dog looks up as puppy attacks.Training 

My Older Dog’s Aggressive to My Puppy! What Should I Do?

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You have got a candy, new playful pet. You pictured your older canine welcoming the pet and romping round with him, tugging at toys. 

And also you image the 2 sweetly snuggling collectively on the ground.

However, as a substitute, actuality hits. Your older canine needs nothing to do with the newcomer. In actual fact, he’s fairly tough with the little man.

What do you have to do?

dog looks up as puppy attacks.

The way you introduce them and have them stay collectively is essential. Be affected person and go slowly.

Some grownup canine are higher with puppies than others.

Issues To Think about Prior To Getting a Pet

I really like puppies. However not all grownup canine need a pet to stay with them–even when they’re pleasant to puppies away from residence. Think about the next previous to getting your new pet:

1. Does your older canine like puppies basically?

In case your older canine has been correctly socialized to puppies previously and enjoys encounters with them, the probabilities are better that you just’ll achieve success in him accepting one at residence if the scenario is correctly managed.

In case your older canine doesn’t like puppies, it’s a lot more durable to get him to simply accept them residing in your house.

2. Does your older canine have any behavioral points?

If that’s the case, it’s higher to resolve them first previous to getting a pet.

Any points will likely be magnified when you have got a pet, Plus it’s not truthful to both canine to disregard any points.

If doubtful, get recommendation from a canine behavioral skilled.

3. Does your older canine have any well being points?

If an older canine has well being points that have an effect on his sight, listening to, or mobility, it’s in all probability not the perfect factor to get a younger pet. It could be an excessive amount of for him.

Additionally, if he has any points that may have an effect on his ache degree, akin to arthritis, he in all probability gained’t take pleasure in taking part in with a younger pet.

My rescued shih tzu Trevor loves all canine. However he’s about 16 years outdated now and is shedding his imaginative and prescient. 

I wouldn’t put him along with my Aussie combine pet Millie off leash and anticipate them to play collectively. It wouldn’t be truthful to both canine.

However I do have them meet on leash, in harnesses, after Millie has had a ample quantity of train to be calm.

4. Think about whether or not the pet you select is suitable in your older canine

For instance, a Saint Bernard pet could also be an excessive amount of for an older Maltese.

When selecting a pet, select one which gained’t overwhelm your older canine and that has comparable power ranges.

Doing so will increase the probability that they’ll efficiently stay collectively.

It’s not unattainable for the odd couple to get alongside. It normally simply makes it harder.

However I’ve had my Lhasa apso Ralphie who’s an grownup settle for my Aussie combine pet Millie. It simply required extra administration and work.

5. Has your older canine been correctly vaccinated?

Verify along with your vet that your canine has all essential vaccinations previous to getting a pet.

What’s Regular Habits Between the Pet and Older Canine?

It’s regular for an older canine to appropriately appropriate a pet. The issues come up if the older canine turns into really aggressive to the pup.

It’s very traumatic for the older canine when a newcomer joins the house.

Is your older canine being aggressive to the pet? In case your older canine snaps at or growls on the new pet when the pup turns into rambunctious, that’s regular. 

The older canine is telling the teen to respect him and again off, a lot because the pet’s mom would do.

The pet ought to then again off from the correction. He ought to respect the older canine.

The pet could even let loose a squeal. However so long as the interplay is transient and the pet isn’t injured, it’s in all probability regular.

If, at any time, there’s any query concerning whether or not the interplay is regular, separate the canine and get skilled assist from an skilled, positive-reinforcement coach.

What Can You Do To Be Profitable?

There are various methods that you would be able to assist the connection between your older canine and pet achieve success. 

You by no means need to rush introductions or give the older canine a possibility to protect desired gadgets. 

Additionally, the 2 shouldn’t be left alone collectively till you’re certain that they’re getting alongside. And that takes time–even many months. It’s higher to be protected than sorry.

1. Put together your own home previous to the pet’s arrival

Choose up all chews, toys, and meals bowls. These are all gadgets that your older canine could guard. (Please be aware that in case your grownup canine guards such gadgets–and even you–previous to getting a pet, get assist from an skilled earlier than deciding to get a pet.)

Have a toy-free zone through which each can be taught to get alongside. At first, you may have separate play areas with their toys for every in order that there’s no battle between them.

You need to set them as much as succeed.

2. Swap scents

If potential, have one thing with the pet’s scent positioned within the older canine’s crate or mattress in order that he will get used to the pet when he arrives.

If potential, have one thing along with your older canine’s scent left with the pet previous to his arrival too.

3. Introduce them away from residence base

It’s normally finest to introduce your older canine to the pet at a impartial location, not at your private home. 

Doing so will assist forestall any territoriality that your older canine could present.

It’s tough to introduce a pet to an older canine in lots of places as a result of the pet shouldn’t be the place different unvaccinated canine could have been.

So that you would possibly introduce them at a good friend’s home or one other impartial location.

After I bought my Aussie combine pet Millie final summer season, the rescue group had us meet her at their location. And I introduced my 5 different canine to fulfill her.

My different canine are dog-friendly and tolerate puppies and know the right way to appropriately appropriate them. But it surely was nonetheless essential for them to fulfill there.

4. Make introductions slowly

Have your older canine get treats when he even sees the pet and is calm. If at any time he appears aggressive (raised hackles, lunging, snarling), finish any potential interplay and get skilled assist.

In your introductions, you want two handlers–one for the pet and one other for the older canine. Have one particular person maintain the pet on leash and the opposite particular person maintain the older canine’s leash.

Have them on six-foot leashes–no longlines or flexis. Additionally, it’s finest to have them on harnesses they’ll’t slip out of. 

A decent collar on the older canine could ship him the sign that one thing’s mistaken.

Have them at reverse sides of the room.

After they get used to being in the identical room collectively, transfer them a couple of ft nearer, ensuring that the older canine is comfy.

It could take an hour or extra, relying on the canine, to have them meet briefly face-to-face. 

Stroll up to one another over time if the grownup canine appears relaxed, have them meet for a couple of seconds if all goes effectively, then stroll aside (telling them “let’s go” as you stroll away).

5. Stroll the canine collectively to get acquainted

If the pet can stroll on a leash, you may stroll him parallel to the older canine, with separate handlers strolling every canine.

It is a good solution to introduce two canine. Preserve them not less than 10 ft aside. You’ll be able to transfer nearer over time, relying how the older canine reacts to the pet.

6. Slowly combine them collectively in your own home

Don’t power them to work together, play collectively, or pose for pictures.

7. Feed them individually

In order that there’s no battle over meals, it’s finest to feed them in numerous areas.

8. Handle all interactions

Use gates between rooms to have them meet. One may be on one aspect of the gate and the opposite on the opposing aspect.

Get your pet used to a crate, in order that he can be crated typically when within the room with the grownup canine.

Watch your older canine’s physique language in order that he doesn’t go over threshold and turn into too tough or aggressive to the pet. 

At first, and for days or perhaps weeks (relying on the canine’s response), I’d have them meet in harnesses on unfastened leashes. 

Have two handlers–one for the pet and one for the grownup canine.

Take your time and be affected person.

If the primary encounters go extraordinarily effectively, you may finally (over days) have two leashes dragging so that every particular person can take a leash and inform the canine “let’s go” and stroll in reverse instructions earlier than issues escalate.

Guarantee that the leashes don’t tangle or wrap up the canine. In spite of everything, you don’t need any issues or need them to be too tough with one another.

If the older canine demonstrates any stress akin to raised hackles or tense physique language, finish the interplay instantly.

Have one handler lure the pet away with a toy and the opposite handler name the older canine over.

Take every canine to separate areas, akin to separate rooms to quiet down.

9. Don’t let the pet harass the grownup canine

Even grownup canine who benefit from the firm of puppies don’t need them continually bothering them. 

Redirect the pet away from the grownup canine. Use a toy to get the pet to play away from the older canine.

10. Have the pet exercised earlier than interacting with the grownup canine

Set all interactions up for fulfillment. If the pet isn’t too frenetic, the older canine is extra more likely to settle for him.

Have the pet exercised by way of a stroll or play session away from the older canine in order that the pet gained’t be too energetic for the older canine.

11. Educate the pet some instructions

To ensure that the pet to grasp what’s anticipated, obedience training is essential. 

As a basis, the pup ought to be taught to take a seat, lie down, stroll on a unfastened leash, take note of you, and decide on command.

The extra the pet is aware of, it’s extra possible that the 2 canine will get alongside.

It’s essential to show the pet some impulse management.

12. Have each canine sit and reward and reward

So long as your older canine gained’t guard assets, give every a deal with and reward them. Give the deal with to the older canine first.

13. Give the older canine consideration first

It’s much less possible that there will likely be battle between the 2 if the older canine is acknowledged first.

14. Create constructive associations with the pet

Have two handlers. Have somebody maintain the pet on a leash strolling the pet close to the older canine. 

They need to be not less than 15 ft aside in order that they’ll see one another however not attain one another. 

Pet and provides constructive reinforcement (treats, reward) when your older canine is calm.

Transfer the pet nearer because the older canine can deal with it with out changing into confused. Preserve giving high-value treats to the older canine in order that he’s related nice issues with the pet.

Because the handler with the pet walks the pet away from the older canine, cease giving treats to the older canine.

You need the older canine to suppose that nice issues–treats like small tidbits of hen or hotdogs–seem when the pet’s current or approaches.

Have bonding actions. Stroll the older canine on the similar time (a brief stroll) with the pet. One handler ought to stroll the pet whereas one other walks the older canine. Solely stroll the place unvaccinated canine haven’t been. 

As soon as the pet has had all his vaccinations (round 16 weeks outdated), he can stroll in common areas.

15. Redirect your older canine to recognized instructions

Name him over to you and reward and reward him. Have him goal–contact–your hand. Have him have a look at you on cue.

This can assist get management and never have him be hyper-focused on the pet–along with having him know what’s anticipated. 

PRO TIP: It’s normally finest to have them stroll in well-fitted harnesses quite than a collar. A decent collar can ship a message to the older canine that one thing’s mistaken. And a collar could put an excessive amount of strain on a younger pet’s trachea.

16. Keep a routine

Canine are creatures of behavior. So attempt to preserve your grownup canine’s routines that you just had previous to the pet’s arrival. A routine additionally helps the pet know what’s anticipated.

17. Give your older canine separate consideration

It’s essential that your older canine is aware of that he’s nonetheless liked and valued by you. 

Nonetheless play with him and stroll him individually. Do different actions with him that you just used to do previous to the pet’s arrival.

18. Introduce helpful gadgets like toys slowly

At first, they need to have separate play areas with separate toys.

As you see that they’re getting alongside, introduce toys that your older canine doesn’t actually care about and which might be protected for the pet. Or herald new toys so long as the older canine doesn’t guard them.

Have one handler play with the pet and one other with the grownup canine.

What NOT To Do

There are some issues that you just shouldn’t do in making an attempt to combine the pet into your family.. You don’t need to hurt their interactions or unintentionally set them as much as fail.

Don’t power them collectively

It’s essential to not power the pet and the older canine to be face-to-face or in any other case in one another’s area. 

Persistence and time are essential for the older canine to simply accept the pet.

Don’t suppress the older canine’s growl

Some issues that the older canine does to appropriate the pet are regular. A growl, an air snap to inform the pet that he’s crossed boundaries are regular.

If, nonetheless, your older canine really appears aggressive to the pet, get skilled assist. 

Don’t allow them to be collectively till any points have been resolved.

How Lengthy Does It Take For a Pet and Older Canine To Get Alongside?

There’s no set system concerning how lengthy it would take in your canine to get together with a pet.

It relies on the 2 canines.

Some grownup canine settle for a pet fairly rapidly. They could have efficiently been uncovered to them previously. 

Whereas even some older canine who like puppies could take an extended time when the pet will stay with them of their home.

Some grownup canine won’t ever settle for a pet irrespective of how effectively you introduce them and handle the scenario. 

After getting skilled assist to guage the scenario, typically it’s higher for each canine to rehome the pet.

Some senior canine could have imaginative and prescient issues, arthritis, or different issues and a pet could also be an excessive amount of for them.


An older canine can usually stay effectively with a brand new pet.

They could even turn into finest buddies.

However it would take lots of time, persistence, and administration to set them as much as succeed.

How about you? Have you ever introduced residence a pet to your older canine? How’d it go?

Inform us about your experiences within the remark part under.

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