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Can Dogs Eat Jicama? Is Jicama Safe For Dogs? ~

Every kind of crunchy, candy and wholesome, jicamas are a marvel meals, completely combining healthiness and nice style (a uncommon sufficient mixture!). However, can canine eat jicama? These edible root greens, native to Central America and Mexico—the place they make for extremely popular road meals, bought uncooked with lime-juice-and-chilli-powder seasoning—are glorious when it’s essential to fight starvation pangs with something healthy yet delicious.

Whereas we people go gaga over this tuber and put it on the entrance web page of each well being and cooking journal, is the Mexican potato simply pretty much as good for canine? Simply because the tuber is the star of most of your meals now, ought to it additionally discover its technique to your canine’s meals bowl?

Right here’s all it’s essential to learn about jicamas, whether or not or not your four-legged member of the family needs to be consuming it and if sure, how greatest to feed her or him a wholesome dose of jicama! Learn on!

A Little Introduction to Jicama!

A cross between apples and water chestnuts (as described by many ardent followers of the vegetable!), jicamas are native to South America and Mexico. Although they go by many names—Mexican turnip, yam bean (fully unrelated to precise yams) and Mexican potato—they’re extraordinarily cherished, having been eaten for hundreds of years of their native lands.

Jicama can develop as much as 20 toes in size on vines, not like different root greens that develop underground.

Can My Canine Eat Jicama?

Lengthy story quick—sure, your canine can eat jicama. However is ‘can’ adequate to justify ‘needs to be consuming’?

Whatever the breed, jicamas could be loved by all canine fur infants! Low in energy and fats, this Mexican delicacy is wealthy in fibre, which works wonders on your canine’s intestine and different important vitamins that maintain your canine wholesome.

Consuming Jicama Uncooked

Can jicamas be loved uncooked by doggos, simply as people take pleasure in them? You betcha! Canine can eat recent jicama simply in addition to they will eat pan-fried jicama. If you happen to’re within the temper to prepare dinner up a meal on your canine and a splash of spices, keep in mind that canine can solely tolerate certain spices. Onion and garlic—strict no-no!

What about Different Elements of the Vegetable?

So now that we’ve established that jicamas could be eaten and eaten uncooked, does that imply that each a part of the vegetable is truthful recreation on your canine? Not likely! Right here’s a breakdown of what elements of the jicama plant your canine can or can not eat:

  • Jicama Leaves: Lengthy story quick, jicama leaves are poisonous to canine, so on no account do you have to allow them to eat jicama leaves. Except you’re rising them in your yard, purchase jicamas with out the leaves and if you’re rising them in your yard, make sure that your canine keep far-off from them. The leaves could make them actually sick.
  • Jicama Bulbs, Seeds and Bean Pods: Of the seeds, bulbs and bean ponds, your furry good friend can solely eat the basis bulb. The remainder of the jicama plant is strictly off-limits. Once more, should you’re rising jicama in your yard, watch out that your canine doesn’t dig up the seeds or eat stray pods.

The ethical of the story? Feed your canine nothing however the jicama bulb!

jicama plant is dog friendly

Methods to Feed Your Canine Jicama

Probably the greatest methods to include jicama into your canine’s food plan is to serve them as jicama sticks—skinny slices of the basis that resemble matchsticks. Be sure that you peel the jicama—the peel might comprise a compound referred to as rotenone (along with all of the pesticides that had been most likely sprayed on it), which is extraordinarily toxic to the dog.

It’s also possible to make a flowery meal of it and serve the sticks roasted or sauteed to your canine, however as talked about earlier, bear in mind to make use of spices which can be canine pleasant.

Bear in mind, as it’s with all new meals, introduce jicama to your canine slowly. Begin with a small quantity, combined into or shredded and sprinkled over your canine’s common meals and regularly improve the quantity until your canine is snug—and extra importantly, having fun with—consuming simply jicama.

Each cooked and uncooked jicama could be fed to your canine, although cooking helps scale back any discomfort from digestion. Sticks and small items are good—this additionally reduces the chance of gastrointestinal blockage and choking.

Within the preliminary days, maintain an eye fixed out for any digestive points or damaging reactions, resembling vomiting, diarrhea and an upset abdomen. In case there are any, a visit to the vet could also be a good suggestion, particularly if issues don’t settle in a day or two. It’s possible you’ll miss the indicators since they’re so refined, so it’s essential to rigorously monitor your canine’s well being.

The Well being Advantages of Jicama

Jicama brings a ton of wonderful well being advantages to the desk—excessive in fibre and low in fats, they make a fantastic guilt-free snack! In actual fact, some pet food corporations even incorporate the basis into their merchandise.

Jicama is excessive in vitamin C, iron, potassium and dietary fibres. Owing to a low-fat, low-calorie, high-fibre composition, these are particularly nice for canine with weight, diabetes and pancreatic points. Since jicama doesn’t cause spikes within the blood sugar ranges, the basis can also be nice on your canine’s coronary heart well being.

Right here’s a extra detailed breakdown of how jicama can profit your canine:

  • Wealthy in Antioxidants: Jicama is brimming with antioxidants—only a quarter cup can provide your canine a considerable dose of nutritional vitamins E and C, beta-carotene and selenium. These antioxidants protect in opposition to cell injury caused by dangerous free radicals that trigger oxidative stress, which is linked to cognitive mind issues, most cancers and coronary heart illness.
  • A Wholesome Intestine: Jicama is wealthy in fibre, particularly inulin, a prebiotic fibre that’s a vital supply of vitamin to the wholesome micro organism in your canine’s intestine. A prebiotic diet for your dog will improve the nice micro organism and reduce the unhealthy. This leads to a wholesome, well-balanced intestine that additionally helps the well being of the immune system, temper and weight.
  • A Wholesome Coronary heart: Jicama, as talked about, may work wonders on your canine’s well being, because of the presence of soluble dietary fibre and potassium. The previous lowers the LDL ldl cholesterol (the dangerous form) by stopping the reabsorption of bile within the intestines, whereas the latter is related to lower blood pressure because it relaxes the blood vessels. Potassium additionally protects in opposition to stroke and coronary heart illness whereas bettering circulation.
  • Higher Gastrointestinal Well being: It’s frequent data that fibre is to a wholesome intestine what soccer is to Brazil—essential! All that fibre goodness in jicama promotes environment friendly digestion and an total more healthy gastrointestinal system by bulking up stools and stopping constipation—the inulin in jicama helps forestall constipation, which makes it nice for puppers affected by constipation or irregular defecation.

No Considerations Round Feeding My Canine Jicama? Can Canine Eat Jicama, Severely?

Yep, there are completely no considerations in the case of feeding your canine jicama—so long as it’s solely the bulb of the basis and never the leaves, seeds or another half. It bears repeating, however these are extraordinarily poisonous to your canine.

Nonetheless, you don’t want to fret about this except you’re rising jicama in your yard, as talked about earlier. It’s solely the basis that’s bought at your native grocery store or grocers’, so that you’re within the clear!

It does bear noting, although, that except your canine is constipated, feed solely a small quantity of jicama to your canine and watch how the fibre impacts your canine.

If there’s a extra frequent must go exterior than ordinary, dial it again on the jicama, or perhaps don’t feed your canine any in any respect—jicamas, whereas a supremely wholesome deal with, will not be important in any respect to your canine’s food plan!

The Last Phrase – Can Canine Eat Jicama?

With an increasing number of people leaping on the Latin American delicacies bandwagon, jicama is turning into a extra frequent sight on dinner tables all over the world. Seems, for the exact same motive, that it’s additionally turning into extra frequent in doggie meals bowls all over the world!

Jicama is nice for canine, wealthy in fibre and micronutrients and low in carbs, fats and energy (if solely all treats had been this guilt-free!). The high-fibre content material can forestall constipation, enhance coronary heart well being and maintain your canine’s intestine wholesome, aided by the excessive quantities of iron, potassium, nutritional vitamins C and E and different vitamins.

Nonetheless, as magical and sensible as jicamas are, don’t power them down your canine’s throat! As talked about earlier, they don’t seem to be a vital a part of your canine’s food plan, particularly in case your canine’s common meals is offering the required quantity of vitamins to your canine. Forcing your canine to eat one thing she or he doesn’t like might trigger extra hurt than good.

Moreover, on feeding, if there are any opposed reactions to the basis, it’s all the time a good suggestion to take your canine to the vet—even when it’s nothing severe, you could acquire some perception into your canine’s dietary preferences or a potential allergy, even.

We will undoubtedly reply the query, can canine eat jicama? They actually can so give this marvel meals a attempt to you’ll have a contented, wholesome pupper in your palms!

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