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Canine Counter-surfing or how to stop your dog from stealing food

Canine are pure meals scavengers. They’ll eat many gadgets that we people know are inappropriate similar to foil, plastic wrappers, and extra.

Counter browsing could be some of the troublesome issues to coach a canine to not do.  Virtually each time a canine jumps, it’s strengthened by what it finds up there.  It doesn’t matter for those who yell on the canine, bodily punish it, give it a trip, or the rest—the canine nonetheless bought the Thanksgiving turkey, and it was good whereas it lasted.

Administration is essential

Administration is the important thing to stopping counter browsing.  In the event you don’t have something on the counter for the canine to get, then there isn’t any purpose to leap.  Most often, retaining temptations out of attain and zoning applicable areas for the canine to occupy is admittedly crucial and profitable.  One of these administration is difficult for most individuals to take care of, so there are some issues that you are able to do to cease counter browsing.

Educate your canine instructions

Educate Down

Educate your canine to do a down-stay in a particular place within the kitchen out from underfoot.  As soon as your canine can do a down-stay for five minutes, you’ll start his coaching throughout meals preparation instances.  This can lengthen the period of time it takes to arrange your meals however is nicely value it.  Your canine will be taught to stay on a mat or to be in the identical spot.  Your timing will make a giant distinction in how rapidly progress is made.  Catching him after he has left his place or mat and walked a number of steps is way from catching the primary muscle contraction or intention to interrupt the keep.  For this reason for a number of days, you have to to increase the time it takes to arrange your meals as this will probably be very time-consuming within the early phases of coaching.  You will want a whole lot of time to maintain a very good eye on the canine throughout the first few coaching classes.

Educate Place

As soon as your canine can do a down-stay for five minutes, each time you might be within the kitchen, have your canine go to his “place.” Reward him each 10 seconds for the primary two instances, then each 20 seconds for the following two instances, then each 30 seconds.  Progressively stretch the rewarding till the canine can maintain his keep for your entire time you put together a meal.  To attain this may occasionally take a number of weeks, relying on what number of instances you apply.  If he will get up at any time throughout coaching, you give him a correction and take him again to his “place.”  Your canine learns that if he breaks the keep, he will probably be put again anyway, but when he holds the keep on his personal, he has a very good likelihood for a reward.

Educate Depart It

Educate your canine to “depart it” by instructing your canine what you need him to do. Place a small piece of meals (teaser) on the ground together with your hand overlaying it.  Verbally cue “depart it” at any makes an attempt to get the teaser.  Observe this till your canine is leaving the teaser instantly after you give the cue “depart it.”  Reward for calm habits and ignoring the meals.  Then place the teaser on the ground uncovered – however be poised to cowl it in case your canine ought to resolve to seize it. Reward for calm habits and ignoring the teaser. Observe this till your canine is nice at it.  Observe inserting the teaser on the espresso desk, the counter, and so on.  Methodically add distance between your self and the teaser.  Do quick trials with you close by, training with completely different teaser meals gadgets on the counter and completely different areas of the counter. Be sure you apply for turning your again, and if you wish to, you’ll be able to work on having him depart the meals when you exit of sight. Start by making it very fast and returning to reward him.

Use obstacles

You possibly can limit the canine’s entry to the kitchen.  This may be accomplished with child gates, handy doorways, or just by no means letting the canine into the kitchen.  Along with stopping the canine from serving to himself to meals (and a few canines could be very covert about this), excluding the canine from the kitchen when you are making ready meals additionally avoids presenting you with the temptation to offer him scraps and so encourage him to beg or steal (and likewise inadvertently inflicting the canine to grow to be obese or eat issues that will disagree with him). It places the canine exterior the chance zone for hazards similar to unintentional spilling of boiling water or deep-frying oil. Moreover, it’s possible you’ll wish to exclude the canine from the room the place you might be consuming throughout a meal, particularly you probably have visitors who could be pushovers for doggie begging. In the event you usually eat off a TV desk or a espresso desk whereas watching TV and don’t wish to surprise in case your canine helps himself to your dinner if it’s important to depart the room for a second, then exclusion generally is a good technique. The plain exclusion strategies are to crate the canine (presumably along with his personal dinner served contained in the crate) or to have a stretch gate barrier to maintain all canines out of the room briefly.

Cease the habits earlier than it occurs.

Even when your canine has by no means had a counter-surfing downside, it would be best to set the canine up.  By doing so, your canine will be taught that it’s ALWAYS harmful to strive getting up on the counter.  The principle goal is to make counter browsing so dangerous and unattractive that the canine offers up.

One methodology entails booby traps.  BOOBY TRAPS are while you depart a temptation obtainable however gimmicked in a manner that when the canine tries to the touch it, one thing sufficiently startling or aversive happens. Essentially the most regular booby traps can be mouse-traps (together with for simply discouraged canines, the variant known as “Snappy Trainer,” which has a plastic flap connected that causes elevated startle impact however prevents any stinging pinch if a paw or nostril will get snapped).   You possibly can sprinkle engaging meals with sizzling sauce, cayenne pepper, bitter apple spray, lemon juice, and so on.  Supplied your canine doesn’t love unusual issues and doesn’t totally examine meals earlier than consuming, you have got an opportunity at instructing your canine that meals on the counter tastes nasty.

Some individuals report success from arranging a pile of tin cans or pie plates that can fall with a crash when jostled.  In the event you use pop cans, put a number of pennies or pebbles in them and tape the cans shut with duct tape.  Additionally, choose some very scrumptious, temping, and smelly meals to make use of because the BAIT.  Put the meals in a plastic container with a lid (small butter containers work nicely) and punch holes within the container’s lid (the container retains the canine from getting the meals).

There are a number of variations of this methodology.  You possibly can strive inserting a number of pop cans proper on the fringe of the counter with simply two or three inches between them. One bounce out of your canine will carry down all of the cans and make a terrific racket, which may also carry down the canine.  One other model entails empty cans stacked in a pyramid trend with a loop of string across the backside row. The bait of alternative is tied to the string and left throughout the canine’s attain. The canine grabs the bait and upsets the stack of cans, which fall with a crash. The canine runs for canopy and, in so doing, learns a lesson.

One other model entails engaging meals, a cookie sheet, a skinny rope, a number of pennies, soda cans, and a very good place for the human to cover.  Put the meals on the cookie sheet—the smellier, the higher.  Put the cookie sheet far sufficient again on the counter in order that the canine can’t simply see it.  Encompass the meals with soda cans which have pennies positioned inside.  Connect the string to the tray as a way to conceal whereas nonetheless holding the string.  Await the canine to come back in and discover the meals.  As quickly because it commits to being unhealthy, pull the string.  The trick is for the canine to not see that you just made every little thing come crashing down.

There are a number of business merchandise that you should use to discourage your canine from getting on the counter.  The primary product to think about is the Scat Mat.  You place the mat on the floor you need your pet to keep away from.  If the canine touches the mat, it’s going to give a really gentle zing of shock, not like static electrical energy.   You may also look into the X-Mat, an affordable plastic mat with raised plastic nubs.  Just like the Scat Mat, the S-Mat is positioned on the counter, and the canine touches it when it jumps up.  Not like the Scat Mat, no shock is given; the aversion is that the bumps don’t really feel very good.

A costlier possibility, which could be very efficient, is a distant stimulation collar.  With out displaying the canine what you might be doing, however with the canine within the room, give him a tiny morsel of the meals in order that he would possibly “assume” about stealing it from the counter.  Arrange your lure.  Not too simple—place the meals the place it could be for those who have been distracted by the entrance door.  Faux the doorbell rang and depart the room.  You will want to be hiding the place you’ll be able to nonetheless observe the canine or hear the noise.  As quickly because the canine commits to counter surf, press the stimulation button.  The sensation is disagreeable and can startle the canine inflicting the canine to sense a correction with out you being concerned.

Odds are he is not going to contact it once more right now.  However he’ll strive once more tomorrow.

It isn’t discovered the primary time, however having a canine create his personal corrections, helps eradicate the habits rapidly.

The Ethical of this story

The MORAL is: PREVENT your canine from having the chance to be taught to treat the kitchen counter, kitchen trash can, and out of doors trash cans as sources of meals to be raided. Be ready to TRAIN the canine by way of no matter means crucial to treat this temptation as one value resisting. And in any case, educate your canine that meals on a desk is simply as a lot YOURS as if it have been in your hand, even for those who depart the room for a couple of minutes. Lastly, TRAIN YOURSELF is not going to depart excessively tempting goodies (or harmful ones like chocolate) throughout the canine’s potential attain.

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