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Common Reasons for Obsessive Paw- Licking by Dogs

Canine like some other animal don’t do something and not using a good purpose. For those who discover your canine obsessively licking its paws, there could also be a purpose for it. Something from accidents, pores and skin issues to environmental, organic, or meals allergy symptoms; loneliness or anxiousness could be the underlying explanation for this behaviour.

It is not uncommon for canines to sometimes lick the hoff off of their paws as a part of their grooming course of, particularly after they get inside after strolling on soiled or sandy floor. But when your canine licks too typically and laborious on its pins, you could assume one thing is fallacious.



Step one you must take, particularly if the licking begins abruptly and focuses on a single paw, test the claws to verify there aren’t any accidents resembling cuts, torn nails, growths, or maybe a stone, thorn, or snow caught between the pockets. Look carefully on the nails, between the toes and pads, and on the tops of the ft.

Your canine might have irritated his paw by stepping on a pointy object, strolling on salty or sizzling roads, being bitten by a bee, or receiving a blister. A few of these issues could be diminished with easy first support therapy, and a few might must be handled by a veterinarian.

Infections or Dermatitis 

If the paw pads and ft seem like regular, licking could also be on account of a pores and skin situation (dermatitis), which is normally the results of bacterial issues, allergy symptoms, or meals allergy symptoms. Your canine can develop dermatitis by not reacting to the chemical compounds utilized in your yard, deicing merchandise, or sure varieties of grass or weeds. Retaining a container of water and a towel near the door so that you could totally clear your paws once you enter will help.


An infection with germs resembling fleas or mites may cause the ft to turn into very itchy. Your veterinarian might suggest therapy to eradicate parasites, which ought to cut back itching.

Allergy symptoms to meals

Allergy symptoms to meals are recognized to trigger itchy ft, and these non-body varieties are troublesome to determine. Your veterinarian might suggest a particular eating regimen or complement of sure substances in your canine’s eating regimen to attempt to cut back the issue.


A canine affected by arthritis or different situations of the foot or leg might lick its paws on account of ache. Even when there’s ache someplace of their physique, some canines will attempt to take care of it by licking the entrance foot repeatedly. A correct prognosis and therapy could also be required.

Behavioural issues- Nervousness, Worry, and so forth.

For those who and your veterinarian have eliminated all the above issues, moderately than your canine being struggling or having a behavioral drawback resembling anxiousness. Once more, that is troublesome to diagnose, however there are some steps you possibly can take to assist. Some canines have compulsive conduct, which incorporates licking the paw.

To scale back boredom, attempt shifting your canine with quite a lot of strolling, working, or enjoying time with you and different canines to make use of extra psychological and bodily vitality. Give her puzzles toys or protected chewing toys to take away her focus from her fingers.

For those who assume that anxiousness, resembling concern of noise or anxiousness about separation, might trigger him to lick his paws, there are a number of methods you possibly can attempt to alleviate your anxiousness. Good animal conduct can recommend quite a lot of choices to attempt.

Dry pores and skin

Dry pores and skin is among the commonest illnesses of the canine’s pores and skin that causes the canine’s pores and skin to turn into irritated, cracked and weak (dandruff). Curved pores and skin could be brought on by a lot of elements, together with extreme bathing which removes the canine’s pure oil, dry moisture, or allergy symptoms talked about above. It is very important observe a superb grooming plan to make sure that your canine’s coat stays wholesome. Signs of dry pores and skin can embody itching, hair loss, redness, dandruff and scabies.

Stress and Obsession 

If there is no such thing as a recognized health-related trigger that may be recognized with extreme paw licking, then it could possibly be behaviour- associated. Canine, like people, have a tendency to hunt methods to consolation themselves in instances of stress. Are there any environmental adjustments (sounds, routine procedures, new pets, or folks) that would trigger your canine to demand any such stress aid? Along with stress, some canines have canine compulsive dysfunction which is a kind of stress dysfunction, however in canines. Widespread practices for forcing canines with CCD embody paw licking, sucking a toy / blanket, licking the tail and chasing the tail. Attempt to determine the causes of your canine’s tense and tense conduct and use repetition and train to alleviate it.

Different causes

It is very important be aware that licking conduct can point out a well being drawback or can hurt a canine. It’s best to work together with your veterinarian to search out the trigger and discover the proper resolution. Don’t wait too lengthy to do that, because the fixed licking of the foot may cause a bacterial an infection or secondary yeast – inflicting extra itching, redness, swelling and licking.

In the meantime, relying on the foundation explanation for the issue, a veterinarian can relieve your canine’s chunk by prescribing topical anti-inflammatory sprays, anti-inflammatory steroids, antibiotics, or antifungals for yeast infections. The earlier you possibly can take care of the issue and make clear the trigger, the higher.

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