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French Bulldog Ears – Complete Guide

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What involves your thoughts while you consider French Bulldogs? We’re certain that it could be their distinct look or their ears. They’re undeniably cute, small, and pleasant canine. Additionally, their bat-like and pointed ears add to their distinctive look. There’s a lot to speak about French Bulldog ears, and on this article, we offers you an perception into it. Nonetheless, earlier than we delve additional, let’s get to know a bit about this breed.

French Bulldog makes a wonderful pet. It’s small however well-built with a muscular physique. Other than being conferred as a companion canine, they had been as soon as a wonderful ratter. However now, their job is extra targeted on canine exhibits and being a unbelievable household buddy.

Some Fascinating Trivia About French Bulldogs

  • The French Bulldog has its historical past rooted with the English Bulldog. Earlier, the lace makers in England would take their toy bulldog to their work. They’d use them as lap heaters whereas they work.

Later, the lace trade moved to France. They took their canine with them. And there, the English Bulldogs crossed with one other breed like pugs and terriers, ultimately resulting in the creation of the French Bulldog. In French, it is named bouledoguesfranÇais.

  • French Bulldogs can’t swim due to their bulbous head and squat body.
  • French Bulldogs have a pushed-in face, which may result in numerous respiration issues. They’re a brachycephalic breed. It means they’ve shorter snouts. Therefore, they can’t journey in an airplane. Thankfully, there are airways designed for these sorts of the breed like pet jets.
  • You must also notice that French Bulldogs don’t take criticism properly. So, while you practice them, allow a extra optimistic method, or else, they won’t take you critically.
  • The one distinctive facet about French Bulldog is, they don’t bark loads. Nonetheless, they’re talkative. Not actually speaking, however they convey by way of their yawns, gargles, and yips.
  • French Bulldog has two kinds of ears. They initially had rose-shaped ears like their ancestor, English Bulldog. The English breeder favors the rose-shaped ear, however the American breeder prefers the bat-styled ears.

What you Ought to Know About French Bulldog Ears

In the event you suppose that French Bulldogs are born with ears naturally up, we’re afraid you’re fallacious. Their ears have a part of life for over just a few weeks or months. You don’t have to fret in case your pet isn’t displaying pointed ears proper from delivery.

So, now you could be questioning when your French Bulldog ears will arise. It can more often than not keep straight up or perk up between 5 or fifteen weeks from their delivery. Or typically it could not occur between the given interval.

It might additionally happen after the pet’s teething part is full. The ears at present down will totally arise after the completion of the teething interval. Butthere are additionally some instances the place it won’t arise till eight months.

And in case you are apprehensive about your Frenchie’s ears not going up, you then shouldn’t. Presumably, you may suppose that it’s irregular, but it surely isn’t! It’s regular, and you could present like to them even when their ears are down.

So, when can I anticipate my French Bulldog ears to remain straight up?

If you have a look at the younger puppies of French Bulldog, you’ll discover that their ears aren’t up however down. Nonetheless, it’d most likely be up straight while you take them dwelling. Normally, you’ll be able to take the puppies when they’re a month outdated. Their teething part can be over by then.

You may most likely be questioning in regards to the relationship between your French Bulldog’s ear and teething.

On the preliminary stage of a pet’s life, its physique makes use of extra calcium solely on teething. Throughout this part, the ears may go down or up, and so they may go droopy or fall again. So, why is it affecting the ears? For the reason that calcium hasn’t reached over your entire physique, it impacts the pet’s ears. However as soon as the calcium enters the entire physique, the ears will rise.

What’s the proper age for a French Bulldog ear to remain up straight?

You’ll get no particular reply in regards to the age at which the Frenchie’s ear will keep up straight. Every pet develops in another way. Typically, the ears will begin to stand independently between 5 and fifteen weeks of their age. Nonetheless, it’d differ.

Additionally, some widespread questions requested by the French Bulldog house owners are:

  • Why is my canine’s ear floppy on the high?
  • Why is just one aspect of my canine’s ear standing up?
  • My French Bulldog’s ear was up yesterday, however it’s down once more. Is there an issue?

To all of the queries above, it’s all proper. It’s a pure course of, and it would proceed to do till the teething part is over. Additionally, some French Bulldog’s ear rises up when they’re seven months outdated.

Methods to Make French Bulldog Ears Stand Up

In case your canine’s ear will not be staying up straight by seven or eight weeks of age, then there’s a method you’ll be able to comply with. One of many widespread methods is taping. Most breeders comply with this method.

Earlier than you comply with the method, it’s advisable to speak to your breeder and the vet for his or her recommendation. Additionally, in case you suppose that your French Bulldog’s ear can be very massive or heavy, discuss along with your vet. You may begin taping as early as 5 weeks.

French bulldog ears with tape

How one can tape French Bulldog’s ear?

There are two methods to tape your Frenchie’s ears: tender material tape and sports activities tape. Every tape is one inch huge. Smooth tape is far stickier. However for any tape, we suggest utilizing two or three layers for correct assist.

Listed below are the steps to tape your Frenchie’s ear:

  1. It’s essential to clip or trim the hair contained in the ear.
  2. Clear your canine’s ear with alcohol to take away pure oils or dust.
  3. It could assist in case you waited for the ears to dry.
  4. Now apply the tape splints. It may possibly put in two methods: vertical and horizontal methodology. For the vertical method, begin from the bottom of the ear until the tip of the pinna. And for the horizontal, tape the pure breaking level of the ear.
  5. It could assist in case you trimmed the tape based on the form of the ear. Additionally, it would forestall your canine or different canine from chewing.
  6. You may comply with the identical course of and apply one other layer of tape and trim it. It can assist the burden of your Frenchie’s ear.

You should maintain the tape for 24 hours a day. Observe the method till your Frenchie’s ear is powerful sufficient. Additionally, it could assist in case you changed the tape after a few days. Your canine’s pores and skin secretes pure oils that can loosen the power of the tape.

How one can Clear French Bulldog Ears?

You must also know that French Bulldog ears are delicate as in comparison with different canine. They’re liable to ear infections. Some signal of ear infections in French Bulldogs are:

  • Itchy ears (your Frenchie will shake its head and scratch its ears)
  • It can have a foul odor
  • Irritation or swelling
  • They’ll present signal of ache while you contact their ears
  • It can launch off-color discharge like black or yellowish
  • Redness

If you wish to forestall your Frenchie from getting an ear an infection, it’s mandatory to scrub their ears. You are able to do occasional or weekly foundation. Following this course of will forestall dangerous ear odor, itchy ears, redness, or ear mites.

You must also personal this important gear to scrub your Frenchies ear:

Right here is how one can clear your Frenchie’s ear:

  1. You need to first calm your canine and select a much less crowded place to scrub your canine’s ear. Your Frenchie may get distracted and won’t keep nonetheless.
  2. Earlier than you begin, test your canine’s ear. See the situation, and if it’s solely dust, then you’ll be able to start cleansing. In case you discover some an infection, then it is best to contact your vet. You must cease the cleansing.
  3. The following step is to use the ear cleansing answer to your canine’s ear. Together with your hand, tilt your canine’s head gently. Fill the ear cleaner into the ear canal. Your canine may attempt to transfer or shake its head. So, attempt to maintain your canine for just a few seconds after which permit it to shake its head.
  4. Now it is best to dry your canine’s ear with cotton balls or a tender material.
  5. After the cleansing session, reward your canine with a deal with. It can allow your canine to type good conduct. And extra importantly, it would set a great tone for future ear cleansing classes.


We hope that by way of this text you’ve got your doubts and queries answered about French Bulldog ears. They’re beautiful pets and loves companionship. Proudly owning a canine means it’s our accountability to bathe love and deal with them.

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