I want a Labrador with a BIG HEAD!! (But do you know what to look for besides just size?)

For 34 years now, I’ve heard hundreds say to me, “I need a Lab with a BIG HEAD!! “ or… my favourite…”I need a block-headed lab!” (And I’m pondering, “Uh….no, you don’t need a ‘cussed pet!!’ Ha! Sorry—it simply sounds so humorous to me)

However is all of it nearly simply SIZE? (sorry) Or can also be about additionally together with the muzzle dimension/form and eye set, dome of head, “cease”, and ear set—and are the ears balanced appropriately with your entire head? (There was one bloodline we had a number of many years in the past that use to have ears often that have been a “tad” too brief—to my eye as a present breeder at the least, however possibly to not the pet particular person.) So we actually have a technique to measure if the ears match the steadiness of the general head, and breed to make sure even the steadiness of the expression is nice.

The outline of the Labrador head is fairly broad within the official AKC Breed Commonplace (

“Essentially the most distinguishing traits of the Labrador Retriever are its brief, dense, weather-resistant coat; an “otter” tail; a clean-cut head with broad again cranium and average cease; highly effective jaws; and its “sort,” pleasant eyes, expressing character, intelligence and good temperament.”

So, when contemplating your entire “headpiece,” as we consult with it within the conformation AKC occasion present world, it is advisable contemplate extra issues than dimension to get the great, full expression of the Labrador Retriever that you simply wish to take a look at each day. That “you stroll on water” look that melts you each time.

Some large-headed labs might be “overdone” (I do know, laborious to think about) to the purpose that they appear like they may fall forwards—bear in mind, that’s not at all times finest for the canine within the long-run as ‘type’ will both meet or ‘hinder’ perform and we would like our canine to maneuver appropriately to protect their joints and bones long-term.

Some have giant skulls with tiny, but skinny muzzles, not even capable of maintain a fowl of their mouth (as ‘type should meet perform’ when contemplating the general breeding of a Labrador). We’re keen about preserving the integrity of the breed.  Some labs might have a ‘massive head, but have a ‘laborious look’ to the eyes—they aren’t comfortable and sort as I really feel anybody expects from a Labrador. Some will take a look at head earlier than even wanting whether it is in steadiness with the remainder of the physique (image massive big head and no “bone” in the remainder of the physique to match it) It’s all about BALANCE, expression AND dimension for the final word “headpiece” (now that you’re all speaking “lab converse”! Congratulations!) Be happy to pursue the images on our web site to search out examples of correct Labrador Retriever commonplace.

EXPRESSION:  That is one thing that, when judging, I’ll take a look at rigorously if its down to 2 canine that I’m attempting to place in placement at a match, or if I’m judging ringside at a Labrador Specialty or all-breed present. That EXPRESSION wins me over ultimately after I’ve ensured that the canine exhibits each different little bit of conforming to the breed commonplace.

With the broad description given within the breed commonplace, now we have a number of lea-way inside it for a lot of kinds of heads and expressions. Inside the breed you will notice all kinds of “kinds” of heads or construct or seems to be amongst completely different breeders. They could all conform to the breed commonplace however all of us have a “kind” which will typify our kennel and make us “recognizable.” Us breeders all have our personal private preferences, for positive.

An image, they are saying, speaks a thousand phrases. I’ll submit some photos of quite a lot of Labrador heads:

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