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100+ Golden Retriever Dog Names – What Should You Name Your Puppy?

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One of many first duties at hand after discovering out we might be getting a brand new english cream golden retriever was attempting to choose a reputation that everybody within the household agreed upon.

In all honesty, the method took us a couple of month and consisted of brainstorming, on-line analysis, discussions and the ultimate reduce.

Take a look at our high 10 record of male (we’re having a boy!) golden retriever canine names:

  1. Charlie
  2. Homer
  3. Spark
  4. Franklin
  5. Yogi
  6. Oscar
  7. Department
  8. Norman
  9. Yeti
  10. Finnegan

I by no means anticipated that naming our golden retriever puppy, Charlie, could be so difficult.

I’ve had 4 canines in my lifetime however they had been all pound puppies or from rescues. Since all my earlier canines had been adopted, they already got here with names or my dad and mom took on the duty of naming them.   

Our first household canine was a pound pet named Cleo. She was half chow, half golden retriever. 

My dad and mom ended up naming her Cleopatra as a result of she had the looks of getting darkish eyeliner round her eyes. She was fluffy like a chow, with the coloring of a red golden retriever and a purple tongue

Golden Chow Mix sitting next to young girl
My first retriever combine, Cleopatra (Cleo)

One other certainly one of my childhood canines was a candy golden retriever combine named Sienna. Her coat was an earthy orange shade, therefore her identify, Sienna. 

She had the sweetest temperament and was a quick learner.  My dad and mom thought she might have been educated as a remedy canine earlier than she got here to our household.

The primary canine my husband and I adopted collectively was a rescue named George. He was a german shepherd combine and the one male in his litter.

We known as him Geo, Georgie or Georgieman. He was the most important of his litter and really good-looking, so George was a becoming identify for him. 

Since Charlie got here from a breeder, he was given a litter identify. My niece was the one who really selected the theme for the litter, the film: Trolls World Tour.

Charlie’s given identify was Department. We thought Department was a enjoyable identify however needed to rename our new golden retriever pup and embody our daughter within the naming course of.

Under is a have a look at the steps we took to pick a reputation for our golden retriever pet.

Naming Your Golden Retriever Pet

Right here’s our 4-step course of for selecting our most up-to-date Golden Retriever pet identify, Charlie:

  1. Brainstorming
  2. Online Research
  3. Family Discussion
  4. The Final Cut

1. Brainstorming

Step one in choosing out a reputation for our pet was brainstorming. Throughout this step, we simply threw out any boy identify that we may consider and wrote it down on a bit of paper.

Oddly sufficient, we even put down names of household pets of years previous corresponding to George and Ralph. This step took us a couple of week as we racked our brains for any and each identify we may consider for our pet.

2. On-line Analysis

Now a few of my readers would possibly say, “heck with step one,” and simply transfer proper alongside to on-line analysis. That’s OK, however don’t promote your self brief on what you may give you. If you happen to use your individual brainpower, the identify may need extra which means to you and your loved ones.

Bear in mind, your search doesn’t should be simply canine or pet names. We really searched for baby names as a result of we’ve got an affinity for pets with human names.

In case you are together with your youngsters within the course of, you might be certain to give you some quirky names that may have the entire household laughing. 

Moreover, as soon as we discovered names we favored, we went and did a little analysis on the which means of the names. This was a enjoyable studying exercise for our daughter, too. For instance, who knew that the which means of Charlie is “free man” and that it’s of Outdated German origin?!

3. Household Dialogue

Household dialogue performed an enormous position in how we got here up with our High 10 Record. This step was essential as a result of it gave everybody an opportunity to voice their opinion on which names they favored greatest.

Each couple of days, we might undergo the record and cross off names that we agreed wouldn’t be an excellent match. If we didn’t just like the identify, we might merely cross it off the record.

4. The Remaining Lower

When our record was whittled right down to about 10 names we needed to make a closing resolution. I needed Franklin (Frankie) and my daughter needed Spark (Sparky.) The tie breaker went to my husband and he selected Charlie.

We generally name him Chuck or Charlie B., which stands for Charlie Department.  When he’s in large hassle, we name him Charles, as a result of it’s a far more critical model of Charlie.

Right here’s Charlie wanting like a Charlie!

In case you couldn’t inform, I actually love canines with human names. Greater than that, I like an excellent nickname.

My High 100+ Golden Retriever Canine Names

Listed below are my high 50 human type canine names with the perfect nicknames you’ll discover.

Boy Golden Retriever Pet Names

  1. Charlie (Chuck, Charles, Chucky)
  2. Norman (Norm, Normy)
  3. Homer (Homie, Houses)
  4. Franklin (Frankie, Frank)
  5. Finnegan (Finn, Finny)
  6. Oscar (Ozzie, Oz)
  7. Benjamin (Ben, Benny)
  8. Henry (Hank)
  9. Baron (Barry, Naked)
  10. Philip (Phil)
  11. Stuart (Stewy)
  12. Arthur (Artwork, Artie)
  13. Morgan (Mo, Momo)
  14. Asher (Ash)
  15. Edward (Ed, Eddie, Ned)
  16. Theodore (Ted, Teddy, Theo)
  17. George (Geo, Georgie)
  18. Jackson (Jack, Jackie)
  19. Quincy (Quin)
  20. Ralph (Ralphie, Rafa)
  21. Boscoe (Boz)
  22. Wilson (Will, Willy)
  23. Remmington (Rem, Remi)
  24. Nelson (Neli, Neil)
  25. Lawrence (Larry)

Lady Golden Retriever Pet Names

  1. Cleopatra (Cleo)
  2. Cecelia (Cici, Ceece)
  3. Ginger (Gigi, Ginny)
  4. Lucille (Lucy, Lu, Lulu)
  5. Amelia (Mimi, Mia, Lia)
  6. Charlotte (Char, Lottie)
  7. Georgette (Georgie, Gigi, Getta)
  8. Josephine (Jo, Jojo, Fifi)
  9. Margaux (Marge, Margie, Mary, Maggie)
  10. Lydia (Lydi)
  11. Nikita (Nicki, Nick)
  12. Winifred (Winnie, Freddie)
  13. Isabella (Iz, Isa, Bella)
  14. Michelle (Micki, Shelley)
  15. Eleanor (Elle, Nora, Nelly)
  16. Beatrice (Fowl, Bea, Trixie, Busy B)
  17. Desiree (Desi, Des, Reyrey)
  18. Molly (Polly, Lolli)
  19. Delilah (Lilah, Lily, Dilly, Dede)
  20. Camille (Cami, Cam, Millie)
  21. Phoebe (Pheebs, Fifi)
  22. Lola (Lo, Lolo)
  23. Rosalyn (Rosie, Rosa, Ro)
  24. Dahlia (Lia, Dahl)
  25. Antoinette (Toni, Nettie)

If you’d like your canine’s identify to be memorable and significant, it’s vital to consider your pursuits and passions.

Since my husband loves the 80’s, here’s a record of 80’s impressed canine names which can be completely superior! 

80’s Impressed Canine Names

Radical Boy Canine Names

  1. Reagan – the fortieth President of the USA.
  2. Screech – Is he 80’s or 90’s? Saved by the Bell – RIP Dustin Diamond.
  3. Charles – He’s in Cost!
  4. Calvin – learn quantity 5
  5. Hobbes – learn quantity 4
  6. Prince – Purple Rain!
  7. Journey – Don’t Cease Believing!
  8. Rusty – Nationwide Lampoons Trip
  9. Clark – See Above.
  10. Elliot – E.T. telephone dwelling.
  11. Biff – McFly your footwear untied!
  12. Marty – Again to the Future!
  13. Chett – Bizarre Science
  14. Wyatt – Extra Bizarre Science
  15. Ferris – It’s his break day. Bought any John Huges followers right here?
  16. Vern – Stand by Me
  17. Teddy – See Above
  18. Gordie – See Above
  19. Buck – Buck Rogers? Oh wait, he’s from the twenty fifth century. Have to be Uncle Buck.
  20. Roman – Uncle Buck once more!?
  21. Lloyd – In your eyes…
  22. Gizmo – Gremlins!
  23. Max – We don’t want one other hero! And it’s Mel Gibson not Tom Hardy.
  24. Rambo – First Blood
  25. Chunk – Do the truffle shuffle! 

Radical Lady Canine Names

  1. Molly – Fairly in Pink
  2. Madonna – The Materials Lady
  3. Stacy – She’s received it happening!
  4. Queenie – Peavy
  5. Frankie – Goes to Hollywood
  6. Madison – Splash!
  7. Samantha – Fox Naughty Ladies Want Love Too
  8. Heather – Chandler, Duke, McNamara
  9. Tina – What’s Love Bought to Do With It?
  10. Stevie – Nicks or Surprise
  11. Whitney – How will I do know?
  12. Sheena – Easton or a Punk Rocker?
  13. Sloane – Bueller? Bueller?
  14. Claire – It’s a household identify.
  15. Linda – I’ll be again.
  16. Andy – Goonies By no means Say Die
  17. Sally – that woman or When Harry Met
  18. Penny – Dancing or Inspector Gadget
  19. Debbie – Blondie
  20. Joan – I Love Rock and Roll
  21. Punky – Brewster
  22. Joanna – Kool and the Gang
  23. Dolly – Parton
  24. Trudy – Information of Life
  25. Dana – Ghostbusters

I hope these lists get you off to nice begin on naming your new pet. Nevertheless, if you end up questioning, “What if I picked the flawed identify?”  Don’t fear, it’s OK to rename your new pet. 

Is it OK to Rename My New Pet?

So, you thought your pet appeared like a Skeeter however now that you simply’ve had him dwelling for a couple of weeks, he’s undoubtedly a Scooter. There’s no want to stress, based on Petfinder. Your pet can be taught his/her identify in only a few days.

Listed below are some easy steps to assist your pet be taught his/her new identify:

  1. Determine on the brand new identify
  2. Have treats readily available to reward your pup when he/she responds to his/her identify
  3. Randomly name out his/her new identify and when he/she responds, give them reward and a deal with.
  4. Even when the pet doesn’t reply, once you name the brand new identify, give him/her a deal with so the phrase is related to a yummy deal with.

Naming your new pet shouldn’t be a tedious expertise, it ought to be pleasing and memorable. Taking your time in the course of the naming course of will be certain that no matter identify you select, will likely be particular and from the center.  

Do you have got a favourite theme for canine names?

Tell us within the feedback part under.

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100+ Best Golden Retriever Dog Names - English Cream Golden Retriever puppy sitting on pebbled concrete
100+ Greatest Golden Retriever Canine Names

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