Are Fluffy French Bulldogs a Thing? Yes Indeed They Are!

Imagine it or not, there may be such a factor as a fluffy French Bulldog or an extended haired french bulldog. A fluffy French bulldog will get its lengthy hair because of uncommon autosomal recessive gene that the French Bulldog mother and father carry. As phrase has gotten out about these lengthy haired French Bulldogs, some French Bulldog kennels have begun deliberately breeding carriers of the long-haired gene.

What Precisely Is a Fluffy French Bulldog?  

These uncommon French Bulldogs which have an imposing look to them are merely variations of the standard Frenchie however with a definite distinction; their lengthy hair.  Fluffy Frenchies come about as a result of the Frenchie mother and pa carry the uncommon recessive gene that doesn’t usually seem within the purebred quick haired French Bulldogs.  These lion-looking French Bulldogs are often called fluffy french bulldogs or Lengthy-haired French Bulldog.

The Fluffy French Bulldog Genetic Profile Defined

As talked about beforehand, these long-haired French Bulldogs happened because of a genetic variation.  There are canine genetic testing firms like Embark that state that the long-coated French Bulldog possesses the Fibroblast Growth Factor 5 (FGF) (often known as the autosomal recessive gene).  It’s this gene that’s liable for expressing the 2 gene codes often called quick hair (Sh) and lengthy hair (Lh).  

If two totally different French Bulldogs carrying the Lh gene have a Frenchie pet, there’s a sturdy probability that the entire litter of Frenchie might be of the long-haired selection.  Alternatively, if one of many French Bulldog mother and father carry the Sh gene, just one Frenchie pet from that exact litter might be of the fluffy French Bulldog selection.  Hopefully that quick genetic dialogue didn’t trigger PTSD out of your highschool biology lessons.  

long hair french bulldog puppy

Is The Fluffy Frenchie Truly Thought of a Purebred French Bulldog?  

That is the place issues get a bit of controversial.  French Bulldog purists don’t think about these fluff-balls as a part of the breed normal. There may be nothing inherently fallacious with these fluffy Frenchies, they only aren’t acknowledged by the American Kennel Club (AKC), Canadian Kennel Club (CKC), and United Kennel Club (UKC).

These organizations do NOT qualify the fluffy French Bulldog as assembly the breed normal.  Whereas completely lovable, they aren’t thought of purebred French Bulldogs.  There could also be a shot that sometime this variation of Frenchie might be acknowledged by organizations just like the AKC however not at the moment.

Are Fluffy French Bulldogs Arduous To Come By?

I used to be so used to seeing “regular” French Bulldogs that the primary time I noticed an image of a “Fluffy French Bulldog” I didn’t assume it was actual.  In my small metropolis it’s uncommon that I see one other canine proprietor with a French Bulldog and seeing a long-haired French Bulldog is particularly uncommon.  That is certainly a uncommon variation of the French Bulldog so they’re laborious to come back by.   

With that mentioned, this variation of French Bulldog is gaining popularity so they’re beginning to pop up an increasing number of as some breeders are beginning to deliberately breed them to fulfill the demand. 

fluffy french bulldog

The place Can You Purchase a Fluffy French Bulldog?  

That is little robust to nail down as breeders which have these furry fur balls out there are few and much between. I did some analysis 

  • Tom King Kennels – One of many first leads to Google is a kennel known as Tom King Kennels.  They’re primarily based abroad in Hungary and the opinions on-line are very optimistic and a few trusted sources have good issues to say about them.  I’d usually be very cautious about shopping for a canine I haven’t seen however the opinions look good.  Simply concentrate on the inherent risks about buying a canine you haven’t seen and in addition perceive with the added journey bills of getting the canine despatched to you may be fairly expensive.  
  • REO Ranch in CA – One other Kennel that confirmed up extremely in Google included the REO Ranch in California.  I couldn’t discover quite a lot of opinions on Google or Fb however that they had some on their web site here.  As all the time, do your homework earlier than ever buying a French Bulldog.  Some suggestions in this article ought to assist.  
  • AKC Marketplace – I do know I said earlier that the AKC doesn’t formally acknowledge this variation of the breed BUT they do listing quite a lot of French Bulldog breeders so it may not be a nasty concept to succeed in out to a few of them. 
  • Fluffy Frenchies UK – That is one other breeder within the UK primarily based out of Berkshire. These breeders take a look at the bloodlines totally and their fluffy Frenchies include the mandatory pedigree papers.
  • Beantown Frenchies – I lately had a fantastic dialog with Alek from Beantown Frenchies, a French Bulldog Breeder in Massachusetts that does the truth is breed Fluffy French Bulldogs in addition to quick haired French Bulldogs too.  

Some have requested concerning the probabilities whether it is doable to undertake a Fluffy French Bulldog.  Your possibilities of doing this gained’t be superb, however you simply by no means know.  It’s doable however the odds gained’t be in your favor. 

Fluffy French Bulldog Value – How A lot Is a Lengthy Haired French Bulldog?

As I discussed earlier, these fluffy French Bulldogs are at the moment laborious to come back by so the usually costly Frenchie is much more costly because of their rarity.   

After scouring the Web I noticed the value vary for a male long-haired French Bulldog going from $13,000 to $15,000.  The females are much more of an funding.  The fluffy feminine French Bulldogs price $14,000 to $16,000. Yowsers!  As if that sticker shock wasn’t sufficient, you may even see these numbers climb from breeders with high quality lineages.  

I paid $4,500 for my short-haired French Bulldog to place that in perspective.  It’s not atypical for brief haired French Bulldogs go from $3,500 to $8,000.

Is The Temperament of a Fluffy French Bulldog The Similar As a Quick Haired French Bulldog?

Whereas the size of the hair on these lovable fluff balls is totally different the temperament is much like that of any French Bulldog.  Similar to their quick haired cousins, these Fluffy French Bulldogs are fantastic household canines.  They’re playful, cussed, love children, and they are often vocal at occasions

Frenchies are food-driven, people-pleasing, affectionate bat eared little canines that may work their manner into your coronary heart in a short time. 

They’re additionally liable to separation nervousness and aren’t followers of being left alone for prolonged durations of time.  Our little Frenchie usually will get himself into bother when he’s unattended by “his people.”  Simply ask my favourite chair he ripped the stuffing out of after being left alone for too lengthy.   

What Does a Fluffy French Bulldog Look Like?  Fluffy French Bulldog Look

The primary time I noticed an image of one of many Fluffy French Bulldogs it regarded like a small lion.  He had fairly the mane and was very spectacular trying.  

Right here’s a good looking fluffy French Bulldog image: 

Right here’s one other shot of a special Fluffy French Bulldog

Have a look at this Fluffy French Bulldog cutie

And the way concerning the glowing smile on this Fluffy French Bulldog: 

3 Ideas To Preserve Your Fluffy Frenchie Clear

Whereas these fluffy French Bulldogs are completely lovable their lengthy hair doesn’t come with out points.  

1. Commonly Wash Your Fluffy Frenchie 

Lengthy-haired Frenchies must have their hair washed and brushed extra usually than their short-haired counterparts.  Their lengthy hair is extra more likely to accumulate mud and different undesirable materials.  By washing them extra usually it will forestall your fluffy Frenchie from having a smelly odor and even fungal infections.

2. Commonly Brush Your Frenchie

With the lengthy hair you’ll want to brush your Frenchie’s mane regularly.  You might use a hand glove brush or perhaps a medium bristle brush to maintain their hair trying good.

3. Common Grooming of Facial Folds and Trimming of Nails

Lastly, you’ll want to additionally clear your lengthy haired French Bulldog’s facial folds.  Apart from cleansing their Face to forestall odors and an infection additionally, you will wish to trim their nails regularly.  I personally select to convey my Frenchie to knowledgeable groomer.  

Last Ideas About The Fluffy French Bulldog

There is no such thing as a doubt these Fluffy French Bulldogs are a pleasure to take a look at.  Some French Bulldog purists could not settle for them however to every their very own is what I all the time say.  The value tag alone could make these long-haired Frenchies unattainable for many.

These Fluffy French Bulldogs have a novel and memorable look.  Whereas their hair could look totally different, they nonetheless share the identical lovable temperament as their short-haired counterparts.  

If you happen to determine that you just completely should have a Fluffy French Bulldog, remember to do your homework, know what you’re entering into, and buy one from a reputable breeder.  

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