How to Teach a Dog to Lie Down

how to teach a dog to lie down dog training

Teaching a dog to lie down is one of the basic dog commands that you will need to use quite regularly. This is the reason why your dog should know how to lie down on your command. In this post, I will tell you how you can teach your dog to lie down. I have divided the whole process into different steps. So, let’s get started.

Dog Treat

Just like teaching any other command to the dog requires a dog treat. In this command also, you will need some dog food. I have explained in detail in other articles what kind of treat you can use. You can use dog food as the dog treat. Something that your dog loves to eat. Now, this brings us to the next step which is telling the dog to sit.

Get Your Dog to Sit

It would be great if your dog already knows how to sit on your command. Sitting is the first step here. Once your dog sits, bring the treat closer to your dog so that it sees and smells. Your dog will try to take it from you. This is the time when you can teach and train your dog as it will come to know the exact thing it will have to do to get the treat.

Lower Your Arm and Drag it Away From the Dog

Just when you bring your arm (having the treat) closer to the dog, lower it, and take the treat closer to the floor. Your dog will have to bend down to get the treat. When your dog bends down, you can slowly move the treat away from the dog maintaining the same height till the point your dog completely lies down on the floor.

In this process, you should also say “Down” or “Get Down” so that eventually your dog learns the command on which it has to lie down. You can repeat the process and practice. This brings us to the next step which is train and practice.

Practice and Train

You need to practice the complete procedure so that your dog fully learns the command. You should practice until you reach the point when your dog lies down without the treat. That should be your ultimate goal in this training. First, use the treat but then you can try without the treat. That’s how we teach the dog basic commands. If you want to fully train your dog at home, you can check this online dog obedience training program.


By following these steps, you can teach your dog to lie down on your command. I know how satisfying it gets when your dog follows your commands and your dog gets one step closer to be included in the category of an obedient dog. Feel free to comment below and share your experience when you teach your dog how to lie down.

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