How to Train Your Dog to Roll Over

how to train a dog to roll over

I will assume that you just got a dog and you have started training your dog regarding some basic commands and now you want to train your dog to roll over. Roll over is a very fun and impressive technique. In this post, I will tell you how you can train your dog to roll over on your command. If you want a complete step by step dog training program, then you can check these dog training program.

Training a Dog to Roll Over

The first step is that your dog should know how to lie down. This is because it is the prerequisite of rolling over. I hope that your dog knows how to lie down if not, don’t worry. Check how to teach your dog to lie down.  Once your dog lies down, then you should choose some kind of a reward or dog treat.

Choosing a Reward For Your Dog

Dog food is the best reward or treat that you can give to your dog whenever you want to reward it. So in this case, also, you should grab some dog food in your hand. You can place your hand in front of your dog and can show it so that your dog knows and it will try to take it from you. This takes us to the next step which is to bring the treat closer to your dog.

Show the Treat/Reward to Your Dog 

As mentioned above, you need to show the treat which is dog food to your dog so that it smells and sees it. Your dog will try to take it from you. In this case, you have to rotate the treat around your dog’s neck and say “roll over”. Once it completely roll overs, praise your dog and give the treat to your dog. Congratulations! Your dog just did the first roll over. The next step here is the most important step.

Repeat and Practice

As your dog just finished the first roll over, You need to repeat the procedure and practice it till the moment when your dog completely performs the roll over without the treat. When you reach that stage, your dog will automatically do the rollover just on your command.


In this post, I have told you about the technique, how you can train your dog to roll over on your command. You need to practice it regularly as only then your dog will completely learn this. You can comment below and share your experience when your dog learns to roll over. I hope you liked the post and learned the trick.

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