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All About the Akita Border Collie Mix (With Pictures)

The Akita Collie, or Akita Border Collie Combine, is loyal, loving, energetic and playful.

Combine a purebred Akita and a purebred Border Collie collectively, and theoretically, you find yourself with an lively household canine with excessive train wants.

The Border Collie’s light and pleasant nature tends to counteract the Akita’s in any other case aggressive nature. Each purebred dad and mom get pleasure from working and therefore, the Akita Collie would require loads of workout routines every day.

For the reason that reputation of this crossbreed is rising, it is going to be fairly simple to search out Akita Collie puppies. So, what do you have to count on out of your new Akita Border Collie Combine?

Hold studying to see photos and be taught extra concerning the Border Collie Akita Combine – from what to anticipate when it comes to character and temperament to the way to care for your new blended breed canine.

What’s an Akita Border Collie Combine Referred to as?

The Akita Border Collie Combine is a cross between a purebred Akita and a purebred Border Collie. This combine can be generally referred to as an Akita Collie.

Some Fast Info In regards to the Akita Border Collie Combine

Breed Sort: Crossbreed/Combined Breed
Dimension: Giant-sized canine
Different Names: Akita Collie
Good Watch Canine: Sure
Good Guard Canine: Sure
Common Weight: 60 to 130 kilos
Common Peak: 22 to twenty-eight Inches
Lifespan: 10 to 13 years
Residence Dwelling: No, A big area with a fenced-in yard is most popular
Ideally suited for: Energetic households and devoted canine lovers on the lookout for a dependable watchdog
Coat: Medium-length double coat
Coat colours: Black, Fawn, and White, amongst others
Appropriate for first time house owners: No
Trainability: Comparatively simple to coach
Hypoallergenic: No
Shedding: Seasonal, heavy
Grooming Wants: Brush their coat a number of instances every week, and bathe them month-to-month
Vitality Ranges: Excessive
Train Wants: A minimum of 60 minutes of train each day is required
Tolerance to being left alone: No
Feeding and Eating regimen: 3 to 4.5 cup of top quality pet food every day, divided into two or three meals
Attainable Well being Points: Hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia
Temperament: Courageous, loyal, loving, energetic, clever, protecting, cussed
Cat Pleasant: No, early socialization is required
Canine Pleasant: Average, early socialization is required
Child Pleasant: Sure, they’re identified to be pleasant, playful and affectionate round youngsters (early socialization is required)
Barking Tendencies: Not often
Value: $600 to $1200

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The Origin and Historical past of the Akita Border Collie Combine

As a result of mere indisputable fact that the Akita Border Collie Combine is a blended breed, you can’t know, for certain, what dad or mum breed your pup will take after most.

Your hybrid canine could seem like his Akita dad or mum or he could seem like the Border Collie dad or mum. Normally, nevertheless, Akita Collie puppies are going to inherit traits from each dad and mom. The excellent news is that, with correct coaching and socialization, Akita Collie canines make nice household pets.

The Akita Border Collie Combine has not but been registered with the AKC. It’s because this pup is a blended breed. Nonetheless, they nonetheless make fantastic companions and are standard with canine house owners the world over.

So the place does the Akita Collie come from?

It’s troublesome to pinpoint the precise origin of the Akita Collie. We will be taught extra concerning the origins and historical past of this canine by taking a more in-depth take a look at every dad or mum breed.

The Akita

The Akita was initially bred to help in looking bears, but it surely was in a while crossed with Mastiffs and Tosas to enhance its talents as a combating canine.

As soon as canine combating was declared unlawful in 1908, Akitas have been refined and stored as a cherished Japanese breed.

Through the Second World Conflict, the breed virtually turned extinct. Thankfully, a few of these canines have been delivered to America by troopers returning dwelling after the warfare. These pups fascinated canine lovers in the USA and the breed’s reputation elevated significantly.

Akita Dog History

Border Collie

As its identify suggests, the Border Collie was initially bred on the borders of Scotland and England.

In 1873, sheepdog competitions have been held in the UK for the primary time to guage completely different sheepherding breeds with numerous bodily traits and character traits.

One participant, Hemp, stood out as a result of his skill to manage sheep utilizing his intense glare as a substitute of fixed barking. This canine sired many puppies, forming the modern-day Border Collie breed.

In 1906, the breed commonplace was written, with a robust emphasis on behavioral talents. The breed made its solution to the USA within the twentieth century, the place it was generally used as working canines and household pets.

border collie rolling in wet grass

The Traits of the Akita Border Collie Combine

As mentioned above, it’s normally troublesome to foretell the precise bodily traits of the Akita Collie Combine as a result of they could inherit most of their options from one breed. Nonetheless, we are able to get a good suggestion of what your Akita Collie will seem like by looking at earlier litters.

The Basic Look of the Akita Collie

Taking a more in-depth take a look at the looks of every dad or mum breed can provide us a good suggestion of what a Border Collie Akita Combine seems to be like at maturity.

Since each dad or mum breeds have comparable traits, their offspring ought to match completely effectively into his new atmosphere.

These highly effective and compact canines can resemble both an Akita or a Border Collie. Nevertheless, they can be an ideal mixture of each breeds. The result’s a superbly putting canine with straight, oval ears.

How Huge Will an Akita Border Collie Combine Get?

A full grown Akita Collie stands between 22 and 28 inches tall and weighs round 60 to 130 kilos.

Coat and Coat Colours

Each dad or mum breeds have a double coat, so your Akita Collie will likely be no completely different. The coat must be straight and medium in size.

If the canine has robust Border Collie genes, then he’ll are available one in all a number of colours, together with black and white.

If the combination takes extra after the Akita dad or mum, then he may have one in all these colours: black, brown brindle, fawn/brown, purple, silver or white.

Moreover, an Akita Border Collie Combine could have black overlay.

Temperament and Persona Traits

Each the Border Collie and the Akita are identified to be Clever canines, so your Akita Collie Combine will likely be equally brilliant. This combine wants psychological stimulation regularly by coaching, workout routines and interactive canine toys to remain wholesome and comfortable.

If left with pent-up vitality and mentally under-stimulated, these canines are more likely to develop damaging behaviors. Resulting from their giant measurement, it’s vital to keep away from this by every day train. This makes an Akita Border Collie Combine a poor alternative for first time house owners. These canines would require a devoted proprietor with loads of time on his palms to coach and train them.

The Akita Collie might be a bit aggressive due to the Akita dad or mum’s looking background. Nevertheless, the Border Collie’s genes may assist counteract among the Akita’s different undesirable tendencies.

It doesn’t matter what dad or mum breed your combine takes after, you may count on them to be very lively. This makes them a poor alternative for condominium residing. These canines will want lengthy walks or hikes every day to tire them out.

Is an Akita Border Collie Combine a Good Guard Canine?

Sure. The Akita Border Collie Combine makes a superb watchdog and guard canine. They’re naturally protecting and can at all times come to your rescue in the event that they sense hazard.

Whereas your combine won’t be notably fierce because of the Border Collie’s docile nature, you may count on him to guard you and your property always.

Are Akita Border Collie Combine Canine Good with Youngsters?

In case your combine takes extra after his Collie dad or mum, then he ought to get alongside effectively with youngsters. Border Collies are identified to be pleasant, affected person and at all times able to play video games with children.

Nevertheless, the Akita dad or mum will not be so good with children. So it’s at all times a good suggestion to observe your youngsters at any time when they’re interacting or enjoying with this combine.

Are They Good With Cats and Different Animals?

The Border Collie Akita Combine has a excessive prey drive and should not get together with small animals at dwelling.

As a bigger animal, this canine could need to assert their dominance over smaller creatures, so it’s at all times a good suggestion to introduce your canine to smaller pets early. That manner, your canine will be taught to deal with your different pets with respect.


The Border Collie Akita Combine is a really clever canine, so coaching must be comparatively simple. Nevertheless, these powerful dogs can also be stubborn so it’s advisable to begin housetraining them early.

For the perfect outcomes, use optimistic reward-based coaching strategies. These embody treats, reward, stomach rubs and so forth. Hold every coaching session quick, partaking and constant to keep up your Akita Border Collie Combine’s consideration.

Keep away from getting indignant together with your canine as a result of he won’t know why. Utilizing punishment-based strategies will backfire since your pup won’t perceive and may lose belief in you.

It’s possible you’ll even need to take your Akita Collie to pet coaching lessons, or rent an expert canine coach.

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As talked about earlier, the Akita Collie is a pleasant canine who loves his individuals and any pets he has been introduced up with. Nonetheless, you’ll have to socialize him early so he can learn to dwell peacefully with individuals and different animals.

Typically canines see strangers and different animals as a menace in order that they really feel the necessity to shield themselves and their households.

Due to this fact, you must introduce your Border Collie Akita Combine to many various individuals, animals, locations, sights, smells and sounds in a secure method. You should start socializing them from a very young age since it’s harder to socialize older canines.

Tips on how to Take Care of Your Akita Border Collie Combine

If you wish to undertake an Akita Border Collie Combine, be sure to can meet their train and grooming wants.

Train Wants

The Akita Collie usually has tons of vitality. Resulting from their measurement, Akita Collies require no less than 60 minutes of bodily exercise every day. You need to guarantee you can dedicate this period of time to exercising them earlier than bringing one in all these puppies dwelling.

These canines get pleasure from being with their households. They may need to be a part of you at any time when you might be exercising. They will also enjoy playing with interactive dog toys as a result of they assist to maintain them occupied and mentally stimulated.

Border Collie Akitas do greatest in chilly climate as their double coat retains them heat and comfy. In hotter areas, they’ll want a relentless provide of contemporary water to remain cool and correctly hydrated.

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Grooming and Shedding

Thankfully, grooming your Akita Border Collie Combine will not be a troublesome activity. These canines are likely to groom themselves they usually don’t shed lots.

You solely have to brush their coat a number of instances every week to keep up their coat within the correct situation. These will even require bathing solely every so often with the intention to keep away from eradicating the pure oils from their pores and skin.

In case you’re apprehensive about doggy odour, you should consider using deodorizing wipes for dogs, as these will assist hold your pet clear and smelling contemporary always.

Trim their toenails when they grow too long and brush their enamel each week. It will stop dental decay and ailments from growing. You may also buy them dental chews to assist make it simpler for you.

Feeding and Eating regimen

Your Akita Border Collie Combine ought to eat three correct meals each day.

You should feed your mix high quality dog food. It should include a superb quantity of protein to assist them keep lively. All of the components must be simple to digest. The kibble ought to include no fillers or synthetic components.

Additionally, feed your dog a good source of probiotics to make sure your pet’s joints and bones keep robust and wholesome, which is extraordinarily vital for giant breeds.

With fish oil or wild Alaskan salmon oil, your Akita Collie’s coat and pores and skin will keep in the perfect situation doable whereas supporting their general well being.

Life Expectancy

The Akita Collie has a median lifespan of about 10 to 13 years.

Frequent Well being Points

Sadly, as with every different breed of canine, the Border Collie Combine is weak to the identical well being circumstances that have an effect on the dad or mum breeds.

For the reason that Akita has extra well being points than Collies, you must take your canine to the vet recurrently.

Common vet visits and maintaining a tally of your Akita Border Collie Combine will assist you detect any well being issues early. Frequent well being points to be careful for embody elbow and hip dysplasia.

Keep in mind to purchase your combine pet from a reputable breeder. It will tremendously scale back the possibilities your pet will expertise any of the above genetic ailments.

Respected Akita Collie breeders at all times do well being testing on each dad or mum canines and don’t crossbreed in the event that they discover that any points could also be handed on to the offspring.

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Akita Collie Combine Value

You possibly can count on to pay round $600 to $1200 for an Akita Border Collie Combine pet on the market. Nevertheless, the associated fee will differ relying on the supply. A good breeder will normally cost greater than on-line sellers.

Rescuing an Akita Border Collie Combine

Adopting an older canine from a shelter is usually a dangerous affair. With out correct documentation concerning the pup’s lineage and well being, it’s troublesome to know what you might be getting your self into.

Nevertheless, Akita Collie canines in shelters and rescue facilities across the nation want new loving houses and adopting a pet or an grownup canine could be a fulfilling expertise.

In case you’re eager about a rescue Akita Border Collie Combine, contact your native shelter or inquire with the humane society. Akita and Border Collie rescues may additionally have blended breed canines out there for adoption.

Pet Merchandise and Equipment

When you have your coronary heart set on adopting an Akita Border Collie Combine pet, you must begin making ready by shopping for numerous pet merchandise and equipment.

These embody interactive canine toys for giant canines; reminiscence foam canine beds just like the Furhaven Orthopedic canine mattress; and canine crates just like the extremely standard MidWest Folding Crate for giant Canine.


Continuously Requested Questions

Are Akita Border Collie Canine Harmful?

Border Collie Akita mixes are identified to be mouthy, and may typically chew or nip at their masters. Though these canines appear to be aggressive, they’re hardly ever harmful.

Are Akita Border Collie Aggressive to Different Canine?

The Akita dad or mum tends to be aggressive in the direction of same-sex canines. These canines do greatest if they’re the one canine within the dwelling. Nevertheless, it’s nonetheless doable for an Akita Border Collie Combine to get together with different canines.

A correctly socialized Border Collie Akita Combine must be sociable with different canines.

Are Border Collie Akitas Good Household Canine?

Sure. Border Collie Akita mixes thrive on companionship and bond intently with their house owners and households. Additionally they get alongside effectively with youngsters and different pets that they’ve been introduced up with. They’re additionally naturally protecting of their dwelling and household.

Do Border Collie Akitas Bark a Lot?

No. Not like another canine breeds that are likely to bark lots, Border Collie Akitas bark hardly ever, normally as a deterrent or after they want your consideration.

Are Border Collie Akitas Excessive Upkeep?

Sure. Border Collie Akitas are excessive upkeep canines. It’s because they’ve a really robust work ethic. With out correct train and psychological stimulation, these canines can develop behavioral points as they search alternative routes to launch their pent-up vitality.

Each the Akita and Border Collie dad or mum breeds want a devoted proprietor who can present sufficient train to maintain them comfortable and wholesome.

Can Akita Border Collie be Left Alone?

No. Like all puppies, Akita Border Collies are susceptible to bark, cry, whine or panic if they’re left at dwelling alone for lengthy.

Border Collies, specifically, are susceptible to separation anxiousness since they have a tendency to bond intently with their house owners and households. So in case you are likely to work away from dwelling all through the day, this isn’t the perfect breed for you.

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