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All About The Border Collie Dachshund Mix (With Pictures)

Like many different combined breed canine, the Border Collie Dachshund Combine is gaining recognition within the canine world amongst canine breeders and canine lovers.

However what do you have to anticipate from this attention-grabbing crossbreed?

What do their puppies appear to be? How huge do they get? Whose persona will they inherit? What about their well being?

On this article, we’ll reply these questions and extra.

So preserve studying to study the whole lot it’s worthwhile to know in regards to the distinctive Border Collie Dachshund Combine, their bodily traits, temperament, well being points, coaching suggestions and extra.

Some Fast Details In regards to the Border Collie Dachshund Combine

Breed Sort: Crossbreed/Combined Breed
Dimension: Small to a Medium-sized canine
Different Names: Weiner Canine Border Collie Combine, Border Collie Doxie Combine, Doxie Collie Combine, Border Weinie
Good Watch Canine: No
Common Weight: 16 to 45 Kilos
Common Top: 8 to 22 Inches
Appropriate for first time homeowners: Sure, particularly if adopted early as puppies
Lifespan: 10 to 14 Years
Appropriate for condominium residing: Sure, they do wish to bark so when you’re in an condominium take that as one thing to contemplate
Coat: Medium-length, tough
Coat colours: black/white, brown/white, black/brown/white
Eye Colour: Darkish brown, mild brown
Nostril Colour: Black
Ears: Semi-erect or totally dropped
Trainability: Reasonable problem
Stage of Shedding: Excessive
Grooming Wants: Excessive-maintenance canine, ought to be brushed no less than two to a few instances every week
Hypoallergenic: No, not good match for allergy victims
Power Ranges: Reasonable
Train Wants: Reasonable, no less than 30 to 45 minutes of train each day is required
Feeding and Weight loss plan: 1.5 to 2 cups of top of the range pet food every day, divided into two meals
Doable Well being Points: hip dysplasia, epilepsy, hypothyroidism, Intervertebral Disc Illness, Canine Diabetes Mellitus, weight problems, Acanthosis nigricans, Cushing’s Illness and eye issues
Temperament: Clever, intelligent, playful, brave
Cat Pleasant: Reasonable, they’ve tendency to chase small animals, so early socialization is should
Canine Pleasant: Sure, with early socialization
Child Pleasant: Sure, particularly if socialized early
Household Pleasant: Sure
Barking: Frequent
Worth: Anyplace from $650 to $2000

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What’s a Dachshund Border Collie Combine?

The Border Collie Dachshund Combine is a combined breed canine that’s the results of breeding the Dachshund and the Border Collie.

This cross is additionally referred to as a Weiner Canine Border Collie Combine. Because of the mum or dad breeds’ dimension variations, that is usually achieved by breeding a male Dachshund canine with a feminine Border Collie canine through IVF.

The Border Collie Dachshund Combine is a really attention-grabbing combine between two completely different canine breeds.

The Border Collie is thought for being an brisk and clever canine who can typically be impartial.

Quite the opposite, the Dachshund is thought to be a small, spunky canine who is raring to please.

Dachshunds are small and spunky canine who’re protecting of their homeowners. These stunning canine are additionally intelligent and wanting to please their homeowners. They could be small in dimension, however Dachshunds have huge personalities.

Furthermore, the Border Collie and the Dachshund have completely different physique shapes. This produces a really interesting-looking canine.

Nonetheless, the Dachshund’s elongated physique makes them prone to varied well being issues, so it’s necessary to make sure the Dachshund mum or dad canine has been health-tested.

In terms of temperament, you possibly can anticipate your Border Collie Dachshund combine to be an lively, loving and family-oriented pooch.
These pups require loads of train and correct coaching to stay completely satisfied and wholesome.

The Guardian Breeds

As with different crossbreeds, it is vitally troublesome to foretell the precise bodily traits and persona traits of the border Collie Dachshund Combine. So let’s check out the 2 mum or dad breeds.

The Border Collie was initially bred for use as a herding and dealing canine a while within the late nineteenth century alongside the Anglo-Scottish border. These canine have been generally used to herd sheep, typically utilizing their athleticism, power and intense stare to maintain the animals in test.

In terms of temperament, Border Collies are clever, obedient and tenacious canine. Being clever, they study rapidly and it’s necessary to maintain them mentally stimulated.

Border Collie Dogs

The Doxie, Dachshund or Weiner canine, is a really outdated breed. They have been initially bred in Germany many centuries in the past.

These canine have an elongated physique that allowed them to rat out rodents resembling groundhogs and gerbils, in addition to undesirable creatures like miles, from their underground hideouts.

Their different traits, resembling bravery and loud bark, additionally helped them to serve the identical goal. They have been designed to be fierce and loud, so they might confront undesirable creatures.

Nowadays, the Doxie is a well-liked household pet the world over.

two adorable dachshund dogs

The Basic Look of the Dachshund and Border Collie Combine

Because the Border Collie Doxie Combine is a cross between two very completely different mum or dad canine, the bodily traits can differ from one pet to a different.

Dimension, weight, top and coat are all left to probability and the dominant genes.

Though this doesn’t give us a exact reply to the query “what do Border Collie Dachshund Combine puppies appear to be”, we are able to nonetheless get a basic concept of the traits a pet may inherit by finding out each mum or dad breeds individually.

Total, the Dachshund’s genes are typically dominant so far as stature goes. A Border Collie Weiner Canine Combine pet will most certainly inherit the Dachshund’s little legs and small physique. For a good suggestion of what you possibly can anticipate, take a look at the lovable photos on this web page.

How Huge Will a Dachshund Border Collie Combine Get?

A full grown Doxie Collie Combine can vary from a small to a medium-sized canine, relying on the dimensions of the mother and father.

Dachshund Border Collie Combine canine typically purchase the elongated body of their Dachshund mum or dad.

They usually weigh round 16 to 45 kilos and so they stand between 8 and 22 inches tall.

Coat and Coat Colours

This designer canine normally has tough, bi-color fur that resembles the Border Collie’s typical look. They’ve white fur on the underside and brown or black hair on different elements of the physique. Though uncommon, they can be tri-color.

Taking extra after the border Collie mum or dad, the Doxie Collie Combine normally has a double coat.

Temperament and Character

The Border Collie Dachshund Combine is an clever and constant household canine. Each mum or dad breeds are identified to be pleasant and loving canine.

Though they differ in dimension, they each have excessive power ranges. Your Border Weinie will likely be clever, brave and wanting to please.

They get together with everybody within the household. They’re playful canine who would require some out of doors house to have enjoyable every day.

Whereas they’re pleasant in nature, Border Collie Dachshund Combine canine are alert and cautious of strangers. This makes them good watchdogs. Each Collies and Doxies are alert and protecting. The Collie Weiner Combine will at all times warn you of any potential hazard and preserve Intruders at bay. They are going to do that both by barking loudly and even attacking the intruder, so that you and your loved ones will at all times be protected and safe round them.

It’s additionally necessary to notice that the Border Collie Dachshund Combine will want a number of consideration and affection. It’s good to dedicate loads of effort and time to this combined breed. That is notably necessary in case your Border Collie Dachshund Combine is to do effectively within the dwelling atmosphere.

Is the Dachshund Border Collie Combine Good With Youngsters?

Sure! They typically love children and can take pleasure in being round youngsters if they’re launched correctly from an early age.

What About Different Canines?

The Border Weinie additionally enjoys being round different canine, particularly if they have been introduced to each other from a young age.

Habits With Cats and Different Pets

Each Border Collies and Dachshunds are good with cats and different pets offered they’ve been effectively skilled and socialized. Nonetheless, not all canine are the identical, some usually tend to get alongside higher with different pets than others. Some might inherit the Border Collie’s herding instincts so it’s important to socialize them early on.


The Dachshund Border Collie Combine could be very clever, however this doesn’t essentially imply they’re straightforward to coach. In case you don’t have prior expertise dealing with impartial canine, we advocate hiring knowledgeable canine coach. In any other case, housetraining may be an overwhelming task.

These pups are so good that they are going to at all times attempt to outsmart you. The easiest way to coach such intelligent pooches is by staying forward of them.

Regardless of being fast learners, they’re additionally fast to develop unhealthy habits, so you’ll want to regulate them. Use plenty of optimistic reinforcements throughout coaching, such as praise, treats and gifts.

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Train Wants

Being naturally clever, the Border Collie Dachshund Combine would require an affordable quantity of bodily train and psychological stimulation.

Needless to say these pups are small in dimension, so their train wants will depend upon their particular person physique.

These canine will profit from short and regular walks around the neighborhood, in addition to entry to a safe yard.

As well as, the Dachshund Border Collie Combine will certainly want psychological stimulation.

Interactive dog toys and challenges that can preserve their thoughts engaged will profit them immensely.

Additionally remember the fact that these pups are likely to get bored simply. Being very lively, they should be stored busy all through the day. In any other case, they could develop undesirable behaviors, resembling chewing, destroying your belongings and even escaping from your own home now and again.

One other factor to remember is that the border Collie Dachshund Combine doesn’t tolerate being left alone for lengthy intervals of time.

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Grooming and Shedding

Since your Border Collie Dachshund Combine is half Border Collie, chances are high he’ll shed loads. Due to this fact, these pups are typically excessive upkeep.

You’ll must brush them recurrently, normally no less than as soon as per week. Through the excessive shedding seasons (spring and fall), be sure that to brush them day by day to do away with their unfastened hair.

In case your Doxie Collie spends a number of time open air, be sure that to wash them as soon as a month. Attempt to use quality deodorizing wipes for dogs frequently if you’re not bathing them.

Trim their nails no less than as soon as per 30 days when you don’t need your carpets or flooring scratched.

For his or her tooth, it’s advisable to brush them at least twice a week to assist preserve them wholesome.

Additionally, you will must invest in a high-quality vacuum cleaner to assist preserve your own home, flooring, partitions and furnishings hair free.

Feeding and Weight loss plan

All canine, no matter breed, require high quality dog food. As a consequence of their lively life-style, Border Collie Dachshund Mixes must eat 1.5 to 2 cups of top of the range pet food every day, divided into two meals.

As well as, you need to add probiotics and wild Alaskan salmon oil to your canine’s weight-reduction plan to assist assist bone and joint well being.

Being fairly lively, these little guys may even want healthy treats or snacks in between common meals. Simply do your analysis and discover one of the best meals manufacturers in your Collie Doxie.

Lastly, be sure that your Border Weinie has access to fresh water to maintain them cool and hydrated.


A Dachshund Border Collie Combine life expectancy is round 10 to 14 years.

Nonetheless, that may be a basic information and varies based mostly on the person canine’s general well being and his residing situations.

Border Collie Dachshund Combine Well being Points

Most canine can undergo from sure well being points, and the Dachshund and the Border Collie are not any exception.

For Dachshunds, most well being situations are on account of their elongated our bodies. These embody potential well being issues resembling Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD), and Canine Diabetes Mellitus (DM). Dachshunds are additionally susceptible to weight problems, Acanthosis Nigracans and Cushing’s Illness.

Then again, Border Collies are usually wholesome canine. Nonetheless, they can be liable to sure well being situations identical to all different canine.

It’s advisable to be careful for well being issues within the combined breed canine, resembling hip dysplasia, epilepsy, hypothyroidism and eye issues.


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Border Collie Dachshund Combine for Sale

So you will have learn this text and have fallen in love with the Border Collie Dachshund cross.

Be certain to purchase your Border Collie Dachshund Combine pet from a reputable breeder. Accountable breeders have each the mum or dad canine and the puppies health-tested and stored in good situation.

It’s best to request to fulfill the mum or dad canine and their puppies. If a breeder doesn’t permit you to do that, look elsewhere.

Keep away from shopping for a pet from a pet retailer or pet mill. These business premises exist to maximise revenue by producing massive numbers of unhealthy puppies so keep away from them in any respect prices.

So, how a lot does a border collie Dachshund combine price?

The value of wholesome Dachshund Border Collie Combine puppies is round $500 and up. For premium- high quality puppies with paperwork, and superior lineage, you possibly can anticipate to pay anyplace between $1,000 and $4,000. Typically, you might be required to pay much more.

Needless to say going via a accountable breeder can prevent some huge cash and frustration down the highway.

Dachshund Border Collie Combine for Adoption

Border Collie Dachshund Combine canine are sometimes purchased with out correct understanding of what proudly owning one entails. Such pooches typically find yourself in rescue facilities or animal shelters.

In case you’re trying to undertake a Border Collie Dachshund Combine, a local rescue or shelter is an effective place to start out your search.

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Pet Merchandise and Equipment

Along with shopping for pet food, you additionally must put money into a top quality crate in your canine. We advocate the MidWest Folding Crate for Intermediate Dogs as a result of it is vitally sturdy and sturdy.

Lively and playful pups just like the Border Collie Dachshund Combine additionally require a cushty place to sleep on the finish of the day. An orthopedic mattress like the Furhaven Orthopedic dog bed will assist preserve your Border Weinie comfy whereas sleeping.

This mattress will assist your pet’s drained physique and ease any physique aches and joint ache. It provides the therapeutic assist your playful canine companion deserves.

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Often Requested Questions

Are Border Collie Dachshund Mixes Good Household Canines?

Sure! Collie Doxies make wonderful household canine, especially if well trained and socialized. These canine ought to be nurtured from the get-go till they arrive of age.

Is the Border Collie Dachshund Combine Aggressive?

No! Border Collie Dachshund Mixes are usually not aggressive canine. Aggression just isn’t a standard trait amongst these pups. A Collie Weiner would hardly ever be aggressive in the direction of their household or different animals, particularly when correctly skilled and socialized.

Are Border Collie Dachshund Mixes Good for First Time House owners?

No. Each mum or dad breeds usually are not good for novice homeowners because of their stubborn personality. They’re additionally impartial thinkers, so coaching could also be troublesome.

Are Border Collie Dachshunds Excessive Upkeep?

Sure. Each Border Collies and Dachshunds are typically excessive upkeep canine. They’re excessive upkeep canines as a result of they’ve a powerful work ethic. Additionally they want an outlet for his or her power to stop harmful behaviors from growing.

Can Border Collie Dachshunds be Left Alone?

No. Border Collie Dachshunds get bored very simply. Due to their lively and playful persona, these are not at all pooches to be left mendacity round idly. Border Collies, particularly, are likely to develop separation anxiousness, when they’re left alone as a result of they bond intently with their homeowners. Dachshunds additionally do effectively when somebody is at dwelling with them.

Do Border Collie Dachshund Mixes Bark a Lot?

Sure! Border Collie Dachshund Mixes are likely to bark loads.

Dachshunds have been developed to be looking canine, in order that they bark loads identical to different looking canine.

The Border Collie can also be a vocal breed. They’re visually stimulated, which explains why they have a tendency to bark loads. They’ll bark at the whole lot shifting quick, together with small animals, bikes, automobiles and so forth. Your combine may also inherit the Border Collie’s herding instincts, which merely provides to the barking downside.


The Border Collie Dachshund Combine is a designer canine that’s lively and character. These playful, clever pups make wonderful household canine in the best dwelling, and so they get alongside effectively with youngsters and different pets, particularly if launched to one another early on.

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