French Bulldog Crate Size – How to Choose the Right Crate

Introduction When you’re questioning what the suitable French Bulldog crate measurement is, you’ve come to the suitable place. This final French bulldog crate information won’t solely show you how to to seek out the suitable measurement however I’ll additionally present you the completely different types of crates and what conditions they’re excellent for. Do you want a crate to your French Bulldog pet coaching? Or maybe you desire a heavy obligation one which your canine can’t destroy? There are various completely different canine crate designs in the marketplace, and this…

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I want a Labrador with a BIG HEAD!! (But do you know what to look for besides just size?)

For 34 years now, I’ve heard hundreds say to me, “I need a Lab with a BIG HEAD!! “ or… my favourite…”I need a block-headed lab!” (And I’m pondering, “Uh….no, you don’t need a ‘cussed pet!!’ Ha! Sorry—it simply sounds so humorous to me) However is all of it nearly simply SIZE? (sorry) Or can also be about additionally together with the muzzle dimension/form and eye set, dome of head, “cease”, and ear set—and are the ears balanced appropriately with your entire head? (There was one bloodline we had a…

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