Basic Dog Training Equipment

dog training equipment

In this post, I will share some of the dog training equipment and gear needed to train a dog. You may not need all the things mentioned here as it depends on the type of training and also on the situation. So, let’s dig in.

Dog Treat

This is the most important thing that you will need in almost every dog training. Dog treat is the main thing why the dog does what you want him to do. Now coming towards what kind of dog treat you can use, for this you will have to see what dogs want the most. Yes, dog food. Dog food is one of the best treats you can give to your dog. In training, it is also used to show appreciation when the dog follows your command. Dog toys can also be used as a dog treat but may not be as effective as dog food.

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A clicker produces a click sound and this tool is also needed in dog training. Usually, the click sound is followed by a dog treat. So, your dog starts associating the click sound with the treat. Whenever you produce the click sound, your dog expects a treat to be given to him.

Dog Leash 

Dog leash also plays a vital role in dog training. It is used not only in dog training but, also when you take your dog out for a walk. Try to get a longer and soft leash for your dog in which it feels comfortable when it is leashed. You can also get waist leash as it allows you to free your hands during dog training.

Dog Collar 

Just like a dog leash, you will also need a dog collar. You can clip the dog leash with the collar. Dog collar allows you to keep your dog in your control and monitor the dog’s movement. With this, you can easily guide your dog with the help of the collar of your dog when it makes a mistake during training.

Obstacles and Barriers 

Different obstacles and barriers also help in dog training. You need to plan different activities for your dog with the help of these obstacles and barriers. Plan the activities, place these barriers and guide your dog to pass from these barriers. An example of these barriers is jumping barriers.

Dog Toys

They are a good way of keeping dogs active and busy. Different dog toys can also help you with dog training. Like, you can throw the toys and ask your dog to grab and bring back to you. This activity is quite common.

A Crate, If You Want to Crate Train 

If you want to crate train your dog, you will also need a dog crate. Many people are not in favor of keeping their dog open all the time, especially at night. Due to this reason, they crate train their dog. If you also decide to crate train your dog, I would recommend you getting a good size crate for your dog so that it feels comfortable when it is in it or otherwise, your dog can avoid going in it.


All the dog training equipment mentioned above is the basic training gear. You may sometimes require the need of some other dog training stuff also. It all depends on the type of dog training you are doing and what commands you are teaching your dog. I hope you found this dog training equipment post helpful. You can comment below if you want some other equipment to be included in the list also.

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