Basic Commands to Teach Your New Dog

basic commands to teach your new dog

You just got a new dog and you might be thinking about training your dog and what are the commands that you should teach your dog. In this post, I will share some of the basic commands new dog owners can teach their dogs. So let’s see what are these commands. If you are looking for a program that can help you in training your dog then, you can check this online dog and puppy training course.


This is one of the most basic commands that you will use in your everyday life while interacting with your dog. Imagine, you take your dog out for a walk and you see your dog going away from you. What will you do to call him back? You will use this command. On the other hand, even if you are indoors, you will quite often have to use this command to call your dog.


I don’t think I have to talk much about the importance of this command as dog owners already know it. I would just say that if you are a new dog owner, this is also a command that you have to teach your dog as early as possible. Let’s move on to the next command.


I will explain the importance of this command with the help of an example again. Imagine, you see your dog grabbing something in its mouth that can cause a problem to your dog. You will have to convey your dog a message to stop it. It is that time when you will use the “Leave” command. You can use this command after speaking your dog’s name.

Lie Down 

You may not need this command at the start but it is good to take out some time and also teach your dog this command. Remember, the greater commands you teach your dog the better it is as you will be able to control your dog by having total control over it.


This command can be linked with the sit command. Like first, you tell your dog to stay and then ask him to sit. This command is also used very widely and is easy to teach.


All these are basic dog commands that new dog owners should teach their dogs. Teaching these commands is not too difficult if you follow the right technique. You can also check the dog program shared above. When you teach your dog these commands, share your experience by commenting below. Good Luck!

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