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The Teacup French Bulldog – Facts about Mini French Bulldogs

A mini French Bulldog or Teacup French Bulldog shouldn’t be technically an official canine breed. They’re really a miniature model of a French Bulldog purposefully bred to be a lot smaller than a traditional Frenchie.  Teacup Frenchies are the smallest of the small.   A Teacup French Bulldog usually grows to lower than 11 inches in peak, weighing lower than the everyday 28 kilos grownup French Bulldog.  Nevertheless, this can fluctuate relying on the strategy used to breed the Teacup French Bulldog.

Introducing The Mini French Bulldog

The mini French Bulldog or Teacup Frenchie is bred via just a few totally different strategies which I’ll cowl later, and is smaller than a typical French Bulldog. So as to be labeled as a teacup, the canine should be smaller in measurement than the mini breed. Because of the teacup measurement, it’s a must to be very cautious as a result of these tiny French Bulldogs are very fragile in nature. My regular sized Frenchie doesn’t do properly within the chilly however these even smaller variations are even much less adept at coping with chilly. 

These miniature French Bulldog have issue therapeutic when injured. As a brachycephalic breed, they will often expertise respiratory points. Brachycephalic merely means their cranium is pretty brief and broad. The origins of the full-sized French Bulldog could be traced again to England. As I cowl in the history of French Bulldogs, throughout the revolution, the breed was dropped at France by Nottingham lace employees.

Because the years handed, this cute breed grew to become extraordinarily fashionable. Since they aren’t thought of a full-bred breed, Frenchies weren’t accepted by the American Kennel Membership or the Europe Kennel Membership. This didn’t change till 1988. My Frenchie Augie is loving, type, loyal, generally calm, generally loopy and makes a terrific addition to my household. As a consequence of their candy nature, I’ve discovered they do extraordinarily properly with different animals and small children.

Frenchies take pleasure in interacting with everybody. You must make time to present them the eye they want. You’ll uncover all they need is to be beloved by their household and be round “their individuals.” The teacup model shares these identical traits and makes a particularly good companion as a result of they’re loyal and with correct care gives you their hearts. I additionally discover them completely cute. A number of celebrities have turn into on this breed attributable to its mild nature.

Not a day goes by when my Frenchie doesn’t make me smile. I consider that is the explanation they’ve turn into probably the most fashionable breeds of small canine. In 2020, the American Kennel Membership ranked these beauties quantity 4 in reputation in the USA out of all canine breeds. In the UK, Frenchies have turn into extra fashionable than the Labrador Retriever which is a powerful feat.

Formally, there isn’t any such factor as a teacup, mini or micro French Bulldog. They’re merely bred in a way leading to a a lot smaller measurement than your common Frenchie.

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The Historical past of Mini French Bulldogs

Most specialists consider Miniature French Bulldogs got here from England throughout the 1800s. The canine have been then taken to France by lace employees and caught the eye of the Parisians due to their small measurement. By the center of the 1800s, Frenchies have been rather more fashionable in France than in England. The canine have been bought by artists and aristocrats as a result of they have been thought of modern.

There may be one other concept. The lace makers transferring to France already had bulldogs. They needed a smaller model of the English Bulldogs, so that they started breeding them with smaller canine. As time handed, the mini measurement was achieved.

By the point the twentieth century arrived, the Parisians had fallen in love with the mini breed. Frenchies then grew to become fashionable amongst rich Individuals visiting Paris, writers and artists. The canine have been dropped at the USA throughout the center of the twentieth century and achieved quick reputation.

The Measurement of a Teacup or Mini French Bulldog

You will discover three measurement variations for a French Bulldog. The usual breed weighs roughly 26-28 kilos. The load of the smaller Frenchies is between 14 and 22 kilos. The mini or teacup breed weighs between 9 and 14 kilos. The puppyish look of the teacups will soften your coronary heart. Even after your canine grows into an grownup, it is going to nonetheless appear to be a tiny little Frenchie pet.

Train and Agility for Your Mini or Teacup Frenchie

The Teacup French Bulldog is just like the French Bulldog within the sense they don’t have excessive ranges of vitality or require quite a lot of train. My regular measurement Frenchie take pleasure in spending time outdoors, working round my yard with the children and taking walks (so long as they aren’t too lengthy). Relying on the dimensions of your canine, their want for train and vitality ranges will fluctuate. You must be certain your canine get some train to maintain them wholesome (and hold them from moving into hassle). I’ve discovered a drained canine is an efficient canine.  🙂
Maintaining your pups agile and match requires reasonable train and motion. You ought to be conscious this breed has a status for agility. The best way they’re bred additionally prevents quite a lot of the joint and bone points so frequent for full-size French Bulldogs. The agility helps hold their our bodies agile whereas working round and leaping to do away with extra vitality. I’ve by no means seen something cuter than when these little Frenchies canine soar.

Anticipated Age of Mini French Bulldogs

As I cowl in my French Bulldog life expectancy article, the American Kennel Membership locations the life expectancy of an ordinary French Bulldog between 10 and 12 years. When you have the mini model, you’ll be able to anticipate a barely longer life span. Mini and teacup variations of any breed usually dwell longer than their bigger counterparts. Your canine can dwell so long as 20 years as a result of pure improvement of a superb gene pool.

Character of Teacup French Bulldogs

I consider the very best trait of my teacups is their personalities. They’ve a mellow nature so you’ll not often disturbed when you will have one thing essential to do. They’re extremely pleasant, love consideration and are extremely smart. When you will have home guests, these mini French Bulldogs run to them anticipating love and a focus. 

These miniature Frenchies like to snuggle and be cuddled. They by no means run out of affection. What stunned me was the best way they sense no matter anybody in my household is feeling (they’re very empathetic). When my daughter fell down and skinned her knee, she got here in from the yard in tears. Our canine have been caught to her facet like glue. It was apparent they have been making an attempt to make her really feel higher. I’m delighted to say they succeeded fantastically.

If you’re taken with a household canine, companion or service pet, I like to recommend a mini or a teacup. The personalities of those breeds are perfect for children and companions. I’ve by no means discovered a friendlier canine or one with a better want to please.

House and Household Life

A Mini French Bulldog is about household. These canine are particularly candy, playful and loving round children, however additionally they get alongside properly with different pets. When you have a canine park close by, I like to recommend taking them for a stroll. You can see your canine are each nurturing and calm round different canine. I used to be fearful when my finest buddy came visiting and introduced her cat.

These canine have been so curious as a result of they’d by no means seen a cat earlier than. It took a short time for her cat to relax however by the tip of the afternoon, they have been all napping collectively. I informed my husband I may win an award with the photographs I took. That a lot cuteness needs to be unlawful. When you will have a Frenchie, you do have to nurture their spirit. The result’s essentially the most loving and affectionate canine conceivable.

Doable Well being Issues of Mini French Bulldogs

It’s best to perceive the potential

Hip Dysplasia

Hip dysplasia happens when the socket and ball of the joint type incorrectly. If you don’t deal with this situation, your canine will probably be in ache, have hip arthritis and restricted motion. This situation comes from conventional French Bulldogs and may have an effect on your teacup.

Cherry Eye

You might not be conscious the vast majority of canine have a 3rd eyelid. This can be a sort of membrane defending your pet’s eye from particles, preventing infections and producing tears. Cherry eye is a situation usually inflicting the tear glands situated within the eyelid to come out.

The overall consensus is cherry eye is inherited from one of many French bulldog dad and mom. If you don’t get remedy on your canine, the third eyelid could be severely broken. The end result will probably be dry eyes typically leading to a serious impairment.


Conjunctivitis leads to tissue irritation triggering pinkeye. Search for crimson eyes and swollen eyelids with some discharge. This situation is attributable to a wide range of irritants, allergic reactions and dry eyes. In case your canine has a uncommon sickness known as canine distemper, it can lead to pinkeye.


As a companion canine, this breed is each affected person and affectionate. In the event you depart your canine alone for too lengthy, it might probably endure from separation anxiousness. My canine don’t bark typically, however they do emit gargles, yips and yawns. The one time my canine usually bark is once they want affection. This implies in case you dwell in an residence, a Teacup French Bulldog is a wonderful alternative. In the event you deal with your canine properly, it is going to adapt.

Your canine will want sufficient consideration and the fitting remedy. You additionally have to play together with your teacup regularly. In the event you do that, your canine will stay loyal and trustworthy. This breed is lovable, humorous and a terrific babysitter. Teacups are a sensible choice for households and children. While you depart your private home, your canine will hold your kids firm. You may take your canine wherever and it’ll stay calm

Visible Traits and Coloration

This breed is thought for a spherical, smooched and grumpy face and alert bat-shaped ears. The teacup model of a French Bulldog is available in a number of totally different colours. Some variations are uncommon whereas others are frequent.

The frequent colorations embody white, pied, fawn and brindle. The uncommon colorations are blue, blue sable, sable, chocolate brindle, pure black and cream. Your canine will lose its undercoat throughout the fall and spring however is not going to shed a lot. Throughout these instances, I take advantage of a grooming mitt and stripping comb to do away with the surplus hair.

teacup french bulldog

How Are Teacups or Mini French Bulldogs Bred?

There are a number of totally different strategies used to crossbreed a mini or teacup model of a French Bulldog.

Methodology 1:  Crossbreeding

The most typical technique is crossbreeding a smaller breed of canine with a typical French Bulldog. That is possible the most suitable choice for making a smaller and wholesome canine along with enhancing gene pool variety. Be mindful a combined breed can inherit the traits of each or both mum or dad. This implies the canine can have the looks or temperament of the smaller breed. A number of good examples of crossbreed embody:

Yorkshire Terrier French Bulldog Combine:

Yorkshire Terriers are crossed with French Bulldogs as a result of they’re one of many smallest breeds of toy canine. If you’re taken with a smaller mini or teacup model, it is a good choice.

Poodle French Bulldog Combine:

Technically, this mix known as a French Boodle. Crossbreeding a French Bulldog with a toy or miniature Poodle will increase your odds of getting a small pet. The severity of brachycephaly could be decreased as a result of longer tail and nostril of a poodle. The difficulty is there are genetic well being points pretty frequent for poodles. In the event you select this combination, make sure the breeder is crossing with wholesome Poodles.

Crossing with a Poodle requires a good and accountable breeder. Each breeds of oldsters have to be examined. You ought to be given entry to the outcomes of all of those checks.

Methodology 2:  Dwarfism

One other technique to create teacup or miniature canine known as canine dwarfism. That is when the genetic mutation of the canine is cultivated to supply a smaller measurement of puppies. In line with analysis, greater than 50 % of Frenchies have chondrodystrophy. This can be a sort of dwarfism with an look extraordinarily fashionable amongst breeders and homeowners.

Sadly, the slender pelvis and outsized head typically end in a number of totally different well being points for this breed. Some breeders introduce various kinds of dwarfism in an try to breed even smaller canine. This can lead to much more well being points.

Methodology 3:  Breeding Smaller French Bulldog Puppies

The third technique for breeding teacups is crossing the runts of various litters collectively. The concept is the runt is the smallest canine within the litter and their smaller measurement could be handed down. Watch out in case your canine has been bred with runts as a result of well being points are frequent. The littermates are stronger and larger so that they have extra entry to the milk from their mom.

If the runt doesn’t get sufficient milk, the result’s typically poor improvement of the immune system and malnutrition. When the weakest and smallest puppies from the litters are bred, the offspring can have poor well being. There have additionally been instances of unscrupulous breeders making an attempt to cross off the runt of a litter of French Bulldogs as a mini or teacup model of the breed. Be care which breeder you select.

Coaching Your Mini French Bulldog

Sure, French Bulldogs are typically slightly thick-headed and cussed, however this doesn’t imply they have been particularly tough to train. As puppies, they have been affected person, loveable and sociable. After we acquired our Frenchie, I began working with a canine coach straight away.  My little Augie was good and realized shortly. I by no means had points with aggression with any of my canine. I firmly consider in case you give them sufficient love, every thing else follows.

Teacup French Bulldog Worth – How A lot Do Mini French Bulldogs Price?

Teacup French Bulldog worth relies in your breeder.  This sort of miniature is dear with the worth as excessive as $8,000 for a teacup. The vary I’ve seen is $800 – $8,000.  The explanation the worth is so excessive is as a result of bills of the breeder to efficiently produce a teacup Frenchie. This may embody a C-section and synthetic insemination. This breed has very slender hips. This implies giving start naturally is nearly unimaginable.

The breeder can be liable for the meals required for the puppies and the vet payments. When you complete every thing up, the worth tag is smart. Sure, the method of buying your furry little buddy is difficult. I do know when you look into these candy little eyes, it’s greater than well worth the effort. You additionally want to grasp taking good care of your pet requires quite a lot of your time.

All that you must do to have a loving, loyal and cute companion is give your canine all the love in your coronary heart. Keep in mind, your canine wants love and affection to be glad.

Closing Ideas on The Teacup French Bulldog / Mini French Bulldog

Teacup Frenchies are fashionable at the moment however simply bear in mind that they’re fragile and may have varied well being points.  They’re extremely cute little canine and in case you suppose they might be a match on your dwelling simply do your homework on them earlier than transferring ahead.  In the event you do get one, please ship me your photographs as I’d like to see them!  

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