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All You Need to Know About Azawakh Dog Breed

The traditional and majestic Azawakhs are initially from the West African Sahara Desert. Some nomadic tribes have developed them as a guard and searching canines. They’re normally very calm and constant round their residence however might be cautious or unfriendly round guests they usually have a excessive prey drive. Azawakh canines are very quick when operating and may attain speeds of about 40 miles per hour. The common weight of a male Azawakh canine is round: 44-55lbs whereas the feminine weight is round 33-44 lbs. Additionally, the typical top of Azawakh male canine is between 25-29 inches, whereas a feminine Azawakh canine top is round 23-27 inches.


Azawakh breed is an actual pack canine and can socialize very properly with different canines they raised collectively. They aren’t the right canine for a house with different animals or for a novice canine proprietor. They get alongside very properly with youngsters, however they need to be supervised when with youngsters. They’re very protecting of their territory and households. Azawakh canines might be hostile with individuals they don’t know; nevertheless, they’re very calm, loyal, and adoring to their households. This breed has a whole lot of endurance, and they’re additionally very pleasant.


Azawakh has a mushy coat that may be very simple to groom. It may be brushed with a agency hairbrush and dried shampoo when crucial. The gentle shampoo needs to be used to forestall dry pores and skin. Azawakh canine breed is a median shedding breed. When grooming, it is strongly recommended to test their paw pads and ears once in a while.


It is suggested that you just skilled them in obedience and socialized them from the pet stage. They won’t do properly if the coaching is performed in a merciless and heavy-handed method. They’ll solely do properly if they’re correctly motivated and the coaching is completed in a agency, truthful and respectful approach.

Well being issues

They’re prone to endure some well being issues akin to myositis, seizures, spondylosis, and autoimmune issues. Azawakhs won’t do properly in chilly climates. A number of the sicknesses they’re recognized to develop embrace:

Hypothyroidism: It happens when the canine thyroid is underactive and its metabolic fee decreases. This can lead to fatigue, weight achieve, and modifications in conduct.

Idiopathic epilepsy: This breed is vulnerable to sudden spontaneous seizures. These can fluctuate of their severity and recurrence fee. They are often managed by way of drugs, modifications in way of life, and diets relying on their nature.

Autoimmune Mediated Illnesses: Azawakhs can endure from many illnesses attributable to an irregular response of the immune system. This situation could embrace pores and skin situations akin to muscle wastage, Demodectic Mange, and also can result in hypothyroidism.

Eating regimen and Diet

Feeding your canine prime quality and correctly portion-controlled food plan is essential. Azawakh canine breed is of course slim and there could also be a bent to overfeed them. It isn’t since you see their ribs that they’re underweight. In case you overfeed them, it may possibly result in weight problems. This will trigger an entire host of extra well being issues and put a pressure on their joints. If unsure, you may search the recommendation of a certified veterinarian or canine nutritionist.

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