Older Black Labrador Retriever sniffing poop in the snow.Training 

How Do I Stop My Dog From Eating Poop?

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Your pet’s consuming poop and also you’re grossed out. Eww! 

How can that candy pup who provides you kisses have interaction in such a disgusting behavior?

There are many reasons why dogs eat feces. Some are behavioral and others medical.

As a canine coach and habits specialist, I’ve labored with many households whose canine companions ate feces.

Older Black Labrador Retriever sniffing poop in the snow.
Canine About To Eat Poops

As soon as we discovered why the pups ate poop, we have been in a position to cease them from doing so.

The technical time period for consuming feces is coprophagia. However most of us simply name it a pungent behavior.

Theories Why Canine Started Consuming Feces

Canine developed as scavengers. They ate no matter they may discover on the bottom or within the trash. So consuming poop grew to become a strategy to fend off starvation.

Another theories are that canine ate poop to outlive as a result of meals may very well be scarce. Or they ate poop so different pack members wouldn’t get intestinal parasites from stool mendacity round.

The canine mom licks puppies in order that they’ll defecate. The mom additionally cleans up the pet and eats their feces for concerning the first three weeks after beginning.

COLBY’S EXPERIENCE: Our Golden Retriever, Raven had 4 beautiful litters. She was an awesome mother and was consistently cleansing up (consuming) her puppies poop. She would have achieved this till the puppies have been full grown adults, however we usually minimize her off from cleansing duties when the puppies have been round 4 weeks outdated.

Is Consuming Poop Regular?

Puppies discover the world with their mouths. Some eat poop as they discover it very inviting. However they often outgrow the behavior by about 9 months outdated. 

When grownup canine eat feces, there’s typically a behavioral or medical cause.

COLBY’S EXPERIENCE: Our black Lab Stetson liked to eat. Yep, he liked to eat poop too. We talked to our vet about it, however he by no means got here up with a medical causes for Stetson’s behavior.

What Canine Are Extra Probably To Eat Poop?

In fact puppies are usually extra more likely to eat poop than grownup canine are. 

It’s additionally extra widespread in multi-dog households. 

Females usually tend to have interaction within the behavior. And intact males are least more likely to eat feces.

Canine usually tend to eat one other animal’s poop than their very own.  

Some stool eaters will eat “contemporary” feces not more than two days outdated. However they gained’t contact the older stuff. They’re the connoisseurs of the poop-eating world, I assume. 

Canine can have particular tastes. Usually, they gained’t eat outdated poop or stool that’s too comfortable or diarrhea.

COLBY’S EXPERIENCE: We’ve had dozens of puppies at our home through the years and up to now to the most effective of my reminiscence solely two: Raven, a feminine Golden Retriever and Stetson, a male Labrador Retriever ate their poop.

What Are the Behavioral Causes Canine Eat Poop?

There are a lot of doable the reason why canine eat poop. They vary from boredom to extra advanced causes.

Now we have to investigate why they’re consuming feces as a way to cease them.

There could also be environmental stress or behavioral triggers reminiscent of the next:

1. Boredom or not being exercised.

You’re in a rush to go away for work. So you possibly can’t give Fido his standard morning stroll.

He’s actually hyper and needs to run round to do away with his extra power.

As you place in your coat, you see him poop and shortly devour the new-found snack.

Your pup had a lot pent-up power he needed to expel. And working round stimulated him to poop. 

And in his anxious state, he ate the feces.

Otherwise you depart your canine alone and he’s bored. He has no toys to stimulate his thoughts.

Then, when the chance presents itself, he fortunately performs with and eats his personal feces.

2. Nervousness

Some canine are harshly corrected for housetraining indiscretions. 

Should you holler at or in any other case harshly right your pup for having an accident, he might change into scared.

He may attempt to “cover the proof” and eat the poop the subsequent time he has an accident.

And a few canine with separation anxiousness might poop as a result of they’re burdened when left alone. They could then additionally eat their stool.

3. Environmental Stress

Canine who’re remoted away from people can develop the behavior of consuming poop. 

This could happen to canine dwelling in kennels or canine pressured to reside within the horrible circumstances at a pet mill. 

Or it might occur when canine are pressured to reside away from their folks, reminiscent of being confined to the basement.

It could actually even occur to some canine who’re confined to small areas and change into burdened.

4. Inappropriate affiliation with poop

Some canine are fed close to a potty space. It could be their very own and even close to the cat’s litter field.

The poor canine then develops a behavior of connecting actual meals with feces.

5. Scenting the odor of feces on their mom’s breath

Puppies’ poop is cleaned away by the mom. 

Pups then odor the odor on their mom’s breath. Some puppies can then get within the behavior of consuming feces.

COLBY’S EXPERIENCE: After elevating 4 litters I’ve observed that the puppies additionally observe mother’s behaviors and possibly typically copy her cleansing ritual and assist eat the poop to maintain the whelping field clear.

6. Residing with a sick or aged canine

A youthful canine might eat the older or sick canine’s poop due to an innate intuition to guard the pack from predators.

Additionally, if the older canine has a behavior of consuming poop, the youthful canine might even imitate him.

7. In search of consideration

You see your pet consuming his personal poop. Naturally, you begin working towards him shouting “NOOOOO, BAD DOG!”

What does your pet do? He runs away. The extra you chase and attempt to right him, the extra excited he turns into.

And he thinks it’s a sport of chase. To him, it’s lots of enjoyable! 

With out which means to, you’re rewarding his habits.

8. “Poopsicles!”

The poop’s on the snow. Some canine are extra susceptible to eat poop that’s on the snow. (See the pic firstly of the article)

It’s extra seen and doubtless extra tasty as a result of it retains its moisture.

My Aussie combine pet Millie has began consuming poop after it snows. She thinks that these “poopsicles” are fairly a delicacy. 

When she sees poop on the snow, she makes a bee-line for it. 

In fact, I’m working to eradicate this habits (pun supposed).

9. It tastes good!

Some canine eat it for the easy cause we eat issues: It tastes good! 

This often happens with one other canine’s or animal’s feces.

COLBY’S EXPERIENCE: I’ve heard that many canine’s have such a eager nostril that they’ll odor undigested vitamins within the poop.

What Are the Medical Causes Canine Eat Poop?

Each grownup canine and puppies might eat poop for behavioral or medical causes.

In case your grownup canine instantly begins consuming poop, it’s a good suggestion to have him checked out by your vet to rule out a medical cause.

Some canine even have signs exhibiting that one thing’s unsuitable. They could instantly drop some weight, have a change in habits, vomit, or have diarrhea.

Some medical causes are as follows:

1. Elevated urge for food because of an out of doors supply

Typically canine are given sure drugs, reminiscent of steroids, that improve their urge for food.

This drives them to eat greater than regular. So that they’ll eat no matter’s out there. Even their very own or one other animal’s feces.

My present golden retriever Riley doesn’t usually eat poop. 

However when he was on a steroid for a short while due to a medical situation, he needed to eat something–even poop.

As disgusting that was to me, it was an awesome meal to him. As an alternative of letting him free within the yard to potty, I then took him out on leash.

Fortunately, when he stopped taking the drugs, his need to eat stool stopped.

2. Elevated urge for food because of a medical situation

Some well being issues could cause a canine to be hungrier than regular. 

These embrace thyroid illness, diabetes, and Cushings’ illness. 

When your canine has a sudden improve in urge for food, it’s advisable to have a vet discover out why.

3. Parasites

Some canine might have a dietary deficit from having some type of parasite. This could trigger them to eat feces.

4. Diets poor in vitamins or energy

Some imagine that canine ingest poop as a result of their meals doesn’t have the correct vitamins.

It’s additionally thought that canine who aren’t getting sufficient energy and are too hungry eat poop to make up for his or her lack of meals.

5. Malabsorption syndrome

Some canine aren’t in a position to correctly take up the vitamins. So that they attempt to compensate for what’s lacking by consuming poop.

6. Enzyme deficiencies

Some canine don’t get sufficient or the correct enzymes via their meals. 

This could happen with some meals that’s overly processed.

Is Consuming Poop Dangerous?

It’s usually not dangerous for a canine to eat his personal feces. In fact, you wish to work out why he’s doing so to cease it. 

As soon as you identify why he’s consuming it, you possibly can work with the behavioral situation or get him medical assist, as applicable.

However consuming different animals’ stool–even that of one other canine–could also be dangerous. That poop could also be contaminated with parasites, viruses, or toxins.

As a canine coach, I’ve labored with quite a few purchasers whose canine ate the feces of different animals–particularly deer poop.

I work via the difficulty as described under relating to how you can cease your canine from consuming feces.

COLBY’S EXPERIENCE: My spouse hates cleansing up vomit, so I cleanup all of the vomit messes. I hate cleansing up poop accidents so she takes care of the poop. In the future Stetson ate his poop and shortly after vomited in the home. It had the terrible odor of each vomit and poops. Who’s flip is it to cleanup?

How Do I Get My Canine To Cease Consuming Poop?

In fact we wish to cease our canine from partaking on this distasteful behavior. However we should first uncover why they’re doing it.

Managing the setting and their entry to feces is vital.

1. Choose it up and eliminate it

Many puppies will even eat their very own poop in addition to that of others.

A straightforward strategy to cease this behavior is to take the pet out on a leash to potty. Then, instantly after he’s pooped, choose it up and eliminate it.

You’ll be able to even reward him and provides a small deal with proper after he’s gone. This may assist home practice the pup. 

It additionally avoids him going to eat the poop as a result of he’ll be busy consuming his reward deal with.

You’ll be able to even buy dog poop bags which are made to select up feces.

COLBY’S EXPERIENCE: I labored with a canine coach that used to make use of cat poop when educating canine’s depart it. From what I perceive canine’s are much more interested in cat poop due to their wealthy protein diets.

2. Take care of the stress or anxiousness.

If a canine has stress or anxiousness points from being confined or away from you, work via his points.

If  he’s confined to a crate and eats poop there, test that he doesn’t have bodily/medical issues as a result of most canine don’t wish to soil themselves.

You’ll be able to train him to love his crate through appropriate training. Or you should use one other confinement methodology the place he’s secure reminiscent of an train pen.

If he has separation anxiousness, it’s possible you’ll need assistance from a certified behaviorist or canine coach specializing in that situation.

In case your canine is burdened as a result of he’s confined away from you too typically, reminiscent of in one other a part of your own home, he needs to be positioned nearer to you to alleviate his stress.

3. Present sufficient train.

Be sure that your canine is getting a enough quantity of bodily train for his age and breed or combine.

Doing it will assist forestall many behavioral issues

To assist keep away from behavioral issues, I ensure that my working canine like my shelties, golden retriever, and Aussie combine get lots of train. They run and play, get walks, and play fetch.

Enough train additionally helps their bodily well-being.

4. Present sufficient psychological stimulation

To assist keep away from boredom or stress, be certain your pup has sufficient issues to make him assume.

Coaching might help train his thoughts. So can puzzle toys. 

A wonderful toy that’s secure is an KONG Classic. I stuff mine with a high-quality moist pet food. I freeze it in a single day earlier than giving it to my canine.

This offers them one thing to do whereas they’re alone.

5. Practice your canine

Teaching your dog certain commands will assist keep away from him eating on poop. It can additionally stimulate his thoughts.

Educating him the command “depart it” will assist him not choose up poop. 

An amazing recall also can assist name your canine away from something–even poop that he sees or smells. It could actually additionally redirect his consideration away from the poop to you.

6. Preserve your canine on leash

When you’re working via the difficulty of his consuming feces, you possibly can hold him on leash to potty and to train. 

If he eats different animals’ poop, you’ll have to bodily train him on leash with walks whereas working via the difficulty. 

7. Feed a high-quality weight loss program and supply sufficient meals

Good vitamin might help keep away from vitamin, mineral, and different dietary deficiencies.  

You additionally wish to present a enough quantity of the correct meals.

Should you’re unsure what’s greatest to your canine, you possibly can seek the advice of along with your vet. Some even focus on canine vitamin.

8. Have an appointment along with your veterinarian

In case there’s a bodily cause, reminiscent of a deficiency in a mineral or enzyme, your vet can test that. 

He also can test for every other bodily cause why your canine is consuming poop. This could embrace malabsorption, parasites, or every other medical circumstances.

And your vet can then deal with the medical circumstances with medicines, dietary dietary supplements, or different required remedies.

9. Make poop much less interesting

There are merchandise you can give your canine in his meals or as a chew to make his personal poop much less interesting. Natruvet makes a poop deterrent product that additionally freshens your canine’s breath. We haven’t tried it, however in the event you’re having canine poop consuming issues you would possibly give it a go.

At all times seek the advice of along with your vet earlier than utilizing such merchandise.

Some folks have even tried instantly spraying feces with a style deterrent like Bitter Apple to make feces much less enticing. 

It could assist make that particular feces much less interesting, however it most likely gained’t deter your canine from future feasts.

COLBY’S EXPERIENCE: We didn’t even know Stetson loved consuming his poop till we moved to a home with a big yard. We beforehand lived in a condominium with a small patio, so anytime Stetson needed to potty he did so on our walks. As soon as we gave him freedom to poop on his personal we discovered he additionally preferred to eat his poop…YUCK! The ethical of our story? After we managed Stetson’s potty breaks, he by no means ate his poop.

What Shouldn’t I Do To Appropriate the Downside?

Harsh corrections are by no means applicable. 

Chasing the canine to get away from the feces gained’t work. As an alternative, he’ll most likely see it as a sport and it’ll reinforce the undesirable habits.

Attempt to stay calm and work via the issue. If he senses that you simply’re burdened, it can improve his anxiousness and will result in extra issues.

Closing Ideas

There are a lot of the reason why canine eat poop. Regardless that we discover it disgusting, many pups take pleasure in it.

Others might eat feces due to a behavioral or medical downside.

It’s vital to find out why your canine eats poop as a way to repair the issue.

Does your canine like consuming poop? In that case inform us about your experiences within the remark part under.

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Older black Lab sniffing poop in the snow.
How Do I Cease My Canine From Consuming Poop?

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