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Shaker Cans, hand claps, and other interruptive behavior

The noise of a shaking can startles the pet, interrupting what the pet is concentrated on.  Now there’s the teachable second.

The shaker can teaches nothing by itself. In actual fact, in the event you throw a shaker can at some puppies, they decide it up and run off with it, shaking as laborious as they’ll.

You’ve now made a void that must be stuffed: the pet is not doing the factor you didn’t need him to do.  You now must fill that void, or the pet will!

In case you suppose alongside these traces when coaching, how rather more successfully might you utilize the coaching time.

I can solely converse for myself, however I discovered an extended, very long time in the past within the context of coaching canine the significance of interrupting a conduct to re-direct. I feel Scott Mueller wrote about utilizing the No delivered in a standard tone of voice moderately than being bellowed throughout the coaching room. No means, “Cease what you’re doing.”  For instance, I’ll interrupt a canine doing scent articles and is sniffing the ground as a substitute of working for the pile — NO and when she seems up at me like ‘what, then?’ re-directing with a ‘discover it’ and the canine goes again to work.

Consider a mom who’s elevating youngsters.  She is going to repetitively interrupt the kid who’s reaching for the beautiful glass figurine on the division retailer shelf with a verbal no. When that baby seems towards Mother, she is re-directed (often with a ‘come over right here and stand/sit by me’).

No is usually ample to interrupt the dangerous or harmful conduct as a result of the mom at all times re-directed and praised or inspired the kid for doing the fitting factor.  The identical is true with canine.

Interrupting a conduct to redirect is a crucial component of excellent coaching. Studying to get the timing proper and figuring out upfront what you need the canine to do as a substitute of what you simply interrupted is essential.

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