The Ultimate Guide on How to Potty Train a French Bulldog

French bulldogs are a few of the most beloved canine within the US and worldwide! In 2018, PBS reported that Frenchies had been the fourth most popular breed, topped solely by constant fan-favorites like labs and retrievers. 

French bulldogs are identified for his or her quirky tendencies, delicate temperaments, and low-maintenance playtime wants. Like all canine, nonetheless, some training is all the time mandatory! 

Puppies, specifically, require plenty of consideration and rule enforcement to ensure that they’ll behave. Happily, Frenchies make coaching simple and rewarding.

Learn on to learn how to potty prepare a French bulldog and kiss these indoor accidents goodbye!

How Usually Do French Bulldogs Must Go?

Let’s begin by speaking about how typically your Frenchie might want to relieve herself. This may decide the way you arrange your potty coaching schedule and provide you with a sign of the indicators to search for that it’s time to your pup to go.

There are a number of components that may have an effect on your Frenchie’s potty wants, together with age, weight-reduction plan, and stage of exercise.


Once you’re potty coaching a French bulldog pet, their age can provide you some indication of how ceaselessly they’ll have to go. 

Take your pet’s age in months and add one. That is the approximate length of time in hours that they are able to maintain their urine. For instance, when you have a three-month-old pet, she is going to possible have to pee a minimum of each 4 hours.

How ceaselessly they should poop may have extra to do with their weight-reduction plan than age. 

Weight-reduction plan

Identical to with people, the quantity of fiber a canine eats will have an effect on how typically they poop. It’s not unusual for Frenchie homeowners to feed their pups a do-it-yourself concoction consisting of meat and veggies, which signifies that they’re getting a giant serving to of pure, unprocessed fiber! 

There’s no single reply to the query of when a Frenchie might want to poop. For those who’re nonetheless studying the patterns of your new Frenchie, anticipate that they’ll have to go inside thirty minutes of consuming. In the event that they don’t make it that lengthy or don’t relieve themselves after thirty minutes, modify appropriately. 

Degree of Exercise

Metabolism can play a giant consider your Frenchie’s poop schedule. Some Frenchies like to spend their days lazing about whereas others appear to catch a case of the zoomies a dozen instances a day!

For those who’re Frenchie likes to play, she’ll in all probability additionally like to eat to make up for all that burned power. The extra they eat, the extra they’ll poop. In flip, the extra they train, the quicker their metabolism could also be, that means that they’ll possible digest their meals quicker and have to go extra shortly after consuming.

Easy methods to Potty Prepare a French Bulldog

Now that you just’ve acquired a way of how typically you’ll want to consider getting your Frenchie to an applicable potty place, let’s discuss methods to train them the place these applicable potty locations are! There are a number of steps to take throughout this course of and it’s necessary to develop a constant routine. 

Look ahead to Warning Indicators

As you develop a routine, you’ll in all probability get the dangle of getting your canine to a superb potty spot earlier than it’s too late. Nevertheless, to start with, you might not know precisely when or how typically your Frenchie must go.

In case your Frenchie begins to exhibit warning indicators that she must go, take her out immediately. She might circle or tempo the room or sniff alongside the ground.

She might even attempt to let you know earlier than it’s too late by barking, whining, or staring. This is likely to be directed at you or on the door you normally use to go exterior for potty breaks. Even when you’re satisfied that she simply needs some additional exterior time, it’s higher to hear than to finish up with an indoor accident!

Develop a Meal Schedule

Meal schedules are an necessary a part of coaching as a result of it teaches your Frenchie that even when she’s the queen of the fortress, you’re nonetheless in cost. They’re additionally necessary as a result of they may help you to observe her rest room wants extra carefully. 

Feed your Frenchie at instances of the day once you’ll be obtainable to take her out quickly after. For instance, don’t put her breakfast out ten minutes earlier than you permit for work. As a substitute, make that your first precedence within the morning so that you just’ll have loads of time to go exterior. 

To bolster her meal schedule, take away her meals when mealtime is finished, even when there’s nonetheless some meals in her bowl. After doing this a number of instances, she’ll get the concept that she ought to eat her entire meal when it’s given to her!

With youthful Frenchies, you might need to restrict water consumption an hour or two earlier than bedtime. This may help to scale back the variety of instances she’ll wake you up within the wee hours of the morning to, nicely, wee! 

Decide a Particular Spot within the Yard

Finally, your French bulldog will perceive that the majority outside areas are the “proper” place to go. At first, nonetheless, use a selected spot in your yard to scale back her confusion. 

To that finish, even when you’re coaching her in a fenced-in space, you might need to do lots of your potty coaching on a leash. Not solely will this will let you information her to her particular potty spot however it would additionally reduce down on distractions. Free reign within the yard might spell “playtime” to her slightly than “potty time.” 

Use a Command and Reward System

Going potty is much more pure than studying to take a seat or roll over however that doesn’t imply you must neglect the usage of a command and reward system. 

As quickly as your in an applicable spot, use a command like, “Go potty,” or just, “Potty.” Within the earliest levels, have a deal with available. As soon as your Frenchie has accomplished her enterprise, give her a deal with so she is aware of that she adopted the command appropriately.

After the primary day or two, rotate your rewards. You should utilize a toy or constructive vocal tones and affectionate pets.

Rotating rewards may help to forestall your Frenchie from anticipating a deal with each time she goes. For those who’re not cautious, she might begin holding off on going to the toilet till she’s sure she’s getting a tasty snack in alternate!

Don’t Overlook Potty Pads

Frenchies are delicate creatures and there are particular climate patterns that ought to provide you with pause earlier than you are taking a Frenchie exterior. If the temperature drops beneath 32 levels, you might need to keep away from taking your Frenchie exterior in any respect, as they’ll develop hypothermia and frostbite.

For that purpose, potty pads are a superb factor to have available. Coaching your Frenchie to make use of them isn’t any completely different than coaching them to go exterior! Use a command and reward system till they be taught that the potty pad is the one place they’re allowed to go after they’re indoors. 

Issues to Keep away from Throughout French Bulldog Potty Coaching

Earlier than I depart you to it, there are some things value mentioning that you just shouldn’t do once you’re potty coaching a French bulldog. 

Punishing Improper Potty Conduct

It may be irritating when your Frenchie has an accident inside, particularly when you’re nicely into the potty coaching course of. Nevertheless, keep away from yelling and bodily punishment. You must also keep away from rubbing their face or nostril within the mess.

This sort of conduct will frighten your Frenchie and break the belief that’s essential to any coaching course of. Plus, it could encourage them to behave aggressively in flip. 

Leaving Behind Indicators (and Smells) of Indoor Accidents

It’s necessary that you just discover a carpet or floor cleaner that’s particularly designed to wash canine urine or poop. The odor, specifically, must be lifted. 

When Frenchies catch the scent of their very own prior potty breaks, they might be inclined to mark that spot time and again. Your greatest wager to keep away from this behavior is to discover a good cleaner that can hopefully remove any signal of an indoor accident.

Ignoring Larger Lavatory Issues

As you’re studying your Frenchie’s potty habits, take note of any indicators that they may have an inner problem that requires veterinary consideration.

For instance, it’s one factor for a Frenchie-in-coaching to launch the total contents of their bladder inside. It’s one other factor in the event that they appear to have a difficulty with frequent leakage or depart moist spots on their bedding after a nap. These signs might point out urinary incontinence

Equally, uncommon pooping habits might also be indicative of a much bigger drawback. Constipation might level to an inner blockage whereas diarrhea might point out that they’ve consumed one thing poisonous or have an intolerance to one thing of their weight-reduction plan. 

If it’s unusual and also you’re involved, go to your vet!

Keep Affected person 

Once you’re studying methods to potty prepare a French bulldog, the largest secret’s to remain affected person. Even when your Frenchie appears to regress and the accidents indoors enhance for a time period, do not forget that she’s nonetheless studying and it’s your accountability to get her there.

For those who’re on the lookout for the very best gear and equipment to spice up coaching and enhance your Frenchie’s each day life, visit the shop and take a look at our favourite Frenchie objects! 

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