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Dog Nail Clipper vs Grinder: Which is Better?

Dog Nail Clipper vs Grinder

Have you learnt the variations between a canine nail clipper vs grinder?

It can save you cash by slicing your canine’s nails at house your self.

However which sort of canine trimmer to decide on?

On this weblog publish, I focus on the variations between a canine nail clipper vs grinder together with their execs and cons and when one is extra acceptable than the opposite.

Why Do I Have to Clip My Canine’s Nails?

Earlier than we dive into the various kinds of nail trimmers, you need to know why it’s important to maintain your canine’s nails quick.

Nails present traction to your canine. In the event that they’re too lengthy, they’ll throw off your canine’s pure sense of steadiness. As soon as nails get too lengthy, they’ll additionally put stress into your canine’s paw, inflicting discomfort and even ache.

By the way in which, I additionally wrote an article on how to trim dog nails that are overgrown.

Selecting Between a Canine Nail Clipper vs Grinder

Dog nail cut by clipper

Canine nail getting minimize by plier-style canine clippers

What are Canine Nail Clippers?

Canine nail clippers use blades to chop your canine’s nails, much like your individual nail clippers. They arrive in numerous kinds resembling scissors, pliers, and guillotine.

Advantages of Canine Nail Clippers

  • Quiet: Nail Clippers are ultimate in case your canine is delicate to loud noises. You simply have to make a couple of fast clips and be executed, which is nice in case your canine is delicate to the noise of nail grinders.
  • Cheap: Clippers are additionally usually low cost, though you need to get one from a good model. Since nail clippers aren’t electrical, you don’t want to purchase batteries or watch for them to cost.

Disadvantages of Canine Nail Clippers

  • Simpler to chop the fast: It’s simpler to chop the fast with clippers because you aren’t slowly grinding them down like with grinders. You additionally have to be aware of blade sharpness, as they’ll have to be changed repeatedly to clip effectively.
  • Might cut up the nail: Nail clippers can doubtlessly trigger nails to separate or crack. It’s unusual, however be sure that to maintain the clippers sharp to keep away from this difficulty. Clipping might also depart sharp edges, which could be a problem in case your canine likes to paw folks or furnishings.

What are Canine Nail Grinders?

Dog nail grinder held in front of dog

Nail grinders are designed very in a different way than nail clippers. They work to grind your canine’s nails down with a tough tip that appears like sandpaper. As a substitute of fast clips, the canine’s nails are filed down incrementally at excessive velocity. Nail grinders use batteries or electrical energy to maintain the tip transferring.

I wrote an article on the best dog nail grinders, in case you’re on the lookout for one. I focus on some widespread manufacturers resembling Dremel and Wahl.

Advantages of Canine Nail Grinders

  • Tougher to chop fast: You possibly can unintentionally minimize the fast with clippers or grinders, however because you’re slowly grinding down the nails with a grinder, it’s a lot simpler to keep away from catching it.
  • Good for thick nails: Grinders are good for canines with thick, black nails because it’s more durable to see how quick they’re with a clipper.
  • Permits smoother nails: One cause many canine house owners love nail grinders is you can easy out the nails somewhat than depart the sharp edges that come from nail clippers. This results in fewer scratches in your garments, furnishings, and pores and skin.

Disadvantages of Canine Nail Grinders

  • Not for anxious canines: Nail grinders usually are not ultimate for canines who’re nervous round loud noises. Since they make a buzzing sound whereas they grind, it may be scary for canines who usually are not used to it.
  • Offers off odor: Nail mud additionally comes from grinding down nails, and it offers off an odor. Due to this, it might be greatest to grind your canine’s nails exterior or with a masks so that you don’t inhale the mud.
  • Might give discomfort: The vibrations attributable to the grinder might also be uncomfortable to your canine.

Variations between Canine Nail Clippers (Scissors, Guillotine, and Pliers)

If you happen to’ve determined to decide on canine nail clippers as a substitute of a nail grinder, your subsequent determination is which sort of nail clipper to decide on. There are 3 fundamental sorts: scissors, guillotine, or pliers.

Listed here are the options/advantages of every sort:

1. Canine Nail Scissors

Dog scissors nail clipper

Vet utilizing canine scissors nail clippers to trim canine claws

Canine nail scissors are similar to common scissors. Nonetheless, the blades have spherical indentions towards the top the place you may simply place your canine’s nails to line them up.


  • Scissor model clippers are notoriously straightforward to make use of.
  • They’re extensively out there and cost-effective, so that you gained’t have bother changing one when the blades grow to be uninteresting.
  • They’re normally made with a light-weight materials that’s straightforward to carry for lengthy durations of time.


  • There may be some debate on what measurement canine these work greatest for. Extra folks say they work greatest for small to medium canines, whereas some say the facility they generate is good for an enormous canine’s thick nails.
  • Scissor clippers could not work for house owners with arthritis due to the way in which it’s a must to squeeze the handles.

2. Guillotine Nail Clippers

Guillotine dog nail clipper

Guillotine-style clippers are designed somewhat in a different way. They’ve a loop on the high the place you may slide your canine’s nail, then press down on the handles to clip it with a blade.

This easy design permits only one squeeze to chop by means of your canine’s entire nail. If that sounds good to you, use them on a small to a medium-sized canine as a result of they don’t are likely to have sufficient energy for giant canine nails.


  • Canines with weak or painful paws could profit from a guillotine-style clipper since you simply want to slip it onto the nail with out manipulating the paws an excessive amount of.
  • It’s simpler to deal with for folks with arthritis or ache.
  • The clippers work on most canines.
  • You possibly can usually change the blade with out changing the clippers.


  • This model of clipper has a a lot larger likelihood of hitting the fast as a result of you may’t see the nail as soon as it’s contained in the clipper.
  • It’s additionally not nice for canines with thick or sturdy nails, even when they’re small or medium-sized. Robust nails can break the clipper. Nonetheless, there are guillotine-style clippers particularly designed for canines with thick nails.
  • This clipper model is absolutely solely beneficial for skilled canine groomers who’ve numerous expertise clipping canine nails.

3. Plier Nail Clippers

Plier Dog Nail Clipper

Plier clippers appear like your typical pliers. Pliers are good for rookies as a result of you may see your canine’s nail mattress higher, which lets you higher keep away from slicing the fast.

Additionally they normally include a nail guard, which additionally protects you from slicing too quick.


  • Pliers have extra power due to the facility behind the mechanism of the clipper. These are a more sensible choice for giant canine house owners.
  • They’re straightforward to make use of, which additionally makes them ultimate for rookies. For the reason that design on plier-style clippers is so easy, there shouldn’t be something blocking your view of your canine’s paw.
  • The nail guard makes it simpler to keep away from slicing the fast.
  • They’re usually cheap.


  • Though plier-style clippers are comparatively cheap, they’re nonetheless somewhat extra pricey than scissor-style clippers.

Further Ideas with Canine Nail Clippers and Grinders

Now that you recognize the variations between a canine nail clipper vs grinder, listed below are some further ideas relying on which you select:

Canine Nail Clippers

1. If you happen to’re a newbie, a clipper with a security mechanism or nail guard (like plier clippers) will assist preserve you from clipping your canine’s nails too quick.
2. Think about the burden and softness of the handles as a result of your consolation will have an effect on your capability to chop your canine’s nails safely.

Canine Nail Grinders

1. Be sure that to select a canine nail grinder that’s tolerable in sound to your canine. Slowly introduce your dog to the sound till they’re used to it. If the loud noises trigger an excessive amount of anxiousness, they might be higher off with nail clippers.
2. Despite the fact that it’s simpler to chop the fast with clippers, it nonetheless could be executed with grinders. Be sure you don’t to grind your canine’s nails too quick.
3. If you happen to like the graceful look given by grinders, you may nonetheless use a clipper to chop the nail and a grinder to easy the nail.
4. Be sure that the grinder is comfy in your hand since discomfort can result in slicing your canine’s fast.

Conclusion on Selecting Canine Nail Clippers vs Grinders

Whereas there isn’t a proper or unsuitable instrument to make use of, there could also be one that’s higher to your canine than one other.

By weighing the professionals and cons listed above, hopefully I’ve helped you make the choice between a canine nail clipper or grinder.

Bear in mind there are additionally 3 various kinds of canine nail clippers with their very own execs and cons, so weigh these components as effectively.

Let me know when you have any questions or feedback under.

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