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All About The Rottweiler Boxer Mix (Boxweiler) With Pictures

Also called the Boxweiler, the Rottweiler Boxer Combine blends the brave and dependable persona of the Rottweiler with the playful and protecting nature of the Boxer.

This hybrid is a medium to large-sized canine who loves his proprietor and household unconditionally and desires to participate in varied actions.

Identical to each guardian breeds, the Rottweiler Boxer Combine is an clever and energetic canine who requires loads of consideration for coaching, train and grooming. Furthermore, they require early socialization and don’t tolerate being left at house alone.

This crossbreed won’t do effectively if they’re saved in an residence. Furthermore, this canine breed is just not appropriate for first time house owners; they want a mild however agency pack chief.

Earlier than getting a Rottweiler Boxer Combine pet, you need to view photos and study as a lot as you’ll be able to about this designer canine. To make your work simpler, we’ve acquired you coated with the whole lot you want to find out about this designer canine.

Right here, you’ll discover out what the Rottweiler Boxer Combine appears like, the place his dad and mom got here from, frequent conduct and potential well being points.

So, preserve studying to find out if this hybrid might be an excellent canine for your loved ones.

Some Fast Info In regards to the Rottweiler Boxer Combine

Breed Sort: Crossbreed/Combined Breed
Dimension: Giant-sized canine
Different Names: Boxweiler, Field Rottie, Boxer Rottie, Rottie Boxer, Field Rotty, and Boxie Rottie
Good Watch Canine: Sure
Good Guard Canine: Sure
Common Weight: 80 to 110 kilos
Common Peak: 21 to 27 inches on the shoulder
Lifespan: 8 to 13 years
Condo Residing: No, they want a house with a spacious yard
Best for: Energetic people and energetic households trying to find a loyal and affectionate watchdog
Coat: A double-layered coat, brief, thick, harsh or tough texture
Coat colours: Black, White, Brown, Brindle and Fawn
Appropriate for first time house owners: Reasonable
Trainability: Comparatively simple to coach, half-hour every day
Hypoallergenic: No
Shedding: Reasonable
Grooming Wants: Must be brushed no less than two to 3 instances per week
Vitality Ranges: Excessive
Train Wants: 60 to 120 minutes of train day by day is required
Tolerance to being left alone: No, these pups thrive on human companionship
Feeding and Weight loss program: 3 to 4 cup of top of the range pet food every day, divided into two or three meals
Doable Well being Points: Hip dysplasia, coronary heart issues, bone most cancers, hypothyroidism, bloat, Pano, cataracts, and deafness
Temperament: Sort, loving, alert, loyal, protecting, playful, hardworking, affectionate, cussed
Cat Pleasant: No, early socialization is required
Canine Pleasant: Reasonable, early socialization is required
Child Pleasant: Finest suited to houses with older youngsters
Household Pleasant: Sure
Worth: $300 to $600

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What Is a Boxer Rottweiler Combine?

A Rottweiler Boxer Combine, or Boxweiler, is a combination between a purebred Rottweiler and a purebred Boxer.

Each guardian breeds are highly regarded in the US. It’s necessary to debate the lineage of the Boxer Rottweiler Combine earlier than discussing the bodily traits and persona traits of this designer breed.

Because of the Rottweiler’s roots, the Boxweiler works greatest as a watchdog or guard canine. Their aloof persona and alert nature make them good guard canine who will preserve your property secure if you find yourself away.

Make no mistake although. You’ll be able to count on your Rottweiler Boxer Combine to bathe you with numerous love. These playful canine get pleasure from cuddling as a lot as they do watching over the house.

Their wants embrace bodily and psychological stimulation. They’re typically very energetic canine who get pleasure from taking part in and operating round.

The Origin and Historical past of the Rottweiler Boxer Combine

Regardless of the 2 guardian breeds being highly regarded, the Boxweiler was nonetheless not effectively established till a while within the 1980’s. The precise origin of this crossbreed is just not identified.

With a view to perceive the character of the Boxweiler, you want to know the origin of every explicit breed. Figuring out the precise causes for which a particular breed was initially bred ought to offer you a good suggestion in regards to the bodily traits and persona traits of the combo.

Understanding the origin and historical past of each guardian breeds can even permit you to look at attainable well being considerations of the combo. That is significantly necessary if a designer canine hasn’t been round lengthy sufficient and there’s restricted details about traits, personalities and temperaments of the hybrid.

The Origin of the Boxer

The Boxer canine has a attribute broad head with a brief muzzle.

The breed originated in Germany. They have been bred as herders and for canine preventing.

The Boxer has a powerful jaws and a strong chunk. These traits enabled them to carry on to massive prey. These canine are good with children and often very watchful and protecting over them.

cute boxer puppy


The Origin of the Rottweiler

The Rottweiler was initially bred in Weiler, Germany. Its ancestor is believed to be the Mastiffs used to herd cattle by the Roman Empire.

The Roman Mastiffs have been then crossed with the native herding canine within the Rote Wil area to supply the early Rottweilers. These canine continued to thrive within the Rote Wil area (therefore their title) till they have been virtually worn out resulting from overhunting within the nineteenth century.

Their inhabitants managed to get better, and at present, Rottweilers are generally used as guard canine and police canine.

Nevertheless, the Rottweiler Boxer Combine is a comparatively new hybrid that dates again simply three a long time. In consequence, there isn’t a lot info accessible about their historical past. And since it is a combined breed, it has not but been acknowledged by the AKC.

adorable rottweiler dog

The Normal Look of the Rottweiler Boxer Combine

As with all designer canine, the Boxer Rottweiler Combine will inherit a wide range of bodily traits and attributes from his dad and mom. Nevertheless, most of those canine tackle the Rottweiler’s head and muzzle.

In terms of the physique construction, all of it relies on the dominant genes. If a Boxweiler takes extra after the Rottweiler, his physique will probably be robust and muscular. Though muscular, Boxer canine are typically leaner than Rottweilers.

Your Boxweiler can have floppy ears identical to each guardian breeds.

Boxweiler Dimension, Peak and Weight

So How Large Will a Boxer Rottweiler Combine Get?

Though you won’t understand it when Boxweiler puppies on the market, you’ll be able to count on your new pet to develop as much as be a really massive canine. The Rottweiler guardian is especially enormous.

Subsequently, it’s necessary to contemplate the quantity of house accessible in your house earlier than including a Boxweiler to your loved ones. These canine can weigh as much as 110 kilos and attain their dad and mom’ full-grown dimension. They attain round 21 to 27 inches tall at maturity.

Boxweiler Coat and Coat Colours

Each the Rottweiler and the Boxer have a double-layered coat. Their hairs are brief and thick, giving the coat a harsh or tough texture.

Their coat is available in totally different colours, together with black, white, brown, brindle and fawn. Some pups may additionally tackle the black masks discovered on the Boxer’s muzzle.

Boxweiler Temperament and Character

The Rottweiler Boxer Combine is a loyal buddy who can even excel as a working canine.

These playful canines will discover pleasure in out of doors actions, together with walks, ball video games and even swimming.

They need to burn off any excess energy, so a house with a fenced yard could be good for them.

Boxweilers make nice household pets. Their cheerful persona makes them nice with youngsters.

They’re additionally protecting of their household, making them nice guard canine. They’re alert and cautious of unfamiliar faces, so they don’t enable strangers into the house with out their grasp’s approval.

Do Boxweilers Get Together with youngsters?

The Rottweiler Boxer Combine is a comparatively massive canine. Which means regardless of how effectively socialized and pleasant he’s, there’s a danger for damage as a result of he’s greater than your child. Subsequently, they’re greatest suited to houses with older youngsters.

For older youngsters who know learn how to work together with the canine, a Boxer Rottweiler Combine makes an exquisite companion. They’re clever however very sociable. Their excessive power ranges ought to match an older little one’s energetic and playful spirit.

Boxweilers require socialization from a younger age. You must socialize them with youngsters to assist them develop good manners.

Do They Get Together with Strangers?

Boxweilers are superb household canine and may do something of their energy to guard you and your loved ones. They’re cautious of unfamiliar individuals and can all the time warn you at any time when they see strangers approaching your property.

To make sure your Boxweiler doesn’t turn out to be overly aggressive, you need to socialize him properly. This implies exposing them to as many individuals and animals as attainable.

Are Boxweilers Good with Cats and Different Pets/Canine?

Boxweilers tend to be jealous dogs. Though they get together with everybody within the household, they kind robust bonds with only one grasp. They view solely their grasp because the alpha.

You’ll be able to socialize your Boxweiler with different pets within the household, however they often favor being the one pet within the household. Nevertheless, it’s nonetheless attainable to lift this canine along with cats and different pets.

Nevertheless, you need to put plenty of effort into coaching your Boxweiler to just accept cats and different canine if he hasn’t been raised along with any. You must introduce them steadily and permit them to get used to one another.

Best Residing Situations

When you’re contemplating getting a Boxweiler, it’s necessary to search out out if your property could be an excellent match for this crossbreed.

A very powerful consideration is the excessive power ranges of Boxweiler canine. Boxweilers require common bodily exercise, no less than twice day by day.

In addition they want sufficient house to run round, so residence dwelling is just not perfect for them.

Furthermore, needless to say this breed is liable to separation anxiousness. When you plan to be away from house the entire day, this isn’t your best option for you. Boxweilers don’t like being left at house alone.

Boxweilers are typically pleasant canine. They get together with youngsters, offered they’ve been correctly socialized from a younger age.

This combine is protecting, however not overly aggressive. This makes them nice guard canine.

Potential Boxweiler house owners ought to think about the professionals and cons of proudly owning this hybrid earlier than bringing one house.


Because of the Boxweiler’s excessive intelligence ranges, training can be easy if you’re firm and consistent.

The reality is that housetraining should be started during puppyhood. In addition they require persistence and persistence.

So, you want to take a agency and constant strategy that makes him see you as the leader.

Nevertheless, these canine are loyal and affectionate, so it’s advisable to present him rewards for a job effectively finished. It will encourage him and preserve him engaged all through the coaching course of. This is applicable to all breeds and never simply the Rottweiler Boxer Combine.

One factor that’s crucial throughout coaching is that everybody within the household needs to be concerned, together with youngsters.

The fundamental instructions you’ll be able to educate your Boxweiler pet embrace come, keep, and sit.

Throughout coaching, it’s necessary to show them one command at a time till they grasp it. By no means quit on any command. In any other case, they may see themselves because the pack chief. Both Boxers and Rottweilers have the potential to be stubborn, so you want to be agency however variety.

Socializing your Rottweiler Boxer Combine can also be an important a part of coaching. It will assist your pet to get used to totally different individuals, locations and conditions.

Your pup mustn’t turn out to be scared the place he sees unusual issues. You must also enable him to satisfy totally different animals throughout these each day walks. Correct socialization will enable him to study good manners when he meets individuals and different animals.

Massive Change - 300 x 250

Train Wants

The Boxer Rottweiler Combine is a results of two energetic canine breeds with a working background, so you’ll be able to count on your pup to have numerous power.

They’ll acquire weight rapidly if their train wants aren’t met.

You must take your Boxweiler out for walks at least twice a day. He additionally wants a fenced-in yard to maneuver and mess around in.

In addition they love taking part in with different canines, offered they’re effectively socialized.

Being clever and playful, your Boxweiler additionally wants psychological stimulation in the form of interactive dog toys.

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Grooming and Shedding

Each canine requires love, care and a focus. Nevertheless, in addition they want correct grooming. On this part, we’ll focus on learn how to groom your Rottweiler Boxer Combine.

The Rottweiler Boxer Combine is a reasonable shedder and must be brushed no less than two to 3 instances per week.

Though Boxweilers have brief hair, they shed reasonably all year long. These canine require brushing with the intention to preserve their tough coat in tiptop situation.

On account of their self-grooming potential, they will keep clear for a while. Nevertheless, bathing ought to nonetheless be finished no less than as soon as per thirty days. It’s additionally a good suggestion to invest in deodorizing wipes for dogs to assist preserve them clear and smelling contemporary.

Trim their nails carefully and clear their ears as wanted. It’s additionally necessary to brush their tooth commonly to maintain proper dental hygiene.

Feeding and Weight loss program

The Rottweiler Boxer Combine has particular dietary necessities. Their eating regimen should meet their diet wants. Choose a top quality pet food that is specifically made for large and energetic dogs.

Be certain that to feed your pooch solely two to 3 instances every day. Keep away from free feeding your pup as this will result in weight problems.

To forestall joint points and to take care of coat and pores and skin well being, give them probiotics and wild Alaskan salmon oil.

Your Boxweiler additionally wants contemporary water every day to remain hydrated.

Life Expectancy: How Lengthy Does a Boxweiler Dwell?

The Boxer Rottweiler Combine is mostly a wholesome canine and can provide you firm for round 8 to 13 years.

It’s important to make sure correct care relating to their meals, grooming and train necessities to prolong their lifespan.

Frequent Well being Points

The most effective issues about combined breeds just like the Boxweiler is that they’re typically more healthy and sturdier than their purebred dad and mom. That is generally known as hybrid vigor.

Nonetheless, it’s all the time a good suggestion to verify each guardian breeds’ genetic well being circumstances to organize for any well being issues which will come up.

The Boxweiler is mostly a wholesome canine, however can nonetheless tackle each optimistic and detrimental attributes of both breed.

Rottweilers are weak to hypothyroidism, gastroenteritis, coronary heart issues and eye points like cataracts.

Boxers, then again, can undergo from hip dysplasia, hypothyroidism, degenerative myelopathy, sure cancers and coronary heart issues like Arrhythmogenic proper ventricular cardiomyopathy.

Different circumstances to be careful for embrace weight problems, allergic reactions, Pano, mange, bloat and deafness.

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Discovering Boxweiler Puppies for Sale or Adoption

Since this hybrid canine is comparatively new, discovering one might take time so you want to do analysis first.

When contemplating to undertake, you should start with visiting a few Rottweiler rescues in addition to Boxer rescue facilities to see the accessible pooches and discover out whether or not there’s a Boxweiler accessible for adoption.

If you wish to purchase a pet from a neighborhood breeder, it’s necessary to search out respected Boxweiler breeders in your space and keep away from yard breeders and pet mills.

Keep in mind that crossbreeds might require time and journey to discover a wholesome pet. You must also concentrate on the assorted well being issues that appear to have an effect on each guardian breeds and guarantee they’ve the mandatory well being paperwork.

How A lot Does a Boxweiler Pet Value?

Whereas it is a newer breed, it has gained plenty of consideration in current instances. Its cute physique and affectionate, playful nature has endeared them to many individuals, resulting in a rise in demand and value.

So, you’ll be able to count on to pay round $300 – 600 for a wholesome Boxweiler pet on the market. Make positive to search out out the whole lot about each guardian canine and well being testing earlier than you deliver your furbaby house!

Really helpful Pet Merchandise

When you deliver your Boxweiler pet house, you want to purchase some high-quality pet merchandise in your new four-legged buddy.

The MidWest Folding Crate for Large Dogs is our premium alternative. It’s constituted of high-quality supplies and ensures consolation in your Boxweiler and usefulness for you.

As we’ve already talked about, a Boxweiler is an brisk canine who enjoys taking part in.

After operating and taking part in round all day lengthy, he’ll want a snug place to relaxation. The Furhaven Orthopedic Dog Bed options orthopedic foam that gives joint assist and retains your Boxweiler cool.

You should buy this canine mattress in a broad array of patterns and colours. This canine mattress is extraordinarily in style and rated extremely by canine house owners.

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Associated Questions

Are Boxer Rottweiler Mixes Aggressive?

The Rottweiler guardian is thought to be aggressive, one thing which will manifest within the Boxer Rottweiler Combine with out early socialization. Nonetheless, the Boxer tends to be pleasant and may even out any type of aggression within the combine.

Do Boxweilers Bark a Lot?

Each Rottweilers and Boxers have a deep and intimidating bark. Which means your Boxweiler will clearly inherit that trait, however they don’t bark unnecessarily.

They make glorious watchdogs since they bark solely when it’s completely mandatory, and that features alerting you at any time when there’s a stranger approaching your property.

Their deep bark makes them unsuitable for residence dwelling as a result of that may trouble your neighbors.

Are Boxweilers Excessive Upkeep?

A Boxer Rottweiler Combine is just not troublesome to take care of since their brief coats want brushing solely two to 3 instances per week.

Can Boxweilers be Left Alone?

Boxweilers shouldn’t be left alone. Boxweilers are very energetic and may undergo from separation anxiousness. They’ll develop damaging behaviors if commonly left alone.


Boxweilers are gaining reputation – and for good motive. If you would like a big canine that may shield you and in addition play with you, look no additional than the combo between a Rottweiler and a Boxer.

They’re an ideal alternative for anybody who has loads of time to train them, wants a travelling buddy, and who has a big yard.

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