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All You Need to Know about Stabyhoun Dog Breed


Stabyhoun is a pooch with a stunning look and is thought for its abilities as a water retriever and for his comfortable mouth which can retrieve the birds in good situation. The work and origin of this breed are that of a gundog breed originated from Friesland within the Netherlands. The breed is thought to be a superb swimmer and water retriever, with a delicate disposition and a pleasant persona. It’s typically closely constructed and has additionally been used as a draft canine. The Stabyhoun is a farm canine and searching canine, and Dutch farmers admire its means to tackle many roles on the farm, from searching to watchdogs to defending livestock and whilst a household pet. Like a canine on a household farm, he additionally performs the position of a rodent killer, as he’ll go after moles and rats and even hunt wild sport.

Breed Origin

This canine originated within the northeast area of the Netherlands, the place he was used as a watchdog and searching canine. Its identify comes from the Dutch phrase for “stand by me canine.” The breed isn’t extensively identified exterior of the Netherlands, though it has turn into more and more common in England and Germany. In 1942, it was formally accepted by the F.C.I. as a member of the Gundog group, it has grown steadily in recognition after the good world wars. At present, there are solely about 3,500 registered members of the breed and Stabyhoun breeders are totally conscious of the necessity to observe exact breeding practices with such a restricted genetic pool.

Traits and Coat Colour

Stabyhoun might be orange and white, black and white, and even brown and white. It has a shiny single coat with lengthy fur, and breeches on the rump and again legs and feathering on the entrance legs. Its whole coat could also be dotted or “ticked” or the spots could also be giant and splashy. Tri-color isn’t acceptable within the breed customary. The canine tail is shaggy and has a novel characteristic in that the tail tip is roofed with a brief clean coat. Stabyhoun is a medium-sized canine, constructed identical to a spaniel canine. The canine is skillful at searching and retrieving and can level and flush naturally. It may well retrieve from water in addition to land. It’s dependable, affectionate and in addition a peaceful household canine with a reliably mild temperament.

Completely, the males weigh about 50 kilos and stand about 20.5 inches on the shoulder degree. The females are a bit of smaller, measuring about 19 inches at shoulder ranges and weighing about 45 kilos.


Stabyhoun is a superb retriever, notably from water, so in case you reside close to a lake or have a pool; he might be in Paradise. Similar to most sporting breeds, Stabyhoun is tolerant, pleasant, and keen to please. He additionally enjoys collaborating in canine sports activities similar to flyball, obedience, and agility.

They love spending time with their folks and they’re pleasant with kids and different pets. Begin coaching early to reap the benefits of its intelligence and need to be with you.


Stabyhoun’s lengthy and stylish coat is available in completely different colour markings. Common brushing will forestall the coat from changing into tangled and scale back shedding. Except your canine’s gotten into one thing very smelly, he does not have to bathe. Baths can destroy the softness of the coat.

Well being Points

The Stabyhoun’s common life expectancy is round 13 to 14 years. The commonest genetic issues that have an effect on this breed are elbow dysplasia, hip dysplasia, radius curvus, epilepsy and PDA (congenital coronary heart dysfunction).

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