All About the Akita Boxer Mix (Boxita) With Pictures

The Akita Boxer Combine is a comparatively new cross between the protecting Akita and the equally clever, robust and energetic Boxer.

Also called the Boxita, the Akita Boxer Combine is wise and dependable. He’s so courageous that he can do something to guard his household.

The Akita combined with Boxer is a really loving canine, and he can be an lively and playful companion.

Though they’re giant canines, they do properly with youngsters and revel in enjoying with them.

On this information to the Boxita, you’ll uncover extra about this designer canine, together with their common look, temperament, coaching, and whether or not or not one in all these pups could be an acceptable pet for you.

Some Fast Info About The Boxer Akita Combine

Breed Kind: Crossbreed/Combined Breed
Measurement: Giant-sized canine
Different Names: Boxita, Akita Boxer, Akita Boxer Combine
Good Watch Canine: Sure
Good Guard Canine: Sure
Common Weight: 65 to 95 kilos
Common Top: 23 to 25 Inches
Lifespan: 10 to fifteen years
Condo Residing: No, they want a house with a spacious yard
Supreme for: Skilled house owners, energetic households and anybody in search of a giant and powerful canine with a number of persona
Coat: Will most probably be quick. It also needs to be each weather- and waterproof
Coat colours: Black, white, brown, crimson, silver, brindle, fawn. They could even have markings or black masks
Appropriate for first time house owners: Reasonable
Trainability: Comparatively simple to coach, half-hour every day
Hypoallergenic: No
Shedding: Reasonable–
Grooming Wants: Low, brush them weekly and bathe them month-to-month
Vitality Ranges: Reasonable to excessive
Train Wants: No less than 60 minutes of train every single day is required
Tolerance to being left alone: No
Feeding and Food regimen: 3 to 4 cup of top of the range pet food every day, divided into two or three meals
Potential Well being Points: Hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, coronary heart issues, thyroid points, bloat, most cancers
Temperament: Loyal, playful, courageous, clever, energetic, cussed, protecting and fun-loving
Cat Pleasant: No, early socialization is required
Canine Pleasant: Reasonable, early socialization is required
Child Pleasant: Finest suited to houses with older youngsters (early socialization is required)
Barking: Sure, however with a real cause
Value: $500 to $1200

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What Is an Akita Boxer Combine?

The Akita Boxer Combine is the results of crossing an Akita with a Boxer.

A purebred Akita combined with the Boxer is known as a Boxita.

Akita Boxers, or Boxer Akitas as some choose to name them, are largely giant canines with a muscular physique. Each dad and mom are energetic and athletic. The Akita dad or mum is especially robust and athletic because of his background as a working canine.

Boxers, however, are christened the “All American Canine”. These are pleasant, loving and affectionate canines. They’re additionally energetic, so that they require loads of workouts and playtime to forestall damaging behaviors.

When crossed with a purebred Akita, chances are you’ll get both a territorial or pleasant canine. Nevertheless, early socialization will nonetheless be required to maintain any territorial instincts at bay.

Let’s discover out extra in regards to the origin and historical past of the Akita Boxer Combine.

The Origin and Historical past of the Boxita

The Akita was initially bred in northern Japan within the seventeenth century as searching canines.

These canines have been afterward bred with a lot bigger canines, like Nice Danes, to present them the power and energy they wanted to trace and kill bigger recreation reminiscent of deer, bears and wild boar.

Over time, the Akita received the hearts of many individuals. These canines turned loyal companions, generally used as guard canines and trusted protectors of their house owners and their property.

Sadly, the breed was on the point of extinction within the early 1920’s, which compelled Japanese authorities to implement intensive reforms. Happily, their inhabitants rose after the Second World Warfare.

After the Second World Warfare, many fighters returning house introduced many Akitas with them – which led to a rise of their reputation.

Akita Dog History

The Boxer is a really outdated breed. Their historical past dates way back to 2000 B.C.

Boxers have been initially used as protectors and conflict canines alongside Mastiffs and Bulldogs. Nevertheless, it’s believed that the Boxer’s most up-to-date ancestors are the bigger Bullenbeisser canines that have been typically used for monitoring and searching wild boar, deer and bear.

Over time, Boxers have been used as information canines, service canines, and search & rescue canines.

Boxer dog Looking at the camera

The Normal Look of the Boxita

You may get a good suggestion of your Akita Boxer Combine by taking a better take a look at the bodily traits of every dad or mum breed. Each the Boxer and the Akita are giant canines that weigh round 90 to 120 kilos and stand above 24 inches tall on common.

Along with his square-shaped head, medium-sized muzzle, and triangular-shaped floppy ears, the Akita Boxer Combine appears to be like extra just like the Akita dad or mum than a Boxer.

Measurement: How Huge Does a Boxer Akita Combine Get?

As we’ve already talked about, your Boxita will most probably be a big canine. Each dad or mum breeds are medium to giant sized canines.

A full grown Boxita will stand between 23 to 25 inches tall and weigh about 65 to 95 kilos on common.

Coat and Coat Colours

An Akita Boxer Combine canine’s coat will most probably be quick. It also needs to be each weather- and waterproof.

Coat colours normally embody shades of white and brown. Different potential shade mixtures are black, crimson, silver, brindle, and fawn. Boxita canines may have markings or black masks.

Boxita Temperament & Character Traits

The Akita Boxer Combine is an lively and playful canine, however they’re greatest recognized for his or her bravery and protecting nature. Though their giant dimension and powerful character doesn’t go well with everyone, they positively have many wonderful persona traits that make them a incredible pet for the fitting family.

They’re pleasant and dependable to their house owners and households. These canines will at all times be there to guard and defend you if want be. Due to this fact, it’s necessary to socialize them early to make sure they know when to guard you and when to protect.

Take into account that Boxer Akitas can develop into aggressive in the direction of different canines, significantly if they’re of the identical intercourse. Once more, the key right here is correct coaching and socialization.

Though most house owners report that their Akita Boxers are well-behaved canines, you continue to must know tips on how to deal with such a giant and highly effective canine.

Are Boxer Akitas Good Household Canine?

Boxer Akitas make fantastic household canines offered everybody within the household can confidently deal with a giant canine with a variety of power and loads of persona. They might not be a sensible choice for households with very small youngsters as a result of their enormous our bodies can knock them over throughout playtime.

They’re nice household canines for houses with older youngsters who get pleasure from enjoying with them. Nevertheless, everybody within the household ought to assist with exercising these energetic canines.

Do They Get Alongside With Cats and Different Pets?

All of it boils right down to the personalities of each the Akita Boxer Combine and the opposite pets within the household. As an illustration, the Akita dad or mum breed has a really excessive prey drive. This implies they have an inclination to pursue prey and this trait might prolong to your cats and others pets too, so a Boxita proprietor ought to take correct care to handle and management the combination to maintain different pets protected.

Make every socialization session quick at first, and ensure all of the pets have their very own protected place the place they will discover refuge if want be. Keep away from leaving your Akita Boxer Combine alone with cats and different animals.

Elevating a Boxita with different canines within the house could be a difficult course of since they may not get alongside properly with them, significantly if they’re of the identical intercourse. Socializing a Boxer Akita pet with older canines of the opposite intercourse may work, however you may count on some points as your combined breed canine grows.


With confidence, endurance and consistency, coaching a Boxita is kind of simple. Nevertheless, both parent breeds can be stubborn, so the Boxita isn’t the only option for first time house owners. With their stubbornness, housetraining may also be a challenge.

The excellent news is that it’s nonetheless potential to efficiently practice your Boxita pet, particularly should you begin early. Start training your puppy immediately utilizing optimistic reinforcements like treats, reward and different rewards.

In addition to housetraining, you wish to educate your Boxer Akita to be an obedient canine. Start with teaching your puppy to see you as the pack leader. That method, your pet will study to really feel protected and safe understanding that you’re in cost.

In case your pup reveals aggressive habits in the direction of cats and different canines, try to preserve him inside a safe, fenced-in yard from puppyhood.

Introduce your pet to totally different individuals, animals, and conditions early of their life. Give them treats and different rewards for displaying good habits. That method, your Boxita will learn to be friendly and calm around people and other dogs.

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Train Wants

The Boxita is a high-energy canine who enjoys playtime and requires not less than one hour of train every day.

Every day walks, playtime and common journeys to the canine park will help meet the train wants of an Akita Boxer Combine.

Different beneficial actions embody swimming, impediment programs and agility coaching.

If you don’t give these vigorous canines sufficient train to burn any extra power, they may develop behavioral points.

Clever canines just like the Boxita also need interactive dog toys to kill boredom and preserve them mentally stimulated.

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Akita Boxer Combine Grooming and Shedding

The Boxita will shed in all probability all year long and most probably seasonally. Since this canine has a nice, quick coat, he doesn’t require a lot upkeep.

Brushing their coat not less than twice per week needs to be sufficient to attenuate the shedding and preserve their coat and pores and skin wholesome.

Bathing will be executed with a gentle doggie shampoo solely when obligatory and never too regularly as a result of it removes the protecting oils that retains their pores and skin wholesome. When not bathing your pup, wipe them clear using quality deodorizing wipes for dogs.

In addition to coat care and upkeep, you additionally must deal with your Boxita’s ears, tooth and nails.

Since their floppy ears are susceptible to ear infections, you should verify them commonly and clear them as wanted. Ensure that your Boxita’s ears are clear and freed from pests or particles. When you discover redness, extreme moisture or wax, or anything that appears unusual, be certain to seek the advice of your vet.

It’s vital to take proper care for your Boxita’s teeth. Practising correct dental hygiene for canines will assist forestall dangerous dental ailments sooner or later. Brushing their tooth commonly is beneficial. You can also buy quality dental chews for your dog or ask your vet that will help you create a customized dental care program on your pet.

Manicure will be executed month-to-month to forestall the nails from getting too lengthy. Nevertheless, you may nonetheless wish to minimize your pet’s nails extra regularly in the event that they develop too quick or aren’t getting worn down.

Feeding and Food regimen

You should feed your Boxita high quality dog food that has been made to fulfill the particular dietary wants of huge breed canines.

Because the Boxita is liable to kidney illness, it’s a good idea to buy a diet dog food on your full grown canine to assist scale back the dangers concerned.

You might also wish to talk about this along with your vet to make sure you’re feeding them the right quantity.

Boxer Akitas have a tendency to achieve weight shortly, particularly in the event that they don’t get sufficient train. So, together with giving them the right day by day ration, you wish to guarantee they’re getting enough workouts.

Furthermore, you should add probiotics and wild Alaskan salmon oil to their weight loss plan to guard them in opposition to joint points.

Lastly, be certain your Boxita is at all times hydrated by giving him recent water on a regular basis.

Akita Boxer Combine Well being Points

The Boxita has a median lifespan of about 10 to fifteen years.

Hybrid canines just like the Akita Boxer Combine are usually more healthy and fewer susceptible to varied well being issues than their purebred dad and mom. Nevertheless, this doesn’t imply that they don’t expertise any well being points.

Among the well being situations that have an effect on this hybrid breed embody: chilly and warmth intolerance, bloat, and arthritis. Extra severe situations might embody elbow dysplasia, hip dysplasia, hypothyroidism, most cancers, coronary heart illness and eye issues.


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Discovering a Wholesome Boxer Akita Combine for Sale

Before you purchase an Akita Boxer Combine pet from any breeder, it’s necessary to do your homework.

You shouldn’t purchase a pet from anywhere simply because the puppies can be found. You wish to be sure that the breeders use genetic testing to keep away from the passage of genetic ailments or undesirable traits.

With out genetic testing, the dad or mum canines might be carriers of significant well being situations which may have an effect on your pup afterward.

Furthermore, ensure that the breeder retains their puppies in a wholesome atmosphere.

You don’t wish to spend your hard-earned cash on a sick pet. You additionally wouldn’t wish to promote the unethical actions of anybody who mistreats canines.

The Value of Akita Boxer Puppies

As a comparatively new hybrid canine, Boxita puppies on the market could also be a little bit tough to seek out.

This designer canine continues to be not well-known. Which means Boxita puppies could also be a bit costly.

You need to count on to pay about $500 to $1200 for a wholesome pet from a good Boxita breeder.

The associated fee may also range relying on the worth positioned on the dad or mum canines, the variety of puppies out there, the situation, and whether or not or not they’ve acquired a variety of veterinary care earlier than being listed for adoption.

Akita Boxer Combine Adoption

Since it may be tough to discover a Boxita at a breeder’s premises, it’s a good idea to consider going through an animal shelter or humane society.

Chances are you’ll not discover a wholesome pet at a rescue, however adoption might be a good suggestion in order for you an older canine.

The most effective place to begin looking is at an Akita- or Boxer-specific rescue. Such breed-specific facilities typically cope with mixes as properly.

Really helpful Pet Merchandise

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The Furhaven Orthopedic dog bed is the right mattress for big breeds just like the Akita Boxer Combine. That additional inch of reminiscence foam will help help a variety of weight and forestall joint points. With its three-bolster design, your canine can simply stretch out or curl up!

The MidWest Folding Crate for Large Dogs is one other important buy it is best to make on your Boxita. It’s robust, reasonably priced and the right crate on your Boxita. There’s a lot to love about this crate. Your canine may also find it irresistible!

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Continuously Requested Questions

Are Akita Boxer Canine Aggressive?

Though each the Boxer and the Akita have been initially developed as combating canines, they’re not aggressive because of accountable breeding practices. Nevertheless, some Boxitas will be aggressive or dominant in the direction of different canines, significantly if they’re of the identical intercourse.

Some may be cat chasers because of the Akita dad or mum’s robust prey drive. So, correct coaching and socialization is necessary.

Do Boxitas Bark a Lot?

No. Only a few Boxitas bark excessively. In case your Boxita barks, odds are there’s an excellent cause.

Barking may be his method of speaking to you. He may bark as a result of boredom. So try giving him food puzzles and interactive canine toys to maintain him entertained, particularly when you’re not round.

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Are Boxitas Excessive Upkeep?

No. Boxitas are thought of low upkeep canines on the subject of their grooming wants. Nevertheless, make sure to trim their nails regularly.

Can Boxitas be Left Alone?

No. Boxitas are dependent upon human companionship. You shouldn’t depart your Boxer Akita Combine alone for hours on finish. This canine ought to stay along with his proprietor and household.


The highly effective and protecting Akita combined with the good and energetic Boxer is known as a Boxita. This cross is more likely to have a powerful and athletic construct. Each dad or mum breeds have a muscular physique, particularly with their historical past as combating and dealing canines.

With endurance and consistency, the Boxita is comparatively simple to coach however could also be cussed so they’re greatest suited to skilled canine house owners.

Nevertheless, they get alongside properly with youngsters and usually have a relaxed and pleasant disposition. They’re extraordinarily loyal and could be a fantastic companion for an energetic proprietor.

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