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All You Need To Know About Komondor Dog Breed

This can be a muscular flock Guardian canine with a big bone construction. It has a big head and a really quick darkish muzzle. They seem distinctive due to their coat. It has brown and medium-sized darkish almond-shaped eyes. The breed has giant, elongated triangular ears, with barely rounded ends. The canine tail is lengthy sufficient to succeed in the hocks. Komondor has a peak of 25½ inches and extra, weighing 125 kilos, with the bitches being solely barely much less, this can be a huge canine.

Historical past

Komondor canine breed origin is traced to the Tibetan canine. It’s believed that this breed got here from Tibet 1000 years in the past. The way it landed in Hungary isn’t fully clear. Tombs have been discovered with the stays of this canine, which belongs to Cumans (Turkish talking and nomadic folks). These nomadic individuals are mentioned to have settled in Hungary across the twelfth century. There may be additionally written proof from the reign of Astiagis in 1544. In latest instances, the breed has unfold world wide. They’ve participated in canine reveals since 1920.

They shield the flocks, as a substitute of herding them. This breed was first documented by the AKC in 1937. Their coat offers glorious safety towards dangerous climate and assault from different animals. There are tales that a variety of these canine have been killed throughout World Warfare II as a result of they’d not abandon the buildings by which they have been in. So to seize the constructing, the soldier needed to shoot them. At this time in Hungary, Komondor canine is a typical sight.


 As a household pet, they want a agency, and naturally, authoritative proprietor to behave nicely. To be household canine, Komondor must be nicely socialized and educated completely, and likewise must be raised with youngsters from the puppyhood. They’re very protecting, with a variety of confidence, as they watch over their flock, or household.

Their intuition is to protect and they’ll assault bears and wolves in the event that they pose a risk to their flock. Komondors have been bred to work they usually have a very excessive dominance stage. They’ve a excessive territorial intuition that may have an effect on different canine and other people, so that they want exceptionally good management. This may require good obedience coaching as a result of they’re strong-minded.

Each Komondor proprietor ought to have that management standing and expertise in canine possession. They get bored simply and want glorious bodily and psychological stimulation each day. Establishing clear guidelines is a should, and it will assist the canine turn into one of the best he may be.


It’s a bit difficult to coach Komondor. This good canine breed can simply get bored; subsequently coaching periods will likely be more practical if mixed with play. Komondor usually likes to study new methods and can usually attempt to please its proprietor. This canine will make an amazing household canine if raised with youngsters and socialized throughout puppyhood. Although, it isn’t advisable for all households, particularly these with babies.


The Komondor wants a medium-level exercise as they will train on their very own. But when the house owners are very energetic, they can provide them intense workout routines, which embody a distance working or pulling. As working canine, they do nicely with a job to do.

Well being Situations 

They might have bloat, hip dysplasia, and pores and skin issues.


This breed ought to by no means be combed or brushed. The fur is split into cords and trimmed as required. Komondor requires bathing often and drying their coat takes a very long time, from a couple of hours to a full day, relying on the climate.

Residing circumstances

Komondors canine breed is appropriate to countryside environments, the place lengthy walks are attainable. They’ll dwell in an condominium home, offered all their wants for strolling and psychological stimulation are met.

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