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9 Adorable Dog Breeds That Look Like Pugs

Pugs usually are not conventionally stunning, however there’s one thing about their squished, wrinkled faces and darkish, beady eyes that makes individuals fall in love.

The truth is, pugs are the 28th most popular out of 196 canine breeds acknowledged by the American Kennel Membership.

However do you know there are at the very least 9 different canine breeds that appear to be pugs?

That will help you discover the right match for your loved ones, here’s a record of a number of brachycephalic breeds (canines with squished-in faces) and different canines who resemble pugs in a roundabout way. 

9 Canine That Look Like Pugs However Aren’t

Being flat-faced these pug-like breeds do higher in cooler temperatures. Warmth exhaustion might be deadly for these canines, so it’s essential that they are stored in well-ventilated, air-conditioned rooms when dwelling in hotter climates, and that walks or playtime outdoor are very restricted when it’s excessively scorching.

Boston Terrier

Boston terrier sitting on a dog bed too small

Supply: princecharlie5/Instragram

Boston Terriers are a bit bigger than Pugs however have the identical flat, wrinkled faces and beady eyes. One large distinction with the Boston Terrier is that their ears stand erect as an alternative of being folded down in opposition to their head, like a pug.

The Boston Terrier is a sturdy, compact canine and have a gentle and affectionate personality. They’ve distinctive coat markings which are white and both black, brindle, or black with crimson undertones. If these guys get loads of train, they will thrive in nearly any setting together with in residences and households with youngsters or different canines.

The lifespan of a Boston Terrier ranges from 13 to fifteen years. They’re straightforward to groom and prepare, with good general well being. This breed does are likely to wander although, so retaining them shut is essential!

  • Professionals: straightforward to coach, good with cats, makes a superb household canine, nice with youngsters, sofa potato, very playful and energetic, largely wholesome with an extended lifespan, impartial.
  • Cons: keen on the sound of their very own voice.


A boxer dog puppy playing in the grass

Boxers are one other widespread brachycephalic canine breed. These pups are sensible, energetic, and enjoyable. Good for households who desire a canine that appear to be a pug however want larger breeds, boxers weigh as much as 80 kilos and measure as much as 25 inches on the shoulder.

This breed is muscular with brief hair and pointed ears. Their coat is straightforward to groom and preserve, however they do shed a good bit. Boxers are likely to dote on youngsters and are good canines for energetic households dedicated to coaching them utilizing optimistic reinforcement. 

A boxer lives about 10 to 12 years. Since they have been initially bred as medium sized guard canines, it’s necessary that their vitality ranges are met with loads of play and vigorous train. 

  • Professionals: low-maintenance, very energetic, mild companion to youngsters, not loud barkers, nice for households.
  • Cons: continuous vitality machine, fairly keen on feline-chasing (corrected with early socialization), fairly cussed relating to coaching.

Brussels Griffon

Smooth haired Brussels Griffon puppy

Brussels Griffon (Griffs) is a canine breed with a novel look that has some similarities to pugs. For instance, they’ve an identical squished-looking nostril, and darkish, wide-set eyes.

Weighing solely 8 to 10 kilos, this breed is smaller than your common pug they usually have extra hair, particularly round their snout and on their legs. This toy breed was initially designed to hunt and kill rats in Belgium, France. In the present day, they make nice companions for energetic households.

Griffs can adapt to residence dwelling however they do have a bark that must be reigned in. This breed is understood for it’s self-importance and is just a little tough to coach so may not be the best choice for first-time house owners.

  • Professionals: simply trainable, very sociable and playful, requires common grooming, extremely smart canine, low shedding, fairly receptive to coaching.
  • Cons: can get just a little clingy, do not do nicely left alone, not be appropriate for households with young children, burglary might be difficult.

Dogue de Bordeaux

2 French Mastiffs in forest autumn

One lesser-known canine breed that considerably resembles the Pug is the bigger Dogue de Bordeaux. When you love the Pug’s wrinkled face however want a bigger breed, maybe a working pup, this one’s for you.

The Dogue De Bordeaux (a.okay.a. Mastiff of Bordeaux, French Mastiff or DDB) can weigh over 110 kilos and measures as tall as 26 inches on the shoulder. These canines have a shorter lifespan of solely 6 to eight years, however in that point, they show themselves to be loyal companions.

Initially used as guard canines in historic France, these pups will maintain away undesirable strangers however make affectionate household pets. As a result of they are often cautious of different canines and strangers, and are cussed relating to coaching, the DDB is finest suited to skilled canine house owners.

  • Professionals: affectionate and even-tempered, loyal and protecting, not noisy barkers, mild with youngsters, each day walks suffice given its giant dimension, straightforward to coach however very cussed.
  • Cons: vulnerable to meals allergy symptoms (particularly wheat), they do slobber, doesn’t get alongside nicely with different pets in the home, significantly different canines, reasonable shedders, vulnerable to canine bloat.


A cute bullmastiff puppy

The Bullmastiff is one other large canine that intently resembles a Pug in a number of methods, together with the form/placement of its ears, coloring, and facial creases. They’re a lot bigger in dimension although, weighing as much as 130 kilos and standing as tall as 27 inches on the shoulder.

Bullmastiffs are a working breed that lives roughly 7 to 9 years. Often called the “silent watchdog”, Bullmastiffs courageously shield their households, who they bond intently with. These large pups are the right mixture of mellow and playful. They’ll even make good residence canines!

One factor to be careful for relating to this breed is their drooling. When you can put up with just a little slobber, a well-trained and socialized Bullmastiff makes an incredible pet and guardian.

  • Professionals: glorious watchdogs, each day walks suffice as train, low quantity of shedding, extremely trainable, medium vitality ranges, very affectionate and a pleasant demenour, does nicely when left alone, nice as a household pet,
  • Cons: doubtlessly aggressive towards different animals (canines and cats) and other people, brief lifespan, susceptible to overheating.

Chinese language Shar-Pei

A Chinese Shar Pei puppy in the grass

The Chinese language Shar-Pei is a considerably extra unusual canine to see in most locations, however they’re majestic. This large canine has pug-like wrinkles on its face, brow, and physique. Their ears are tucked down like pugs’ they usually have expressive, wide-set eyes.

Chinese language Shar-Peis are a medium sized breed weighing as much as 60 kilos and measuring as much as 20 inches tall on the shoulder. Their identify means “sand pores and skin” after the tough coat and unfastened pores and skin they’re recognized for.

These canines have been initially bred as working canines for guarding, looking, and herding. Due to their pure stubbornness and wariness of strangers and different canines, they require an skilled canine proprietor. Early socialization and agency coaching are key to a well-adjusted Chinese language Shar-Pei.

  • Professionals: very impartial, does nicely when left alone, very clever, fiercely loyal and protecting, not a needy canine – fairly aloof, minimal grooming, low-energy breed so nice for residence dwelling.
  • Cons: not a breed for novice house owners, vulnerable to pores and skin infections, excessive prey drive so not tolerant of different pets, low tolerance of heat.

French Bulldog

The French Bulldog bears a putting resemblance to the Pug and is comparable in dimension. Weighing as much as 28 kilos and solely about 13 inches tall on the shoulder, this breed additionally has a squished face and a few of the wrinkles Pugs are recognized for. Additionally they have comparable darkish, wide-set eyes.

French Bulldogs are widespread, rating at quantity 4 of 196 breeds on the AKC web site. The place they set themselves aside from Pugs is their trademark batlike ears that arise and out, accentuating their cute faces.

“Frenchies” are nice little canines that may adapt to residence and metropolis life, but in addition thrive in wide-open rural locations. This breed is an efficient selection for first time canine house owners due to their low-maintenance coats and all-around pleasant nature. 

  • Professionals: low-maintenance, common shedders, enjoyable and energetic, good round youngsters, do not bark a lot, good household canine, might be good with cats (when socialized early).
  • Cons: not constructed to swim as a consequence of their giant heads and brief legs, might be fairly cussed, have a brief consideration span so coaching is just a little difficult.

Japanese Chin

A family of Japanese Chin Dogs

When you love pugs however you favor canines with extra hair to pet and brush, you could be a fan of the Japanese Chin. These canines are noble and petite, with a squished-up snout, darkish eyes, lengthy ears, and large bushy tails. They’re tiny too; solely 8 to 11 inches tall and weighing as much as 11 kilos.

These canines have made loyal companions in Japan and different components of Asia for over 1,000 years. They take pleasure in spending time with their individuals and are straightforward canines for brand new house owners and residence dwellers to deal with.

One attention-grabbing factor about this breed is that they’re described as cat-like. They’re quiet and proficient at climbing and leaping over issues.

  • Professionals: not a high-maintenance breed, extremely affectionate and pleasant, does nicely with different pets, nice for residence dwelling given their dimension and low train necessities.  
  • Cons: cussed so might be more durable to coach, being flat-faced like all breeds on this record – a really low tolerance to warmth, vulnerable to weight problems.


Pekingese dog licking her nose

The Pekingese is one other canine you don’t see too typically. They resemble a Pug within the face, eyes, and coloring, however with lengthy hair protecting their ears and physique. This breed is just a little smaller, measuring about 6 to 9 inches tall and weighing as much as 14 kilos.

Pekingese have been bred to be companions to the imperial household of China for hundreds of years. They’re a dignified breed that bonds closest with one grownup caregiver. Since they’re on the smaller aspect, these pups aren’t advisable for households with young children.

These canines are sensible and loving however they are often barkers, shed lots, and require constant grooming. Apart from that they’re low vitality canines who take pleasure in lounging in your lap and adapt nicely to residence dwelling.

  • Professionals: extremely loyal, assured, very impartial, very clever, nice for residence dwelling, good watchdogs, good with youngsters, modest train necessities.
  • Cons: vulnerable to weight problems, high-maintenance wants, as a short-faced breed they do higher in cooler climates, coaching might be difficult.

Do you could have one of many above canines or a unique breed? Tell us within the remark part under. 

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