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Top 15 Best Dog breeds in India ( Most Popular)

Canines are among the finest pets to be adopted. They’re probably the most devoted animal on account of their loving and caring nature. Some canines are very clever. As a consequence of all these options, they’re the best choice of people as the very best pet. Indian folks love canines, listed here are we’re going to let you know concerning the prime 15 hottest canine breeds in India. So let’s begin

High 15 Finest Canine breeds in India ( Most Fashionable)

1.Labrador Retrievers

Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retrievers is without doubt one of the well-known breeds of canines in India. They’re also referred to as Lab or Labrador. They’re recognized for his or her agility and playful nature. They’re medium giant canine breeds and have a tendency to shed their hair twice yearly. They’re wonderful household canines and have a terrific sense of odor. They mature round 3 years of age. They’ve a perfect temperament which makes them a perfect breed for search and rescue detection. They ranked 7 by way of intelligence worldwide. They’ve a lifespan of round 10-14 years.  As a consequence of all these characters, it stands first in our listing of finest Indian canines.



Indian Chippiparai is a well-known canine breed in India. It is without doubt one of the oldest canine breeds within the subcontinent. The breed is bred by the royal household and is is aware of as an emblem of royalty. The canine was used for looking wild boar on this period. They’re additionally recognized for his or her clever habits. They’re discovered within the space of Periyar lake. So on account of these options, it makes our listing of prime Indian Canine Breed.

3.Indian Pariah canine

Indian Pariah dog

They’re generally known as Desi canines and are the primary breed of canine to come back to India. They’ve nice adaptability, extraordinarily social and watchful canines. Alertness and Intelligence are additionally a number of the nice options of this canine on account of which it makes second on our listing.



Beagles are one of the widespread breeds of canines worldwide. Indian folks additionally love Beagle so much. They’re one of the widespread breeds of canines and are recognized for his or her social and loving creature. They’re additionally used for the aim of sniffing within the airport. It will possibly take as much as one 12 months to coach a beagle. They’ll eat something, so generally they’ve issues of overeating. They’re too pleasant and usually are not know pretty much as good guard canines. They’re wonderful household pets as a result of they’re good with kids. They’ve a life span of about 12-15 years.

5.German Shepherd

German Shepherd

German Shepherd is probably the most clever breed of canine. They’re a big sized canine breed that originated from Germany. They’re additionally abbreviated as GSD. They’re initially developed for herding sheep however now they’re used as guard canines. They’re quite a lot of colours together with tan black and pink black. They’re extremely energetic canines and have a status of being very secure. They’re a preferred choice to make use of as a working canine and are recognized for his or her police work. As a consequence of all these options, it comes fifth on our listing.



Dachshund is one other widespread canine breed in India. They’re short-legged, lengthy bodied canine breed belonging to the hound household. They exhibit three coat varieties, brief hair, lengthy hair, and wire hair. Dachshund displays quite a lot of colours and patterns. The dominant coloration is pink together with black and tan. They’re playful however may be cussed and have habits of chasing small animals. To allow them to be troublesome to coach generally. They’re aggressive to strangers and different canines. They’ve nice devotion and loyalty to their homeowners. The breed is thought to have some spinal issues.



Boxer is a short-haired canine developed in Germany. They’ve brief broad skulls and a sq. muzzle. The top is probably the most distinctive function of the boxer. Probably the most dominant colours are fawn and brindle. They’ve nice love and faithfulness for his or her grasp. Boxers are vibrant, energetic, playful with kids. They aren’t aggressive canines and are known as household canines. It’s an athletic canine breed and correct train is important for well being. They are often wonderful jogging and working companions. The breed has a lifespan of about 10-12 years. Indian folks love this breed



Pug is a really well-known breed for folks dwelling in residences in India. It’s a short-muzzled face with a curled tail. The breed is widespread amongst celeb homeowners. Pugs are social and mild companions. They’ve a nicely squared physique with compact muscle mass. They’re additionally used army canines. Pugs are additionally used for detection functions. They’ve a terrific devotion to their homeowners. They’re strong-willed however not aggressive. Pugs have brief straight legs with a life span of about 12 – 15 years. They’ve lazy nature and spend loads of time napping.



Rottweiler is medium giant breed of canine. They’re generally known as “Rottweil butchers canines” on account of their utilization in herding livestock. These days they’re additionally used as search and rescue canines. They’ve energy, black coated with wealthy tan markings. They’re used as a companion service and dealing canine. Rottweiler is a brave canine with well-developed genetic herding and guarding instincts. Rottweiler reacts to their environment with nice alertness and has better adaptability to their surroundings. They’ve a life span of 8- 10 years.

10.Indian Spitz

Indian Spitz

Indian Spitz is a canine breed belonging to the Utility canine group. They’re additionally known as Pomeranian and had been launched in India by the British. Indian Spitz is a vibrant and energetic breed of canine. They’ve a novel capability to know human intention. They’re divided into two classes, Smaller Indian Spitz and Lesser Indian Spitz. Indian Spitz has better adaptability and you’ll give quite a lot of totally different meals to them. Their life span is about 10-14 years and a few have a life span of about 16 years. As a consequence of all these options, they’re one of the widespread canine breeds in India,



Doberman is a medium giant canine breed of home canine. They’re alert energetic canines and are generally used as guard canines. They’re sturdy, cussed canines however in the event you educated them nicely they can be utilized as household canines. They’re compact, nicely constructed canines with nice swiftness and tolerance. Dobermans have a really lengthy tail. They’re very social and may be simply educated. They’re known as wonderful guard canines. Doberman has a life span of about 10-11 years. They’re a really helpful breed of canines and on account of their wonderful options ranked in our breeds of prime canines.

12.Nice Dane

Great Dane

Nice Dane is a big German breed of home canine. They’re recognized for his or her nice top and have a terrific private affection for his or her homeowners. It’s a brief haired canine breed with a compact muscle physique. They’ve floppy triangular ears. They’re pleasant in nature and are known as a delicate large.  Nice Dane is really helpful by Veterinarians to the households as a result of they are often educated simply. Their puppies develop very quick. They want common walks to maintain themselves wholesome. They’ve a gradual metabolism that leads to meals consumption and fewer power.



The Rajaplayam is an Indian sighthound and in addition know as poligar hound, It was an emblem of royalty and aristocracy in Southern India, Tamil Nadu within the instances of the British. It’s a giant canine with probably the most dominant coloration is milk-white. Rajapalayam was used for wild boar looking in previous instances. The canine may be very dedicated to its homeowners. They aren’t affectionate in the direction of different pets on account of their looking instincts. They’re recognized to be on individual canines  and don’t wish to be touched by strangers



Combai is a bear hound discovered within the south of India. They’re normally tan or pink brown and have a darkish line alongside the again. Combai has highly effective jaws with a savage mood. They’re extra immune to illnesses and their coat is well manageable. They had been used as guard canines. They’re an clever and athletic breed of canine. They had been present in the entire of India however now this breed is restricted to some areas of Tamil Nadu.



Kanni is an indigenous canine breed within the area of South India, Tamil Nadu. . They’re normally black and tan in coloration with restricted white on the toes. The canine is normally shy however this can be very devoted and straightforward to coach. They’re used to hunt deer. They’re extraordinarily agile and suppose independently when they’re on the hunt.

So these are probably the most well-known Indian canine breeds. Individuals in India love canines so much. They’re extraordinarily devoted and may also help in several each day routines.

Often requested Questions

Which is the most well-liked canine breed in India?

Labrador Retrievers has about 123760  registrations, so it’s the most well-known canine breed in India.

What’s the most pleasant and exquisite breed of canine in India?

Beagles are probably the most pleasant and exquisite breed of canine in India.

Which Indian canine breed is sweet for an house?

Pug is the breed thought-about good for dwelling in residences in India

Which breed of canine is taken into account most clever?

German Shepherd is taken into account probably the most clever canine breeds


So that is all about the very best canine breeds in India. We’ve got given you an in depth information about this topic. In case you have any questions on canine breeds and find out how to maintain your canine wholesome and actve, be happy to contact us.


Albert James is a canine proprietor and veterinarian by career. He loves to write down about canines. He also can present you options about your canine’s well being.

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