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Pug Vs French Bulldog – What Are The Differences?

Getting a brand new canine is without doubt one of the most fun and joyful occasions in life, however deciding what breed might be overwhelming as a result of there are such a lot of to select from! In case you are evaluating the French bulldog vs pug to decide on your subsequent canine, this text will assist you perceive their variations and assist you make your resolution concerning which is your best option for you. Let’s dive in to match these two flat-faced canine breeds!

French Bulldog Vs Pug; What Are Their Similarities?

For those who’re contemplating between a French Bulldog and a Pug we should always begin with taking a look at how the 2 breeds are related.  Though they’re two distinctly completely different breeds, they do share the next similarities:


Each breeds are thought-about small canines. The American Kennel Membership (AKC) states that French Bulldogs ought to weigh lower than twenty-eight kilos and Pugs ought to weigh between fourteen to eighteen kilos.

Understand that when you seek for a “pet high quality” canine of both breed, they aren’t going to be bred to evolve to the AKC normal as they’re being bred to be a pet, to not be proven. This implies a pet high quality canine could weigh kind of than these weight parameters. There isn’t any distinction between present and pet high quality canines apart from a present high quality canine should adhere to the AKC’s breed normal or they can’t be proven. Each make fantastic companions; nevertheless, you must count on to pay more for a canine that was bred to evolve to breed requirements than you’d for a pet high quality pet.


Each breeds have comparable life spans. The American Kennel Membership (AKC) states that French Bulldogs typically stay roughly ten to 12 years and Pugs typically stay roughly 13 to fifteen years. After all, there shall be some canines which can be longer lived and others which can be shorter lived.

Pet Supply

It’s common for each the French Bulldog and the Pug to require caesarian sections (also referred to as a C-section) to ship puppies safely.  This in fact provides to the associated fee as a certified skilled is required to help with this.  

They’re each Brachycephalic

Each the French Bulldog and the Pug have quick noses and flat faces. Canines with these options are known as Brachycephalic breeds. Although there are wholesome brachycephalic canines, breeds that fall into this class are at the next threat for medical circumstances involving their palate, nostrils, and airways.

Though endearing in look, house owners of Brachycephalic canines should take further precautions for the well being and security of their canines:

  • These canines are extra liable to issue respiration generally, making their train wants pretty low since this issue respiration makes bodily exercise extra making an attempt for them.
  • To guard your flat confronted furry buddy from his or her airway being additional restricted, they need to solely be walked with a harness, by no means only a neck collar.
  • A brachycephalic canine shouldn’t be closely exercised in sizzling temperatures because of their sensitivity to heat stroke.
  • House owners must also take into account that these breeds shouldn’t be generously fed. The potential for respiration difficulties is worsened by weight problems, which signifies that weight loss program and train should be strictly adhered to with a purpose to assist canines keep a wholesome weight.

House owners must also be ready for his or her flat confronted buddies to snore of their sleep due to their Brachycephalic anatomy.

Pug vs French Bulldog; What Are Their Variations?

Regardless of their similarities, they’re two completely completely different breeds and have the next variations:

French bulldog and a pug


When evaluating a pug vs Frenchie, the most important distinction is their bodily look.

French bulldogs are constructed like miniature bulldogs, with wider shoulders and narrower hips. Their most signature function is their erect bat like ears.

Pugs are sometimes constructed like little barrels with legs. They’ve lop ears, not erect ears just like the Frenchie. Their most signature function is their curly tail.

Each breeds can be found in some related colors, resembling fawn or black. Nonetheless, the French bulldog is obtainable in a a lot wider array of colours than the Pug.


Though each breeds are seen frequently, the French Bulldog presently ranks fourth out of the 100 ninety-seven breeds acknowledged by the American Kennel Membership whereas the Pug ranks twenty eighth.

Blended Breeds

Usually talking, combined breeds of the French Bulldog should not as frequent as combined breeds of the Pug. The Pug is mostly combined with the Chihuahua, known as a “Chug”, or a Beagle, known as a “Puggle”. French Bulldogs have been cross-bred with different small breeds to create “teacup or mini French Bulldogs.

Copy and Acquisition Price

Pugs are capable of reproduce naturally, whereas French Bulldogs typically require synthetic insemination to breed because of their slim hips. Between the prices of synthetic insemination and caesarian sections typically being required to breed Frenchies, count on for the price of a French Bulldog pet, even a pet high quality pet, to be larger than that of a Pug pet.

Pug vs Frenchie Histories

These dashing canine breeds every have wealthy histories:

The French Bulldog’s Historical past

french bulldog history

The Frenchie originated in England within the 1800s. These bat eared snorting snugglers notably discovered favor with lace makers in Nottingham, England, a lot in order that they turned the mascot for the business. The commercial revolution in England pressured these lace makers to maneuver their enterprise elsewhere, and nearly all of them selected to maneuver to France, therefore the title the “French Bulldog”.

The Pug’s Historical past

Based on the American Kennel Club (AKC), the Pug originated in China roughly two thousand years in the past. These flat confronted fellows have been extremely favored by Chinese language emperors and have been solely stored by the members of the imperial court docket, emperors and their households. For a few years, outsiders solely obtained a Pug in the event that they have been gifted one. Within the 1500s the Pug bought their fifteen minutes of fame that led to their recognition spreading. Legend has it {that a} Pug barked to warn the Prince of Orange when his troopers have been about to be underneath assault, giving them the time they wanted to organize to defend themselves. The Prince of Orange then took his Pug again to England with him, the place the breed gained recognition. The title Pug is claimed to have originated from the Latin phrase “pugnus” which suggests fist, as some say their wrinkled little faces resemble a clenched fist.

French Bulldog vs Pug Personalities

The American Kennel Membership (AKC) describes the Pug’s persona as “charming, mischievous and loving”.

The French Bulldog’s personality is described as an excellent lovable, adaptable, playful and good.

For those who ask house owners of both breed, they’ll most likely have a lot of constructive issues to say as a result of in any case, they’re a bit bias! One of the simplest ways to determine between these two breeds is to attempt to spend time with completely different canines of each of breeds and see who you click on with higher.

Keep in mind that canines are people, and as such, not all canines of the identical breed will behave the identical manner. Take into account volunteering for a French Bulldog or Pug rescue and fostering a canine, or getting concerned with the rescue in one other manner resembling transporting canines to veterinary appointments or to adoption occasions as a approach to spend time with the breeds.

Some animal shelters will mean you can take a canine out for a stroll or experience to get them out of the shelter for a day as properly.

The experiences you have got will assist you decide which breed is healthier suited to your life-style and household, and also you would possibly even discover your furry buddy within the course of!

French Bulldog vs Pug Care

Contemplating the care a canine will want earlier than adopting a canine or pet or shopping for a pet is essential; your furry buddy will depend upon you and also you should be ready to offer care for his or her complete lifespan. Each breeds are a dedication of at the least ten plus years, making the choice to get a Pug or French Bulldog not one which needs to be taken flippantly.

Though canines do require a big dedication generally, each breeds are thought-about comparatively low upkeep. Whether or not you get a French Bulldog or a Pug, you must count on to carry out the next duties to look after them:

  • Feeding your canine two meals a day and making certain contemporary water is all the time supplied, in addition to exercising self-control by not giving your canine a snack each time she or he asks for one.
  • Strolling your canine each day, exercising discernment throughout sizzling climate by selecting to stroll early within the morning or late within the night slightly than mid-day.
  • Repeatedly grooming, which for these easy coated breeds means frequently brushing their coat, bathing, ear cleansing, nail cropping and enamel brushing.
  • Spending time high quality along with your canine by enjoying with, petting and cuddling her or him.
  • Arranging for and paying for preventative and probably emergency veterinary care.
  • Searching to your canine’s greatest pursuits and making certain she or he is all the time properly cared for, protected, completely satisfied and wholesome.

Abstract – The French Bulldog Vs Pug

The French Bulldog and the Pug each make glorious companions; you can not go flawed regardless of which canine you select. They share similarities, resembling their Brachycephalic anatomy, low train wants and low grooming wants. Each canines even have the potential to stay over ten years, making possession of both canine a big dedication. In case you are struggling to decide on between these two breeds, attempt to spend time with canines of every breed that can assist you make your resolution.

PS – Need to know the variations and similarities between a Boston Terrier and the French Bulldog?  We even have an article on English Bulldog vs French Bulldogs if you wish to take a look at that comparability. 

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