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All You Need to Know about Berger Picard Breed

Berger Picard is perhaps the oldest among the many French Shepherd canine. This breed arrived in Picardy in 800 AD. These canine had been named after the Picardie area in northeastern France. Some consultants consider that this breed is related to the preferred Briard and Beauceron. Others assume they share their origins with Dutch and Belgian Shepherd canine. Berger Picard appeared within the first French canine’s present in 1863, however the look of the breed didn’t result in recognition as a present canine. After the 2 world wars, this breed was virtually extinct and continues to be very uncommon. There are about 3000 of those canine in France and about 350 in Germany. This breed is about 1 foot, 9 inches to 2 ft, 1 inch tall on the shoulder degree. It weighs between 50 and 70 kilos.


It is suggested that one ought to have some canine possession expertise earlier than getting one among these canine. Berger Picard has a really delicate and confident temperament. You can find that these canine are additionally very loyal and calm. They get alongside properly with youngsters, canine, and different animals – particularly if they’ve been raised with them. Berger Picard is a diligent, energetic and alert canine. Nevertheless, Berger Picard is not going to do properly if they’re neglected – this might result in damaging conduct. This breed will do properly guarding their households, livestock and their territories.


The Berger Picard coat ought to be combed or brushed solely twice a month, particularly throughout spring and autumn when they’re shedding. Their fur shouldn’t be washed or trimmed. It may be cleaned off when soiled. It is a very mild shedding breed with out doggie scent.


This breed may be very clever and really fast to be taught. The Berger Picard breed will want obedience and socialization coaching at an early age. Berger Picard canine even have a really cussed streak and will also be very temperamental. Their coaching session is really useful to be brief and various to keep away from boredom. This breed is not going to reply positively to merciless or harsh coaching strategies. Coaching ought to be executed in a good, affected person and agency method.

Well being issues

A few of Berger Picard’s endure from hip dysplasia, however this isn’t quite common as a result of these canine aren’t very heavy. Some puppies may even have eye infections due to the wind and filth that get into their eyes. When they’re over a 12 months previous, they won’t wrestle with this anymore. Additionally they have some genetic eye issues like PRA and R D. Their common life expectancy is between 13 to 14 years.

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