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A Complete Guide to the Catahoula German Shepherd Mix (With Pictures)

The Catahoula German Shepherd Combine is a cross between a purebred Catahoula Leopard canine or Cur and a purebred German Shepherd canine.

Each of those mother or father canines are very clever and have related temperaments. Each even have looking and herding backgrounds.

So what does the Catahoula German Shepherd Combine look and behave like? Does he take extra after the Catahoula Cur or the German Shepherd?

On this article, we’ll try to reply these and extra questions. So maintain studying to view photos, and study extra concerning the Catahoula Leopard Canine German Shepherd Combine.

Some Primary Details Concerning the Catahoula German Shepherd Combine

Breed Sort: Hybrid/Crossbreed
Good Guard Canine: Sure
Measurement: Medium To Massive-Sized
Common Weight: 50 to 90 Kilos
Common Top: 1 Toes 8 Inches to 2 Toes 2 Inches
Appropriate for first time homeowners: No
Lifespan: 7 to fifteen Years
Appropriate for residence residing: No
Coat: Medium-Size, Dense
Coat colours: Black, Brown, White, Sable with Markings
Trainability: Troublesome
House Residing: No
Best For: A good selection for lively and skilled canine homeowners
Shedding: Reasonable to Excessive
Grooming Necessities: Medium to Excessive
Train Required: Excessive
Hypoallergenic: No
Temperament: Loyal, affectionate, protecting, prepared to please
House Necessities: A big area with a fenced-in yard is preferable (Rural houses are greatest suited to those canines)
Vitality Ranges: Excessive
Good with Cats and Different Canines: Unpredictable (Early Socialization Is a Should)
Children pleasant: Sure (If educated and socialized)
Intelligence: Excessive
Barking Tendency: Usually
Value: Wherever from $400 to $1000

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What Is a Catahoula and German Shepherd Combine?

Because the identify suggests, a Catahoula German Shepherd Combine pet is a cross between a Catahoula Cur or Leopard Canine and a German Shepherd. This combine will differ in look for the reason that Catahoula Cur mother or father canines additionally differ lots when it comes to seems.

To get a normal concept of what your Catahoula German Shepherd Combine pet would possibly seem like, you first must know every mother or father breed’s traits.

Catahoula Leopard Canine Historical past

Usually known as the Catahoula Cur, Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Canine, and the Hog Canine, Catahoula Leopard canines are developed from Beaucerons, Mastiffs, wild canines and pink wolves that had been owned by native Louisiana People.

These canines had been categorized into three: the Fairbanks, the Wright and the Mcmillin.

The Fairbanks had been owned by Lovie Fairbanks. These canines had been yellow or brindle in colour. They weighed round 65 to 75 kilos.

Subsequent, the Wright had been owned by Preston Wright. Their weight stood at round 90 to 110 kilos.

For the Mcmillin, a person named T.A Mcmillin stored these canines. That they had blue coats and glass eyes. They had been the smallest Catahoula Leopard canines, weighing between 50 and 60 kilos.

Catahoula Leopard Dog

The three sorts had been inbred for a very long time, inflicting an enormous variation within the breed. Immediately, the breed includes the Pink Leopard, the Blue Leopard, the Black Leopard, Silver or Grey Leopard, Tri-color, Quad-color, 5-color and the Patchwork selection.

Their beautiful eye colour is one other bodily attribute of the Catahoula Leopard. They normally have heterochromia, a situation characterised by a variation within the colour of their eyes. They could have grey eyes, glass eyes, marbled eyes or noticed eyes.

The Catahoula Leopard Canine usually has webbed toes, permitting them to work within the swampy Louisiana neighborhoods. These additionally permit them to take pleasure in swimming. Furthermore, they’ve droopy ears and a curved tail.

So what concerning the German Shepherd?

Not like the Catahoula Leopard Canine, German Shepherd canines are likely to look similar to one another.

German Shepherds normally have pointed ears, brown eyes and a protracted, bushy tail.

Frequent coat colours embrace black, brown, tan, and white, amongst others. They weigh round 50 to 90 kilos.

Happy German Shepherd Dog And Puppy

Let’s now take a better have a look at the bodily traits of the Catahoula German Shepherd Combine and what you possibly can count on out of your blended breed canine.

The Normal Look of the Catahoula German Shepherd Combine

So what does a German Shepherd Catahoula Combine canine seem like?

Every pet will look fairly totally different from the others, even these from the identical litter.

They usually have brown eyes and pointed ears. Nonetheless, their general look will differ relying on the dominant genes. The German Shepherd Catahoula Combine may additionally have glass blue eyes and droopy ears.

Measurement, Top and Weight

When absolutely grown, a German Shepherd Catahoula Combine shall be a medium to large-sized canine. The peak and weight of a blended breed canine like this may rely upon the dimensions of every mother or father canine. The dominant genes decide the dimensions of a hybrid canine.

The common weight of a Catahoula German Shepherd Combine is round 50 to 90 kilos. They measure between 1 ft 8 inches and a couple of ft 2 inches in top.

Coat and Coat Colours

Their coat ought to be extra strong and shed extra closely in the event that they take after their German Shepherd mother or father. Nonetheless, the coat might be shorter, and shed extra evenly in the event that they take after their Catahoula Leopard Canine mother or father.

Frequent coat colours embrace black, brown, tan and white, amongst others.

Catahoula German Shepherd Combine Habits & Temperament

In relation to the temperament of Catahoula Leopard canines, they are usually shy and fewer aggressive than German Shepherds. Alternatively, German Shepherds are good and clever canines. They’re nice protectors. So, the cross between a Catahoula and a German Shepherd shall be clever and an superior guard canine.

They’re very hard-working canines who’re all the time targeted on the duty at hand. They’re all the time severe about their work just because they take pleasure in it after they full their job on time. They’re normally cautious of strangers and don’t do nicely in crowds. They require proper training and socialization early in their life.

Talking of intelligence, each German Shepherds and Catahoula Leopard canines are very good canines, so your Catahoula German Shepherd Combine pet shall be no totally different. Your blended breed canine shall be very intelligent and can possess nice problem-solving expertise.

These pups are additionally nice protectors of their dwelling and household. This breed tends to be protecting of its territory and can do the whole lot of their energy to maintain you and your loved ones protected. The German Shepherd Catahoula Combine would possibly even suppose that you just’re a member of it’s pack.

⚠️ In addition they have herding tendencies. This trait is kind of unusual, however your Catahoula German Shepherd could herd little kids. Their pure instincts could cause them to suppose that they’ve some work to do, and begin herding your kids.

Happily, you possibly can prepare your pet out of it, particularly when you begin coaching and socializing them with children whereas they’re nonetheless younger.

They get alongside nicely with kids however after correctly coaching and socializing them. Canine homeowners mustn’t depart them unsupervised with small children because of the aggressive a part of their character.

Attributable to their herding tendencies, German Shepherd Catahoulas don’t all the time get alongside nicely with cats and different pets. Whereas a few of these canines finally study to stay harmoniously with cats and different pets, it’s very important to oversee them so that every get together stays pleased.

Subsequently, they should also be socialized early with cats and different pets. This contains introducing them to different canines and animals within the household.

Do Catahoula German Shepherd Combine Canines Bark a Lot?

Each mother or father breeds bark continuously, so you possibly can count on the Catahoula German Shepherd Combine to bark typically as nicely. Their barking tendency makes them unsuitable for residence residing.

Are German Shepherd Catahoulas Aggressive Canines?

Each German Shepherds and Catahoula Leopard canines are usually aggressive in nature, particularly in direction of unfamiliar folks. Subsequently, their offspring will inherit their aggressive tendencies, so they don’t seem to be a good selection for first time canine homeowners.

Are German Shepherd Catahoulas Good Pets?

All puppies are people, so any canine might be each an excellent pet and a not-so-good pet. Bear this in thoughts as you contemplate generalities.

Though Catahoula German Shepherds are loyal canines and nice household pets, they don’t seem to be all the time good with small children. Their excessive power ranges and herding tendencies could make them unsuitable as pets, particularly in the event that they haven’t been nicely educated.

That being stated, most of those canines are good with children and can shield them. Nonetheless, it’s all the time essential to oversee your German Shepherd Catahoula Combine when taking part in with children to make sure they get alongside nicely.

In the event you and your loved ones are dedicated to giving them sufficient train or a job to do, then they are going to be good pets which can be loyal and loving as soon as they’re finished with working and taking part in round on the finish of the day.

So if you need an clever and dependable household pet and have the time to present them ample train, then the Catahoula German Shepherd Combine might be for you.

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Are German Shepherd Catahoulas Simple to Prepare?

German Shepherd Catahoulas should not the only option for everybody as a result of they want plenty of coaching. Housetraining can be difficult resulting from their stubborn nature. This is because of their sense of independence. Nonetheless, endurance, kindness and consistency can result in some nice outcomes.

These canines require correct coaching and psychological stimulation to stay pleased. With their excessive intelligence, they want a manner to make use of it so that they don’t turn out to be damaging. That’s why coaching your Catahoula German Shepherd Combine is so essential. However until you have got expertise dealing with them, it’s always recommended to hire a professional dog trainer.

To correctly prepare your Catahoula German Shepherd Combine, use optimistic reinforcements like treats to reward acceptable habits.

Leash coaching can also be essential as a result of it exhibits your canine that you just’re actually in cost.

It’s additionally essential for canines with aggressive habits to be nicely socialized. It is strongly recommended to begin socializing your Catahoula German Shepherd Combine throughout puppyhood, ideally throughout the first 3 months. To attain this, introduce your pup to totally different sorts of individuals, sounds, locations and conditions.

Massive Change - 300 x 250

Methods to Take Correct Care of Your Pet

As acknowledged above, it’s a good suggestion to rent knowledgeable canine coach to coach your pup, one thing that may price you some cash. Hiring a coach will help with aggression, behavioral points and can help you kind a powerful bond along with your canine.

Aside from enlisting a coach, you additionally want to purchase an excellent crate to assist with canine coaching since it is a steady course of. You should buy the MidWest Folding Crate for Extra Large Dogs on as it’s sturdy and sturdy.

German Shepherd Catahoulas are additionally recognized to be inquisitive creatures. You need to guarantee they’ve a big fenced-in yard for them to play, run and discover.

Breeds that work as laborious because the German Shepherd Catahoula Combine deserve a cushty sleeping spot on the finish of the day. A high quality orthopedic canine mattress like the Furhaven Orthopedic dog bed (which can also be out there on is a good way to maintain your pet pleased and comfy throughout bedtime.

It helps to assist your canine’s drained physique and eases joint ache, physique aches and hip dysplasia. This mattress offers the therapeutic assist your hard-working companion deserves.

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Train Wants

German Shepherd Catahoulas are very lively canines. They should be exercised for round one hour every day. Failure to train your pup can result in aggression or behavioral points.

Since these canines are additionally extraordinarily clever, you should present them with interactive canine toys for psychological stimulation. You can even contemplate video games akin to Fetch, Frisbee, Tug of War, Puzzles toys and instructing them numerous instructions.

Be sure that to not over-exercise your German Shepherd Catahoula as this is perhaps dangerous to your canine. Your pet may turn out to be too exhausted, resulting in dehydration and overeating.

Be careful for signs akin to extreme panting, stiffness, sore muscle groups, lameness, confusion and foam forming on the mouth. In the event you discover any of those severe signs, it’s very important to cease the workouts so he can quiet down.

It’s additionally advisable to carry fresh water with you when taking your dog out on walks or hikes to assist maintain your four-legged pal cool and hydrated.

Grooming and Shedding

The Catahoula Leopard Canine is kind of straightforward to groom and keep, whereas the German Shepherd has extra grooming calls for. That is because of the variations of their coat sort and size.

Irrespective of the kind of coat your German Shepherd Catahoula Combine inherits from the mother or father canines, he ought to be brushed weekly since he’ll shed both reasonably or closely.

Weekly brushing will assist cut back shedding and improve the looks of their coat.

Be sure that to present them baths sometimes and to use deodorizing wipes for dogs continuously to maintain their coat wholesome.

Their nails are likely to develop reasonably quick, so periodic nail clipping will be necessary.

Moreover, examine their ears for grime and particles to forestall infections since they spend loads of time outdoors.

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Feeding and Food plan

Each German Shepherds and Catahoula Leopard canines are working breeds, so your German Shepherd Catahoula Combine will need high quality dog food to keep up their excessive power ranges.

Your canine’s common food regimen ought to embrace wholesome proteins, contemporary fruits, contemporary greens and oils.

When selecting a pet meals model, there are some elements and meals sources you should keep away from. These embrace soy, corn, wheat, meat by-products, fillers and synthetic preservatives.

You need to feed a Catahoula German Shepherd Combine twice per day. Prime quality dry pet food will help with a canine’s enamel, so it’s a good suggestion to keep away from shopping for moist meals manufacturers in your Catahoula German Shepherd Combine.

Moreover, you need to complement your canine’s food regimen with probiotics and wild alaskan salmon oil to assist maintain your hard-working buddy pleased and wholesome resulting from their danger for joint points and hip dysplasia.


The Catahoula German Shepherd Combine is a hybrid canine, so they typically live longer than their mother or father breeds.

The life expectancy of the Catahoula German Shepherd Combine is round 7 to fifteen years.

Well being Points

Earlier than shopping for a German Shepherd blended with a Catahoula Leopard canine, it’s advisable to know the whole lot there’s to know concerning the breed, together with potential well being issues.

The Catahoula German Shepherd Combine could inherit any well being points that have an effect on both mother or father breed. These embrace hip dysplasia, bloat, degenerative myelopathy, canine periodontitis, weight problems, deafness and most cancers.

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Discovering a Wholesome Catahoula German Shepherd Combine for Sale

In case you are occupied with shopping for Catahoula German Shepherd Combine puppies, keep away from shopping for one from on-line shops or commercials.

Don’t be fooled by the engaging phrases used or the low value supplied. Such shops provide their puppies at very low costs, however they mishandle their dad and mom and the puppies normally have some severe well being issues.

Though the breeding course of normally improves the traits of the pet, dad and mom with extreme well being situations can move them to the puppies.

Earlier than shopping for a Catahoula German Shepherd pet, ensure you’re doing enterprise with respected breeders.

Ask the breeders concerning the availability of medical data of every mother or father canine to see if they’ve any well being issues. Ideally, take a tour of the premises to see how they’re elevating the puppies and their dad and mom.

Additionally it is essential to seek out out whether or not or not the breeders are utilizing genetic exams to determine potential well being problems with their canines.

In any other case, it’s possible you’ll need to contemplate rescuing a Catahoula German Shepherd Combine canine. Visit any nearby rescue centers or animal shelters and see if they’ve this combine listed for adoption.

How A lot Does A Catahoula German Shepherd Combine Value?

This combine could be very uncommon, so its value shall be fairly excessive. The value will differ primarily based on the supply of puppies, the dimensions of the mother or father canines and the placement.

Anticipate to pay round $400 to $1000 for a wholesome Catahoula German Shepherd Combine pet.

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There you have got it! Our full information to the Catahoula German Shepherd Combine! Hopefully, by now, you’ve made an knowledgeable choice.

Catahoula German Shepherd mixes are cute, loyal, and clever, however they’re positively not the fitting alternative for first time canine homeowners.

In the event you do need to purchase one, ensure you are absolutely dedicated to deal with your pup.

In the event you’re ready to welcome this combine to your house, then go forward and discover respected breeders. They’re laborious to seek out, however when you do, you’ll take pleasure in having an awesome companion for a few years to return!

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