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4 Things You Should Know Before Getting A Pet Sugar Glider

Sugar gliders are adorable little marsupials. Their large eyes, mushy fur, and clingy nature make them fascinating pets, however not everyone seems to be lower out to be a sugar glider proprietor. 

sugar glider

Getting a pet sugar glider is a giant dedication, so that you must know what to anticipate earlier than bringing it house. We’re right here to present you a fast rundown of sugar glider possession, so you may determine in case you’re prepared for the duty.

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1. They Want Companions

An important factor that you must know if you would like a sugar glider is that you need to all the time purchase them in pairs. 

Sugar gliders want companionship. Many individuals neglect this because of the excessive sugar glider price, however they’re clingy animals that may get depressed if left alone. 

Some individuals who select to have one or who quickly have one (whether or not they’re fostering, ready to exchange one which’s handed, or ready to deliver one house from the vet) get small pouches to take with them, so the sugar glider is all the time close by. However, for most individuals, this isn’t doable. 

2. They’re Nocturnal

Sugar glider possession isn’t all the time a stroll within the park. For instance, when you’ve got early mornings, you would possibly wish to think about a unique pet. 

Sugar gliders prefer to be up all night time. Within the wild, that is after they’d be out and about, and having them in a cage doesn’t change that. Sadly, they’re additionally loud, so when you’ve got a small residence, chances are you’ll not be capable to sleep. Think about this earlier than committing to your new pet. 

3. The Sugar Glider Weight-reduction plan

Feeding a sugar glider is extra difficult than feeding a canine or a cat. Their meals is tougher to come back by, and you might have to order it on-line. 

Sugar gliders can eat some meals that individuals eat, however not every little thing. A few of these meals are finest used as treats. They embrace vegetables and fruit (in the event that they’re freed from dust or pesticides) and sure meats, amongst different issues.

You wish to keep away from something with dairy or pesticides and something you wouldn’t fairly feed to a toddler. You must also keep away from processed meals. Read this for extra info on what to not present your sugar glider. 

4. They’re a Lengthy-Time period Dedication

As a result of they’re small, many individuals suppose that sugar gliders are like rodents and that their lifespan follows swimsuit. 

In contrast to the ever-popular dwarf hamster, which lives a mean of two to a few years, sugar gliders can reside for over a decade. So if you get your pets, you’re committing to your complete sugar glider lifespan. 

Maintain this in thoughts when you’re making your determination. 

Are You Nonetheless Considering a Pet Sugar Glider?

Getting a pet sugar glider isn’t so simple as getting a canine, cat, or hamster. It is advisable plan rigorously and ensure that this tiny marsupial is an effective match to your house. 

Do your analysis, discuss to different sugar glider house owners, and take your time earlier than making that dedication. There’s no rush. Your furry buddy will nonetheless be there in case you determine that you just’re prepared. 

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