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11 Rodent Hunting Dog Breeds That Hunt Mice and Rats

Rodents have at all times lived in shut proximity to people for generations. We’ve by no means preferred this however typically ignored it, largely as a result of rodents are tough to shake off. However after they get too intrusive for consolation, there are particular steps you’ll be able to take to regain your territory.

In the event you’re searching for one of the best canines bred for pest management listed below are some nice ratters (and mousers). These breeds had been bred to flush out pesky rodents together with badgers and smaller animals.

Prime 11 Rodent Searching Canine

A brown rat eating seeds in a bird feeder in a garden

A brown rat having fun with seeds from a chicken feeder within the backyard. Rodents can simply climb up chicken feeders if they are not positioned accurately.

These canine breeds are the preferred for chasing and killing rodents comparable to mice and rats and drive them away out of your property. We’ll take a look at how good every vermin-killing canine breed does it, and another options that make these canines nice household pets too.

Cairn Terrier

A cute brown and black cairn terrier dogs.

The identify Cairn Terrier roots to the Scottish-Gaelic phrase “Cairn” which refers to a mound of tough stones. This breed was particularly bred for rodent looking so that is the right pet selection and watchdog for retaining the speed inhabitants down.

The Cairn Terrier may push by means of stone fences (man-made pile of stones) to catch vermin. This fox-like canine breed has a shaggy pure look nevertheless their coat is weatherproof and hypo-allergenic and requires comparatively frequent care and grooming.

They’re a pleasant and dependable companion, however they are usually impartial, particularly for those who do not set up your self because the boss when coaching them.

This ratter is alert, hardy, spirited, just a little calmer than the Jack Russel Terrier and being very energetic, requires a lot of train. If not educated nicely, this canine can develop into damaging and can bark excessively.

  • Professionals: wonderful ratters, nice watchdog, nice with youngsters, intelligent, brave, extremely trainable, loves individuals, hypoallergenic (and don’t shed much).
  • Cons: loves digging, excessive vitality = a lot of psychological + bodily train, wants a robust chief to maintain barking and damaging conduct at bay, are identified to be snappy and cussed.

Jack Russel Terrier

Jack Russell Terrier

One other generally really useful terrier for mousing is the Jack Russell Terrier. This small canine packs numerous vitality and likes to work. The Jack Russell is taken into account probably the greatest for retaining rodents at bay. 

Their origin is traced to a canine breed used for looking foxes in England. This imbibed high quality makes it straightforward for Jack Russel Terriers to ferret out rodents from their hiding locations. 

A superb attribute of this canine is that it’s pleasant with youngsters and at all times has a cheerful and loving spirit. The canine is a quick learner and good, which makes them well-liked for TV exhibits and films. The one draw back with Jack Russel Terrier is that they love loads of motion and might have lengthy walks a day.

  • Professionals: wonderful mousers, clever, low-maintenance grooming wants, usually wholesome breed with an extended lifespan (as much as 18 years), extremely trainable, good-natured, playful,  great household companions, fits an energetic household or joggers.
  • Cons: tendency to bark, excessive prey-drive so not feline-friendly, average shedders, might be aggressive in the direction of different canines, infamous diggers.


A Jack Russel beside a dug out part of the garden

In the event you’re searching for a lower-energy canine than terriers, Dachshunds are your subsequent best choice. The Doxie is well-known for his or her unimaginable velocity regardless of having comparatively brief legs. They had been initially bred in Germany to hunt animals comparable to badgers and foxes. Their brief legs supply benefit in looking mice and rats in underground tunnels, tight corners and small areas.

They do not at all times kill their prey, particularly the bigger ones, however does an excellent job at retaining them away. The Dachshund is sort of cussed and generally is a little tough to coach.

Dachshunds come in numerous sizes however the usual Doxie stands round 10-11 inches tall. They’re curious dogs, vigorous, courageous and charming. They like to take part in just about every little thing and have an excellent humorousness however a robust human chief is required. 

  • Professionals: wonderful mousers, low upkeep, excessive lifespan, minimal shedding, whereas good with youngsters – younger youngsters must be supervised and the Doxie must be socialized at an early age, wonderful household canine, protecting, clever.
  • Cons: like to dig, mischievous, susceptible to weight problems and intervertebral disc disease (IVDD), very vocal, prone to chase feline pets, cussed so not the best to coach.


A beautiful papillon dog with a long white silky coat outdoors in the grass
In the event you’re searching for dwelling canine that makes for excellent firm but in addition retains mice away, the Papillon is a superb selection. 

The Pap is a reasonably, comical and fun-loving small canine who’s also called the Butterfly or Squirrel canine. Paps had been bred as vermin-catchers therefore why they’re such wonderful ratters and mousers. 

Regardless of their lengthy coat, they’re low-to-moderate shedders and do not want a lot grooming only a common brushing to keep away from matting. 

They’re as high-energy as terriers so give them loads of train and locations to run free. Lastly they will undergo from separation anxiousness if left dwelling alone for lengthy durations.  General, this can be a nice selection of canine for chasing mice out of your property that likes to please it is proprietor.

  • Professionals: wonderful mouse and rat-catchers, straightforward to coach, good household canine, nice watchdog.
  • Cons: unhealthy separation anxiousness, vocal, take note of a Pap’s diet since they will simply get obese, prone to chase different pets together with cats, might be tough to house-train.

German Pinscher

A German Pinscher running and frolicking around outdoors.

Originating from Germany, the German Pinschers had been used within the nineteenth century to guard and guard farms and kill rats and mice. They’re now largely taken as household companions however nonetheless retain their vermin looking abilities and pure intuition to go looking and chase rats and defend the house and household.

The German Pinschers are higher located to take care of bigger rats attributable to their comparatively larger measurement, however may face some obstacles when chasing mice in tight areas. This canine wins the admiration of many followers not just for their elegant and highly effective construct, but in addition for his or her agility and intelligence. They’re usually working canines regardless that they will adapt to a wide range of life.

  • Professionals: wonderful rat-catchers, low grooming maintenance, nice watchdog, is not a barker, nice with older youngsters, fiercely loyal and protecting, loves firm. 
  • Cons: not hypoallergenic, requires loads psychological and bodily stimulation to keep away from boredom and hyperactivity, not for condominium dwelling, identified to chase small pets and cats, mischievous. 

Yorkshire Terrier

A small long haired Yorkie dog in the grass.

Many Yorkshire Terrier house owners are unaware that their Yorkies produce other wonderful abilities except for their puppy-permanent look. Bred as cotton mill vermin catchers within the 1800’s, they had been additionally utilized in public rat-catching sporting occasions. 

This canine is de facto good at looking and killing mice attributable to its small physique and agile velocity and can chase mice from below low buildings or sheds and thru small areas.

The canines are so energetic and desires numerous motion to remain completely happy. This canine makes a feisty companion attributable to its small measurement. It’s the preferred toy canine breed in America due to its capability to remain loyal to its grasp, stunning appears to be like, and versatile life-style.

  • Professionals: wonderful mousers, excessive lifespan, aren’t shedders, hypoallergenic so nice for individuals with pet allergy symptoms, minimal grooming, reasonably straightforward to coach, good watchdog, loyal and affectionate.
  • Cons: are likely to bark fairly a bit, cussed temperament, nice with older youngsters, might be tough to housetrain. 

Lakeland Terrier

Lakeland Terrier dog breed

Lakeland Terrier breed historical past is answerable for the canine’s capability to battle rodents. It was historically discovered within the huge fields of England’s Lake District looking vermin comparable to rats, badgers, otters, foxes, and weasels. 

The canine’s coats are in two layers with the highest layer being onerous and wiry and the underside layer being mushy. Nevertheless, you will not have to spend an excessive amount of time grooming them.

The canine likes to chase smaller animals which makes it essential to socialize them with different smaller pets early on. Though these canines had been initially bred to be hunters of foxes, they’ve since assumed different obligations, like killing mice and being a household pet.

  • Professionals: wonderful at rat looking, nice with youngsters, wholesome breed, would not shed a lot, hypoallergenic, fearless, nice with older youngsters.
  • Cons: might be vocal, is thought to be cussed, has problem getting together with different canines in the home.

Rat Terrier

A cute Rat Terrier hunting in the grass.

They’re a persistent digging breed and like to spend their time within the farmyard. Initially bred to hunt rodents and different vermin each above and beneath floor which is what makes them one of the best canine for killing rats. Rat Terriers are an American canine breed and was named so by president Theodore Roosevelt. They’re among the many high canines on this planet for looking and combating pesky rodents.

The upbringing of this canine breed is comparatively straightforward, which might be performed in a home or condominium. Even so, they’re very energetic canines and want common walkouts to maintain completely happy. The draw back of this canine breed is its fondness of digging.

This athletic canine will doubtless dig holes in your yard once in a while. However this generally is a plus as some huge rats are price digging out of the bottom. On high of that, they’re good household canines and really light with youngsters.

  • Professionals: very playful, sociable, sweet-natured, protecting, nice mountain climbing associate, minimal grooming, nice with youngsters and as a household canine, will get together with different canines, straightforward to coach.
  • Cons: might be hyper and has boundless vitality so it wants loads of train, excessive drives for chasing and digging. 

West Highland White Terrier

A West Highland White Terrier running through the park.

The Westie as it is also identified is a Scottish ratter and was used to battle rats because the mid-1500s. The fluffy white breed initially said out as ratters and had been used to clear mines, barns, farms and different properties of vermin. The canine’s agility, measurement and velocity makes it a well-liked selection with farmers to examine rodent populations.

The canine can also be an excellent hunter and its white coat makes it seen all through a hunt, which minimizes the chance of unintended capturing. It is physique construction is good for transferring underground, making it simpler for the canine to flush out rodents from their hiding locations.

  • Professionals: wonderful ratters, energetic and dependable, will get together with different canines and might adapt to cats, extremely trainable, low-grooming wants, nice with older youngsters.
  • Cons: tendency to dig, cussed, might be fairly loud and typically persistent barking, might be onerous to housebreak, susceptible to pores and skin allergy symptoms. 

Norfolk Terrier

A Norfolk terrier dog running in the garden

This canine breed additionally started out as a ratter, serving to management the rat inhabitants within the drains of East Anglia – their place of origin in addition to fox bolting. It’s presumably the smallest of the terrier household and doesn’t develop greater than 10 inches on the shoulder and weighing solely about 12 kilos. This makes it higher positioned to hunt rats and mice by means of crevices and tight areas.

Regardless of being comparatively small, they pack as a lot vitality as any terrier. This terrier tends to chase smaller animals together with different family pets like hamsters however make for affectionate companions. The Norfolk Terrier is a giant canine in a small package deal. The canine could be very alert, gregarious, loyal to its proprietor.

  • Professionals: wonderful ratters, nice selection for people or households searching for a small canine breed with an energetic persona, affectionate, wonderful companions for youngsters.
  • Cons: have a cussed streak, will chase different family pets, excessive maintenance ranges. 

Miniature Schnauzer

A salt and pepper miniature Schnauzer Dog Breed

They’ve initially been farm canines in Germany used to eradicate rodents. The Schnauzer has thick facial hair that serves as safety from any potential retaliation by prey. Their distinctive looking and guarding instincts made Miniature Schnauzers well-liked with farmers. You are virtually assured a rodent-free setting with this canine round.

Other than their superior looking skills, Miniature Schnauzers are good and delightful companions. This canine is extremely clever, fast-learner, is cheerful and actually type to youngsters. Being very energetic warrants a every day exercise. It is extremely calm indoors after an excellent train, making it ultimate for individuals who stay in flats.

  • Professionals: wonderful sense of listening to so nice rat catchers, barely shed in any respect, territorial so nice watchdogs, nice with youngsters, great household canine, good with different animals and cats, very wholesome breed.
  • Cons: excessive maintenance ranges, might be vocal however can be discouraged with correct coaching and socilization. 

Do you have got one of many above canines or a unique breed? Share your proprietor expertise within the remark part beneath.

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