How Long Does It Take To Potty Train A Puppy?

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How Long Does It Take To Potty Train A Puppy? - Black Labrador Retriever puppy going potty in the grass staring off to the right.How Long Does It Take To Potty Train A Puppy? - Black Labrador Retriever puppy going potty in the grass staring off to the right.
How Lengthy Does It Take To Potty Practice A Pet?

I typically suppose I write a weblog about pee and poop. We get so many questions on potty training puppies it makes my head spin.

Somebody despatched me this message a couple of days in the past

“I’ve had my 8 week previous pet for 4 days now and she or he’s nonetheless peeing and pooping in the home!? How lengthy will it take to potty practice my pet?


Yep, new pet homeowners are an impatient bunch.

  • It takes time for a pet to study when and the place she ought to go potty.
  • It takes time for a pet’s bladder to develop.
  • It takes time for us to study when our pet has to go potty.

“Persistence you will need to have, my younger Padawan.” –Yoda

For 15 years have I educated service canine puppies. Throughout that point I’ve potty educated nicely over a dozen puppies. I lastly really feel like I’ve a reasonably good thought of roughly how lengthy it take to potty practice a pet.

One factor it is best to bear in mind is rather like individuals, each pet is totally different. Some study shortly whereas others might take some time to study easy ideas (like when and the place to pee).

All that being mentioned right here’s my reply to the age previous query:

How Lengthy Does It Take To Potty Practice A Pet?

I’ve a brief and lengthy reply to this query. First let’s begin with the brief reply:

QUESTION: How lengthy does it take to potty practice a pet?

ANSWER: On common it takes us roughly 4-8 weeks to potty practice a pet. We’ve raised over a dozen puppies so should you’re a model new pet proprietor it could take you a bit longer as you get used to your new pet and her potty routine and schedule.

Now for the lengthy reply…

Whereas 4-8 weeks to potty practice a pet is what we’ve skilled with our pups there are different variables when potty coaching that might prolong or shorten the period of time it takes you to get your pup accident free.

  • Your Expertise – should you’ve potty educated a pet previously then it must be simpler this time round. Bear in mind, each pet is totally different your present pet might take longer then your earlier pup.
  • Persistence, Persistence, Consistency – these are three pillars which can be essential when coaching your pet. The higher you might be with these pillars of puppy training the faster you’re pup will study.
  • Routine – getting good routines together with your pet will assist them (and also you) study extra shortly when the pee and poop is coming.
  • Time – 15 years in the past I had much more time to coach my pet. Much less time to coach means slower studying.
  • Household – having a number of individuals coaching your pet slows the coaching course of. Attempt to get each member of the family on the identical web page when coaching your pet. Nevertheless, even when everybody understands what to can we all do it barely in a different way which makes it tougher on your pet to study.

QUICK TIP: In case your pet is taking longer than anticipated to get the dangle of potty coaching chances are you’ll must make a journey to your vet. It’s attainable your pet might have a urinary tract an infection (UTI) or different well being subject that’s slowing her success as a completely potty educated pet.

There are outliers when pondering again to all of the puppies we’ve raised.

By the point Linus was 10 weeks old he had discovered he was purported to potty outdoors on the grass. It took him 2 weeks to grasp potty coaching.

On the flip facet there was Stetson. Similar to each different pet, Stetson appeared to understand the idea of potty coaching by the point he was 4 months previous, however I do recall him having random accidents nicely previous his 6 month birthday.

Whereas I’ll have thought of him potty educated at 4 months old I used to be at all times taking a step again and questioning if he actually knew to not received potty in the home after having random accidents for seemingly no cause.

This went on till he was about 9 months previous. Trying again I believe he simply had a small bladder that was sluggish to develop.

This brings us again to one thing you’ll hear me say all through my weblog: “Each pet is totally different.”

Within the case of Linus vs Stetson, Linus had an iron bladder and actually held his pee/poop for greater than 24 hours after we took him tenting! (he refused to potty on the grime).

Stetson however had hassle holding his pee. At the same time as an grownup he had problem holding it greater than 4 hours in the course of the day.

Pet Potty Coaching Ideas

Black Labrador Retriever puppy, Elsa sitting and smiling at the camera.Black Labrador Retriever puppy, Elsa sitting and smiling at the camera.
Potty break for our smiling black Lab, Elsa

Earlier than we discuss how lengthy it takes to potty practice your pet lets go over some fast recommendations on easy methods to potty practice your pet.

Potty coaching a pet is simple! The secret’s to not permit your pet to have any accidents in the home. The less accidents the faster your pet will study.

I do know, I do know, it ‘s simpler mentioned then performed.

Listed here are a couple of pet potty coaching tricks to get you began:

1. Anticipate when your pet must go potty and at all times take your pet to the identical potty spot:

  • As quickly as you rise up within the morning.
  • As quickly as your pet finishes consuming a meal.
  • As quickly as your pet wakes up from a nap.
  • Earlier than, throughout, and after playtime. Play makes pee, count on your pet to pee about each 10 minutes (or much less) when taking part in.
  • Proper earlier than you and your pup name it an evening.

2. Hold a potty routine

  • Take your pet out the identical door to the identical spot each time.

3. Use your leash when taking your pet out to potty to maintain her from getting distracted.

  • Hold your pet close to her common potty spot. Don’t let her go any additional than the size of your leash.
  • Don’t let her marvel across the yard sniffing and in search of the proper spot.
  • Don’t let her play with the leaves, grime, flowers, gravel, and so forth.

4. Practice your pet to potty on totally different surfaces.

We’ve identified canine who would solely pee on the grass of their yard. This makes it troublesome anytime you are taking your canine on an outing aand limits what you are able to do together with your canine. Train your pet to potty on:

  • Grass
  • Gravel
  • Filth
  • Concrete
  • Wooden Chips
  • Sand

5. When your pet goes potty on her spot give her tons of reward and a excessive worth deal with.

  • We use constructive reinforcement when coaching our pups. Be certain that your pet is aware of that she did one thing good when she potty’s in the best spot.

6. Don’t scold your pet if she has an accident.

If she has an accident then:

  • Decide up your pet.
  • Take her to her potty spot.
  • Reward and deal with her if she goes potty on her potty spot.

7. Should you’re pet can’t make it outdoors then carry her to her potty spot.

  • Younger puppies usually don’t have nice management of their bladders. Early on chances are you’ll want to hold your pup to her potty spot.
  • When Linus was a pet we needed to carry him to his potty spot as a result of he refused to go outdoors when it was raining. It by no means rains in California, however the day we introduced residence Linus it rained for two straight weeks!

8. Crate practice your pet

  • If correctly crate educated your pet won’t go potty within the crate.
  • Your crate can be utilized to handle your pet when you possibly can’t supervise her.

9. Fixed Supervision

  • When your pet is in the home continually supervise her till she is potty educated.
  • Hold an eye fixed out for pre-potty actions like sniffing, circling, squatting, and so forth.
  • Should you discover any pre-potty actions get your pet to her potty spot ASAP and reward/deal with if she goes potty in her spot.
  • Should you can’t supervise your pet then use your crate to handle her conduct.

10. Totally clear up all accidents with an enzymatic cleaner

  • In case your pet can odor urine from a earlier accident she will probably be compelled to potty in the identical spot once more.
  • We use enzymatic cleaners which now we have discovered work greatest for utterly eradicating the odor of urine. For the previous 5 years we’ve been utilizing Rocco & Roxie Stain and Odor Remover for our pet potty accidents.

QUICK RECOMMENDATION: Take a look at our extra detailed article on How To Potty Train A Puppy for extra data.

How Lengthy Does It Take To Potty Practice A Golden Retriever Pet?

Golden Retriever puppy, Charlie Bear - Golden puppy sitting on the concrete waiting for release commandGolden Retriever puppy, Charlie Bear - Golden puppy sitting on the concrete waiting for release command
Golden Retriever pet, Charlie Bear!

I not too long ago raised a litter of Golden Retriever puppies and as luck would have it, three of these puppies went residence with family and friends. Which means I’ll quickly have extra information to share with you.

I’ll discover out precisely how lengthy it takes to potty practice these 3 Golden pups after which report again right here on the weblog:

Pet Title Age Potty Educated How Lengthy It Took
Charlie n/a n/a
Mochi n/a n/a
Cabo n/a n/a
How Lengthy It Took To Potty Practice Golden Retriever Puppies

As of January fifth, 2021 these puppies are 10 weeks previous and none are absolutely potty educated.

How Lengthy Does It Take To Potty Practice A Labrador Retriever Pet?

Similar to Golden Retrievers now we have a variety of expertise with Labrador Retrievers. Over time we’ve raised a number of Labs to be service canine.

Sadly, we didn’t maintain precise potty coaching information with our early pups, however we do understand how lengthy it took to potty practice our most up-to-date pet, Elsa.

Additionally, now we have 2 pals who not too long ago received Lab puppies and we’ll be reporting when their pups are potty educated.

Shifting ahead we’ll maintain information right here for future Lab pups and roughly what age they had been potty educated.

Pet Title Age Potty Educated How Lengthy It Took
Elsa 12 weeks previous 4 weeks
Hyperlink n/a n/a
June n/a n/a
How Lengthy It Took To Potty Practice Golden Retriever Puppies

*One word about our Lab and Golden pet potty coaching tables. Deciding when a pet is potty educated is considerably subjective. Is your pet potty educated when she is 80%, 90%, or 100%? That brings us to our subsequent query…

When Is A Pet Potty Educated?

As I discussed earlier, I believe this can be a considerably subjective query.

Why is it a subjective query? As a result of we frequently don’t know precisely when our pet is 100% (or no less than 99.99%) potty educated.

Her are a couple of questions you may ask your self when deciding in case your pet is potty educated:

  • Is she potty educated when she is aware of to go to the door and wait on your to let her out? What if she has an accident ready so that you can get to the door?
  • Is she potty educated after she learns to ring the bells on the door to let she must exit?
  • Is she potty educated if she hasn’t had an accident for 2 weeks then rapidly at some point she has an accident?
  • Is she potty educated if she doesn’t have accidents 80%, 90%, or 100% of the time?

The factor is you’ll in all probability begin to discover your pet understands she’s purported to go potty outdoors very early, in all probability throughout the first week or so.

Nevertheless, her understanding she’s purported to potty outdoors and getting her out to her potty spot is your accountability.

My definition of a potty educated pet is:

  • I may give my pet freedom round the home with out worrying about potty accidents.
  • My pet will go to the again door when she has to potty and wait (no less than 30 seconds) for me to let her out.

Now this definition doesn’t eradicate all potty accidents. The one potty accidents that occur are as a result of I didn’t get to the again door in time to let my pet outdoors to her potty spot.

Elsa is 6 months previous and potty educated (by my definition). A pair weeks in the past she was ready on the backdoor to go outdoors, however I didn’t let her out as a result of the again gate was open, I didn’t have her leash and I didn’t wish to let her out into the yard with no leash with the again gate open.

I went into the yard to shut the again gate and by the point I received again (in all probability about 60 seconds) to the home Elsa went to a different room and pee’d on the ground.

This was not Elsa’s fault and I nonetheless take into account her potty educated regardless that she not too long ago had an accident in the home.

I don’t train my canine to ring bells to be let outdoors in any other case I’d add that to my standards.

Stetson used to go to the backdoor and if I didn’t discover he’d come discover me, poke me along with his nostril, then stroll again to the backdoor. It was one thing I didn’t train him, however he discovered on his personal and it was very efficient.

One very last thing I wish to say about when a pet is potty educated. Whereas your pet could also be potty educated and ideal in your individual residence that will not be the case in every single place your pet goes.

Should you go away your pet with a buddy, your pup might not know the place she is meant to potty in her new surroundings.

You need to bear in mind and advise any novice pet sitters that your pet may have some assist studying the place to go potty.

It’s normally a fast course of, however it might save future pet sitters from a stain or two on their new carpet.

Golden Retriever puppy peeing on the gravel.Golden Retriever puppy peeing on the gravel.
Golden pet potty break

Steadily Requested Questions

How lengthy does it take to potty practice a pet is without doubt one of the most typical questions we get on the weblog, however like I mentioned earlier, it looks like we’re a weblog about pee and poop.

So listed here are a number of associated pee and poop questions we determined to reply at this time:

Can An 8 Week Outdated Pet Be Potty Educated?

QUESTION: Can an 8 week previous pet be potty educated?

ANSWER: Sure, however the possibilities a pet will probably be potty educated at 8 weeks previous is very unbelievable.

As a service canine pet raiser I’ve raised over a dozen puppies and I haven’t had a pet potty educated by 8 weeks previous but.

Nevertheless, I used to be speaking to a colleague of mine who has expertise working with lots of of puppies. He mentioned out of all of the puppies he’s labored with, he solely is aware of of 1 pet that was potty educated by 8 weeks previous.

So, the reply to the query can an 8 week old puppy be potty educated is sure, however it very hardly ever occurs.

Most puppies don’t go to their houses till they’re 8 weeks previous. To ensure that them to be absolutely potty educated by 8 weeks previous they must be educated by their earlier caretakers.

Our most up-to-date pet, a black Labrador Retriever named Elsa got here residence to us when she was precisely 8 weeks previous. Her breeder began potty coaching her by educating her to do her enterprise on a bit of synthetic turf.

When she got here residence to us at 8 weeks previous Elsa nonetheless had accidents in the home. Despite the fact that she understood the place to go potty I factor at 8 weeks previous she lacked the bladder management to carry it.

Subsequently, whereas attainable to potty practice a pet at 8 weeks, I believe your pet, your pet’s upbringing, your pet’s earlier caretaker and also you because the coach must be distinctive in some ways.

How Do You Home Practice A Pet In 7 Days?

QUESTION: How do you home practice a pet in 7 days?

ANSWER: Pet Administration. Monitor your pet’s conduct 100% of the time and don’t permit her to have any accidents in the home. The less accidents your pet has in the home the earlier she’ll study to potty outdoors.

I’ve seen many books and weblog posts claiming you possibly can potty practice a pet in 7 days. Whereas attainable I believe for essentially the most puppies it’s unbelievable.

To start with, most 8-10 week previous puppies lack the bladder management to carry their potty. Generally they don’t even know they should go till their truly going.

Second, most puppies we’ve raised take about 4-8 weeks (28-56 days) to catch on to potty coaching and now we have expertise potty coaching service canine puppies for over 15 years.

Third, most individuals are potty coaching their first pet or haven’t potty educated a pet in a few years so that you’re sure to make errors. Like I mentioned I’ve been doing this for 15 years and I nonetheless make tons of errors.

It might be troublesome to potty practice a pet in 7 days, however not unimaginable. After we introduced residence Raven she was simply over 1 12 months previous and she or he was not potty educated.

We had been in a position to potty practice her in lower than 7 days. Nevertheless, she was older and will management her bladder, we had potty educated many puppies earlier than her and understood easy methods to potty practice a pet.

Lastly I believe her earlier caretaker might have began her on her coaching earlier than she got here to our residence.

How Lengthy Does It Take To Potty Practice A Pet Utilizing A Crate?

Crate coaching our black lab pet, Elsa

QUESTION: How lengthy does it take to potty practice a pet utilizing a crate?

ANSWER: 4-8 weeks.

Since we crate practice all of our puppies our reply to this query is identical as our unique reply.

After all our reply will not be with no little perception.

I believe new pet homeowners who use a their crate correctly to potty practice their puppies are accident free sooner then those that don’t use a crate.


The important thing to potty coaching is to stop your pet from having accidents in the home. The crate is a good software to assist stop accidents in the home.

A correctly crate educated pet won’t pee or poop within the crate. Subsequently while you go to mattress at night time you shouldn’t have to fret about accidents in the home.

Throughout the day while you want a pet break you possibly can crate your pup and never fear about accidents throughout your pet break.

Take a look at our weblog publish about how to crate train a puppy for extra data on crate coaching.

What Is The Best Canine To Potty Practice?

QUESTION: What’s the best canine to potty practice?

ANSWER: Border Collie, Poodle, German Shepherd, Golden Retriever, Doberman Pinscher.

Our checklist relies on Stanley Coren’s weblog publish about smartest dog breeds.

I’m not an skilled of all canine breeds. Nevertheless, I’ve labored with many alternative breeds apprenticing as a coach at our native doggie daycare.

That being mentioned I’ve labored extensively with Labrador Retrievers and Golden Retrievers and the vast majority of my expertise relies off these two extremely trainable breeds.

I’ve talked to many trainers and basically the extra trainable breeds are inclined to study potty coaching extra shortly.

What Is The Hardest Canine To Potty Practice?

QUESTION: What’s the hardest canine to potty practice?

ANSWER: Borzoi, Chow Chow, Bulldog, Basenji, Afghan Hound.

Once more our checklist relies on Stanley Coren’s weblog publish about smartest dog breeds.

As I discussed earlier I’m not an skilled in all canine breeds and our checklist comes from Stanley Coren’s publish and his checklist of of canine breeds on the low finish of the intelligence rankings.

One factor I’d like to notice right here is that in our expertise coaching puppies together with what different trainers have informed us, the toy and smaller breeds usually take longer to potty practice.

The rationale I’ve heard for smaller breeds taking longer to potty practice is that they have smaller bladders, their bladders take longer to develop, they usually have a better metabolism.

If it’s any comfort these small pups have small accidents. 🙂 When our grownup Lab, Stetson had an accident in the home I severely suppose it was greater than you could possibly match right into a Tremendous Massive Gulp (that’s 44 oz for the layperson).

Closing Ideas

Each pet is totally different.

Each pet is totally different.

Each pet is totally different.

Okay, now that I’ve that in your head let me say Each Pet Is Totally different. We’ve raised over a dozen puppies and no two puppies are the identical

We increase largely Golden Retrievers and Labrador Retrievers. In our expertise it takes our puppies roughly 4-8 weeks earlier than they’re potty educated.

Whereas 4-8 weeks is what we’ve skilled when potty coaching our pups, your expertise will most assuredly be totally different as many elements will play a job together with: your expertise, your persona, how a lot time you have got, and your loved ones will have an effect on the way you practice your pet.

That’s a wrap people. Now again to you!

Should you’ve potty educated a pet how lengthy did it take earlier than you had been accident free?

Did it take longer or shorter than 4-8 weeks to potty practice your pet?

Tells us about your experiences within the remark part under.

Oh, and you probably have any pee or poop questions please be at liberty to contact me by means of out contact form or simply go away us a remark under.

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How Long Does It Take To Potty Train A Puppy? - Black Lab puppy going pee in the grass staring off to the right of the pic.How Long Does It Take To Potty Train A Puppy? - Black Lab puppy going pee in the grass staring off to the right of the pic.
How Lengthy Does It Take To Potty Practice A Pet?

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