All About the Akita Rottweiler Mix (With Pictures)

Many individuals love purebred canine, such because the Akita and the Rottweiler, for his or her magnificence, vitality, and loyalty. Nonetheless, nowadays, designer canine are gaining recognition.

One designer canine that lives as much as expectations of canine lovers the world over is the Akita Rottweiler Combine.

The Akita Rottweiler Combine, also called the Akita Rottie, is a mixture between a purebred Akita and a purebred Rottweiler.

These canine are devoted, clever and desperate to please. They require quite a lot of bodily exercise and psychological stimulation, correct vitamin and common grooming to remain completely satisfied and wholesome.

On this information, we’ll take a better have a look at the whole lot you might want to know in regards to the Akita Rottweiler Combine so you possibly can decide if this designer canine is an efficient match for you and your loved ones.

What Is an Akita Rottweiler Combine?

As its title suggests, an Akita Rottweiler Combine, or Akita Rottie, is a cross between two totally different breeds: the Akita Inu and the Rottweiler.

They inherit their traits from their dad and mom, so you possibly can count on them to be loyal, clever and extremely protecting. They’re glorious companions to both lively people or lively households with plenty of love to supply.

They’ll additionally alter to totally different environments with correct coaching and socialization.

Some Fast Information Concerning the Akita Rottweiler Combine Canine

Breed Sort: Crossbreed/Blended Breed
Dimension: Massive-sized canine
Different Names: Akita Rottie
Good Watch Canine: Sure
Good Guard Canine: Sure
Common Weight: 95 to 130 kilos
Common Peak: 24 to 27 inches tall
Lifespan: 10 to fifteen years
Condo Residing: No, A big area with a fenced-in yard is most popular
Ultimate for: An ideal alternative for anybody in search of a loyal, loving and protecting canine + excellent for anybody who may give them loads of each psychological and bodily train every day. Additionally they do greatest in a single-dog family
Coat: A medium-length thick double coat and so they shed seasonally
Coat colours: Black, Fawn, and White, amongst others
Appropriate for first time homeowners: No
Trainability: Comparatively straightforward to coach
Hypoallergenic: No
Shedding: Seasonal
Grooming Wants: It’s best to brush them two to a few instances per week
Power Ranges: Excessive
Train Wants: Not less than 60 to 90 minutes of train each day is required
Tolerance to being left alone: No
Feeding and Weight-reduction plan: 3 to 4 cups of top quality pet food every day, divided into two or three meals
Attainable Well being Points: Hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, hypothyroidism, blood issues, eye points, and autoimmune illness
Temperament: Loyal, loving, brave, clever, extremely protecting, cautious of strangers
Cat Pleasant: No, early socialization is required
Canine Pleasant: Reasonable, early socialization is required
Child Pleasant: Finest suited to properties with older kids, unpredictable round unusual kids (early socialization is required)
Barking Tendencies: Not often
Value: $700 to $2000

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The Origin of the Akita Rottweiler Combine

The Akita Rottie is a mixture between two previous breeds with very totally different historic backgrounds.

The Akita and Rottweiler have been bred in numerous elements of the world. These two breeds appear to lend some credence to the idea about canine developed in numerous elements of the world.

When the Romans have been chased by the Germans out of a city often known as Rottweil, the final word growth of this breed started.

Rottweilers have been generally used to drive herds of cattle and to drag carts of meat to the market. They have been additionally used to protect livestock, their homeowners and their properties.

They combined with native canine and attained a wider head, larger body, and improved guarding instincts that enabled them to focus on totally different predators.

is a rottweiler good family dog

Within the 1850’s, efforts have been made to avoid wasting the breed from extinction with railroads changing them for the aim of transporting livestock. They assumed new roles with the navy and police.

German immigrants launched Rotties to the US within the Twenties. Their recognition elevated after the Second World Conflict.

However, the Akita Inu hails from Japan. They have been initially bred to kill medium to large-sized sport, together with boars, bears and elk. Furthermore, they have been generally used as guard canine amongst members of the Japanese royalty.

They’re thought-about a nationwide treasure within the nation, and a logo of well being, happiness, safety and longevity.

An American writer and scholar named Helen Keller fell in love with the breed and introduced the primary Akitas into the US.

The recognition of the breed elevated within the nation when troopers returning residence after the Second World Conflict carried their very own Akitas with them.

Akita Dog History

The Normal Look of the Akita Rottweiler Combine

Your Akita and Rottweiler Combine canine will probably be a mix of the Akita and the Rottweiler because the father or mother breeds are fairly related.

Some Akita Rotties will look extra like one father or mother breed, however you must count on to see traits from the opposite father or mother breed as nicely.

These canine have a broad head and a medium-sized muzzle. They’ve brown eyes which are extensively set, and medium in measurement. Their ears are erect and medium sized, giving them an alert expression.

Akita Rottweiler Combine Dimension, Peak and Weight

So, how huge does a Rottweiler Akita Combine get?

Your combined breed canine needs to be giant and compact.

They need to weigh about 95 to 130 kilos and measure between 24 and 27 inches tall when absolutely grown. Females are typically smaller than males.

Coat and Coat Colours

Akita Rottweiler Mixes have a thick double coat that sheds seasonally.

These canine will probably be tan and black with a darker face due the Akita’s melanistic masks. There are additionally brindle and fawn Akita Rotties with these colours additionally being fairly frequent.

Akita Rottweiler Combine Temperament and Persona

In relation to temperament, the temperaments of the 2 father or mother breeds are nearly related. They’re each identified to be alpha, however caring canine. They’re very courageous and don’t hesitate to come back to their homeowners’ rescue if want be.

The 2 breeds are additionally cautious of strangers, however they’re loving to younger kids and different family members. Nonetheless, it’s advisable to show your Akita Rottie socialization expertise at a younger age.

The proprietor should additionally be sure that the Akita Rottweiler Combine doesn’t develop behavioral points like attacking different family pets. Like different canine, your Akita Rottie will take pleasure in optimistic reinforcement for something good he does.

Many of those canine are typically aggressive in the direction of different canine. Socialization will help prevent territorial tendencies, however most of those canine have territorial instincts. The combination will do greatest with pets and different canine he’s introduced up with. Keep away from leaving them with smaller canine or pets unsupervised.

Are Akita Rotties Good with Youngsters?

Each Akitas and Rottweilers are typically pleasant round youngsters, particularly if they’ve been raised collectively. This combine appears to be unpredictable round unusual kids. Nonetheless, you must by no means go away your canine with youngsters unsupervised.

Older kids do a lot better with this combine since they perceive canine conduct a lot better. Furthermore, older kids can play with bigger canine with diminished threat of damage.

What About Cats and Different Pets?

Akita Rottweiler Mixes might be fantastic buddies with different family pets or animals, supplied they’ve been correctly skilled and socialized. Correct socialization is advisable as a result of Akita Rotties are naturally protecting. They’re guard canine and watchdogs at coronary heart.

Socialization will assist make your Akita and Rottweiler Combine much less more likely to assault cats and different animals within the household.

Nonetheless, they nonetheless have a excessive prey drive, so you continue to must be careful when your mix is around cats and smaller dogs.


The Akita Rottweiler Combine is a really clever crossbreed, so he ought to profit from common psychological stimulation. Nonetheless, they are quite stubborn, so you should start housetraining them immediately. Their stubbornness is inherited from the Akita Inu. As an alpha canine, nevertheless, the Rottie can be identified to be dominant.

You could practice your Akita Rottweiler Combine pet as quickly as potential. Educating them acceptable behaviors from a younger age will make them obedient and well-behaved.

It’s vital to keep away from being harsh or aggressive in the direction of your pet and as a substitute make the most of optimistic reinforcement coaching strategies.

When you train them the fundamental instructions and tips, try and teach them advanced tricks. Go surfing and seek for superior tips to show your canine companion.

Hiring an skilled canine coach can pace up the canine coaching course of. This explicit combine can profit significantly from the providers of knowledgeable canine coach, so don’t hesitate to contact one.

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Train Wants

These giant canine have quite a lot of vitality, so you might want to guarantee you can meet their train wants earlier than getting one.

Your Akita Rottweiler Combine will want at the least 90 minutes of train every day. Nonetheless, don’t overdo it, particularly when you’re coping with younger puppies.

For example, you shouldn’t train puppies under 6 months previous for greater than half-hour at any explicit time.

The rule of the thumb is to train them based on their age, measurement and exercise stage. Coaching and socialization should even be an integral a part of each train session.

For adults, round 40 % of their train periods needs to be excessive depth actions. The remainder could possibly be a mix of coaching, socialization and light-weight workouts. Some actions assist to have interaction your canine’s thoughts and physique on the identical time. These embrace mountaineering, monitoring and agility coaching.

With these clever pups, you also want to provide them with interactive dog toys to maintain them mentally challenged or stimulated.

Other than giving them a big place to play and train, these canine want someplace comfy to relaxation and sleep. Homeowners can purchase then a big crate like the MidWest Folding Crate for Extra Large Dogs or a spacious canine mattress like the Furhaven Pet Orthopedic Dog Bed. That is significantly vital when you don’t wish to share your mattress together with your four-legged good friend.

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Grooming and Shedding

Your Akita Rottweiler Combine ought to have a brief to medium-length coat. This double coat will shed reasonably all year long.

It’s best to brush your pet two to a few instances per week. Bathing ought to solely be completed utilizing a mild doggie shampoo as soon as each 6 to eight weeks.

If you’re concerned about doggy odour, a easy solution to maintain them clear and smelling good is to use the best deodorizing wipes for dogs.

Cut their toenails every six weeks to forestall them from getting too lengthy. Verify your canine’s ears commonly and clear them totally to forestall infections.

Lastly, accustom them to correct dental hygiene from an early age by brushing their teeth every week.

Feeding and Weight-reduction plan

The Akita Rottweiler Combine is sort of giant so you must take note of his eating regimen.

Their dietary necessities will probably vary from 3 to 4 cups of top quality pet food. Relying in your canine’s age, measurement and exercise stage, you divide this quantity into two or three meals per day.

Up to now, Akitas and Rottweilers have been fed rice, fish and sea vegetation. As of late, nevertheless, you can feed them probiotics and different dietary supplements that may enhance their eating regimen’s dietary worth and stop numerous well being issues.

An excellent supply of protein for Akita Rotties is meat. Nonetheless, you should also feed them veggies to supply them with important nutritional vitamins and minerals.

Nonetheless, it’s possible you’ll wish to feed them simply high quality dog food for larger breeds, and your combine needs to be completely satisfied and wholesome.

Since this combine is susceptible to hip dysplasia, consider giving them wild Alaskan salmon oil as nicely. You can too complement this with glucosamine and chondroitin dietary supplements to spice up their total well being.

Akita Rottweiler Combine Well being Points

It may be tough to foretell the well being issues that have an effect on Akita Rottweiler Combine canine since these two father or mother canine can endure from totally different situations.

The very best factor to do is to study extra in regards to the well being situations that have an effect on every father or mother breed. Once more, it’s vital to purchase your pet from a good breeder who will provide help to perceive every father or mother canine’s well being historical past. To get a good suggestion of the well being of your combined breeds canine, it’s important to return at the least three generations.

However, you should utilize numerous remedy strategies for every situation. That stated, you’ll discover that sure genetic points are frequent in every father or mother breed. By studying extra about every situation, you possibly can have the ability to decide what to anticipate out of your new Akita Rottie pet.

Typically talking, each father or mother breeds are susceptible to hip dysplasia, blood issues, hypothyroidism, eye points, and autoimmune illness.

With up-to-date info out of your breeder, you must have the ability to put together nicely for any well being situation.


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Akita Rottweiler Combine for Sale

If you wish to get a wholesome Akita Rottweiler Combine pet, you might want to undergo a dependable breeder. Respected breeders will disclose any well being issues that your new pet could expertise. Furthermore, respected breeders will assist you already know the breed higher.

The suitable breeder will likely be able to reply any questions that you will have. You additionally must know what you need in an Akita Rottweiler Combine so you will get the appropriate pet for you.

How A lot Does an Akita Rottweiler Combine Value?

Though Akita Rotties are fairly uncommon, they’re nonetheless very inexpensive. The value of an Akita Rottweiler pet is round $700 to $2000, relying on the situation and the variety of breeders close to you.

Upfront prices for objects equivalent to a crate, mattress, bowls, meals, leash, collar and neutering will value about $500.

Upkeep value will differ and might vary from $750 to $1200 for important issues equivalent to vet checkups, emergency medical prices, toys, meals, coaching, licensing and different miscellaneous objects.

Akita Rottweiler Combine for Adoption

Though these canine are usually discovered at respected breeders, they generally find yourself in rescue facilities or animal shelters, so go to your close by rescue facilities if you wish to undertake an older canine as a substitute of shopping for a pet from a neighborhood breeder.

You could not discover a pet at a rescue middle except it was obtained from a pet retailer or pet mill, however that could possibly be a useful factor when you’re enthusiastic about a full grown Akita Rottie.

The very best place to begin your seek for an Akita Rottweiler Combine is at an Akita Inu- or Rottweiler-specific rescue. Such breed-specific facilities typically soak up combined breed canine and also you may be fortunate sufficient to discover a Rottweiler Akita Combine canine for adoption.

Incessantly Requested Questions

Are Akita Rottweiler Canine Harmful?

No. Effectively-trained and socialized Akita Rottweiler canine will not be essentially harmful. Any pooch might be aggressive and harmful if poorly skilled, abused or uncared for.

Nonetheless, giant breed canine are usually able to inflicting damage to folks or different animals.

The Akita Rottweiler Combine is a big canine with highly effective protecting instincts, so that you wish to ensure you are ready to deal with a big canine.

Do Rottweiler Akitas Bark a Lot?

No. Akita Rottweiler canine are a really quiet combine. They hardly ever bark, except there’s a cause. The Akita father or mother nearly by no means barks. In case your Akita barks, there’s a real cause. These canine are identified to be calm and quiet.

Rotties are additionally identified to be quiet. In truth, many Rottie homeowners will hardly hear their canine barking. These canine have a tendency to reply quietly to something happening of their surroundings.

Are Akita Rottweiler Canine Excessive Upkeep?

Akita Rottweiler canine have a medium-length double coat and so they shed seasonally. Taking excellent care of an Akita Rottie’s coat may be excessive upkeep. It usually requires effort and time to maintain it in its greatest situation.

Can Rottweiler Akitas be Left Alone?

No. Like most different canine, Rottweiler Akitas are firm creatures, and you shouldn’t go away your pet unattended for lengthy as this will make them lonely, bored or distressed.


The Akita Rottweiler Combine could be a nice alternative for anybody in search of a loyal, loving and protecting canine. These canine are excellent for anybody who may give them loads of each psychological and bodily train every day.

The Akita Rottie would thrive in a single-dog family, with a spacious yard to play and run round in.

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