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Can I wash my dog with just water?

Can I wash my canine with simply water?

Many canine house owners hate to see their canine scratching tirelessly as a consequence of unhealthy elements used within the manufacturing of so many canine shampoos out there at present(on-line and offline). Most are petrified of utilizing harsh chemical elements present in most canine shampoos on their canine, whereas others are on a finances and would entertain the concept of spending a lot cash on buying canine shampoos. However do you have to wash your canine with simply water?

In case your canine is snug with a moist tub and smells good already, then you may wash your canine with simply water. But when your canine doesn’t scent recent, then you must use canine shampoo, and necessities oil to enhance your canine’s scent. 

Properly, as an expert canine groomer with over two (2) many years of expertise as a canine groomer, I’m additionally going to offer solutions to what type of shampoo dog groomers use  and different questions relating to washing a canine with simply water and different canine house owners who’re skeptical about utilizing canine shampoos in washing or bathing their canine.

Can I wash my canine with simply water?

can I wash my dog with just water

As a canine mum or dad, we’re sure to ask ourselves this query sometime.- Can I wash my canine with simply water?

You could have acquired a dirty canine with a pungent scent that wants correct care, however possibly you don’t have the sources to get a shampoo formulated for dogs with itchy and smelly skin . Now it’s a must to determine tips on how to get your canine cleaned up with simply water

Properly, exterior making use of shampoo, there are a number of methods one can cleanse their canine with shampoo – some embody The baking soda rub technique, The moist tub technique amongst many extra, and even with out water (that is for canine which have undergone some surgical procedures and are suggested to avoid water).

Know this, bathing your canine with no shampoo might depart your canine not smelling recent. Additionally, with a shampoo, cleansing, or washing of canine turns into effortlessly straightforward.

However in answering the query, Can I wash my canine with simply water? Let’s discover out.

Can I wash my canine with simply water every single day?

Washing your canine every single day with shampoo might have some uncomfortable side effects however washing them with simply water on a regular basis has no uncomfortable side effects. However why wash every single day when you may truly maintain the way in which from soiled environments and objects?

Washing your canine every day with simply water doesn’t have an effect on it in any respect.

As an expert canine groomer who has been grooming for nearly three(3) many years, I don’t advise my purchasers to clean their canine with simply water.- Besides they attempt to clear a spot on the canine that acquired stain- possibly as a consequence of play or the atmosphere.

I at all times advise them to make sure that their canine stays clear to keep away from washing every day because it might result in dry and itchy pores and skin.

Washing your canine with simply water every single day can result in;

  • Drying out their pores and skin
  • An Itchy pores and skin
  • Flaking

After we over tub our canine, we deplete and cut back the pure oil discovered on their pores and skin – This truly results in dry pores and skin and reduces the luster of a canine’s pure coat.

The about each and lots of extra downsides of washing your canine every day.

Can I wash my canine with out shampoo?

Similar to we’ve answered in earlier subtopics above, wash your canine with out shampoo is okay, however the issue lies within the purpose for the wash.

In case your canine is soiled, pungent, and stained, then washing with out shampoo will not be suggested; however for those who insist, then it’s as much as you.

Apart from washing your canine with shampoo, one can go for any of the under choices.

  1. Making use of dish:

You don’t have to go straight to utilizing a canine dish cleaning soap in your canine.

As a substitute, you may formulate a easy one in your canine.

You’ll want;

  • ¼ cup of daybreak
  • ½ cup of white vinegar
  • 2 cups of water

Be certain that you apply to your canine’s moist fur after which lather gently. Additionally, be certain that they don’t get into their nostril, mouth, or eyes.

  1. Using baking soda:

You possibly can both pour the baking soda and rub it into your canine’s coat, otherwise you create a recipe:

  • 1 cup of raw-ground oatmeal
  • half ½ cup of baking soda
  • Three 3 cups of water
  1. Child wipes or towel:

It is a nice possibility too. You should use this to clean your canine with out shampoo.

Please word: Making use of canine shampoo is the best choice to go for when washing or cleansing your canine, particularly if they’ve spent all their time in mud or a unclean and pungent atmosphere.

Is it okay to clean your canine with chilly water?

Bathing your canine with chilly water is definitely not unhealthy, however think about the climate earlier than you accomplish that. Do not forget that chilly water will not be okay for many dogs- Many don’t discover it enjoyable.

If you wish to bathe your canine in chilly water, it ensures that the climate is heat sufficient. – That is to stop your canine from catching a chilly. In eliminating dust, please word that heat or barely sizzling water could also be extra preferable.

You may additionally need to begin the was with heated water in order that your canine’s physique can get heat.

Warning and Issues of Washing your Canine with simply water

Listed below are some issues it is advisable to put into consideration earlier than going into any of the above types of washing your canine with out using shampoo

  • Baking soda works nicely once you want your canine to scent good, however there isn’t any shampoo round, otherwise you don’t have sufficient time for shampooing your canine.
  • Dry-washing or moist wipes might be beneficial for canine who get soiled however hate bathing.
  • In case your canine could be very okay with washing with out shampoo, you may need to think about making use of coconut oil on their coat to assist kind out pores and skin points similar to as- itching and pores and skin dryness.
  • Must you go for washing your canine with out shampoo whatever the results, the. You might think about including some important oils to your brushing periods.- Important oils that may assist clean up your canine’s scent. Considered one of such important oils contains Lavender, which may help calmer down an anxious canine and depart some pleases scents behind.

How typically ought to I bathe or wash my canine?

Canines don’t want common bathing as people do. Bathing as soon as a month is nice besides they’re at all times soiled and smelly as a consequence of their form of job or atmosphere.

Strive as a lot as doable to maintain their environment clear.


In all you do, know this washing or bathing your canine with shampoo is one of the simplest ways to maintain your canine clear.

It’s also the most effective methods a canine proprietor or mother and father can keep a wholesome canine coat and maintain parasites (ticks and fleas ) away from their canine’s coat.

All the above-listed washing choices are good, however making use of shampoo is the most effective.

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