a crate for your dog then you might be thinking about which type of dog crate will be good for your pet? I will share some types of dog crates here in this article, then you can decide which one will be the best for your dog. If you just got a new dog and want to train it, then you might also find this dog obedience training program helpful.

Metal Wire Crate

The metal crate or a wire crate is shown in the image posted above. It has a wire structure from all four sides. Here it is important to know that the crate should be finely built so that there no sharp wire pointing towards your dog as it could get dangerous. Before buying one, you should especially check this. Also, the size of the crate should be big enough so that your dog is comfortable while staying in it. Wired crates are good in a way that they are see-through from all sides and while your dog is inside, it can also see you or the stuff around the crate. This also enables you to monitor your dog at all times.

Wooden Crate

Another type of crate is a wooden crate. Wooden crates are reusable and customizable. If you think there is a need to change the shape of the carte after some time, you can do that. The wooden crate also comes in different designs of furniture that can be placed as a side table or any other thing depending on your need. This furniture carte also looks good when placed in your living house.

Plastic Crate

Plastic crates are lightweight which makes them easy to move and carry. They are generally used for medium-sized or small dogs. Plastic crates have usually front facing doors. They also comes in different colors and sizes. You can visit the crate store and pick one in which your dog can easily stay in it.

Soft Material Crate

These are made with soft material. They look like a small hand carry bag. They are compact, nice, and are comfortable especially because of the material they are made with. Just like plastic crates, they are also very portable and easy to carry. You can seamlessly place them on the back seat of your car whenever you want to take your dog along with you. Moreover, carrying them indoors is also easy. Just treat them as your small personal bag.

Final Thoughts

These were some of the types of crates that you can get for your dog. Generally, all these crates are used by people and it depends on your personal choice and your dog. Get the one in which your dog can easily stay in. You may also have to try two to three different ones and check your dog’s behavior.

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