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10 Awesome Dog Breeds That Follow You Around

You most likely know somebody who brings their canine with them in every single place. Out on espresso runs, procuring journeys, or over to family and friends’s homes… And these canine adore it! They take pleasure in spending each potential second with their ‘individual’ or ‘individuals’.

Canines have personalities identical to people. Discovering a canine who will make the right companion for YOU has lots to do with discovering a canine whose character meshes nicely with yours, or your loved ones’s. 

In case you’re out there for this sort of severe companionship, here’s a listing of 10 canine breeds that observe you round (i.e., Velcro canine breeds) and what makes every one distinctive. 

10 Clingy Canine Breeds That By no means Go away Your Aspect

American Staffordshire Terrier

A stocky, muscular AmStaff

Affectionately referred to as AmStaffs, American Staffordshire Terriers are completely satisfied and assured. This breed is understood for his or her muscular, broad chests, darkish, expressive eyes, and ears that stand erect.

This AKC registered breed match into the Velcro canine class as a result of if they’re with the people they love, they’re completely satisfied to do absolutely anything. Psychological stimulation, coaching, and correct socialization are necessary. Staffies also resemble Pit bulls on the account of energy and power.

AmStaffs aren’t the perfect for novice homeowners since they could be a little intense. In addition they tend in direction of barking, so no residences. 

  • Execs: Low upkeep grooming wants, could make great companions for youngsters (however prepare your kids and socialize your Amstaff early), condominium pleasant, extraordinarily pleasant, tolerant of different pets together with cats, simple to coach.
  • Cons: very energetic breed – wants numerous train, reasonable tendency to bark.


In case you’re in search of a compact breed that may go along with you anyplace, Chihuahuas can actually be carried in your purse or jacket. These three-to-six-pound pups are stuffed with character and have longer lifespans than some breeds, averaging anyplace from 10 to 18 years.

Chihuahua’s like to be round their individuals and make nice watchdogs. They’re a low maintenance breed that doesn’t want a complete lot of grooming or train, simply love! This breed is a good household canine, however finest suited to households with older kiddos.

When trying to find a Chihuahua pet, at all times select a breeder who screens for joint and coronary heart issues, since they’re widespread to the breed. 

  • Execs: boundless loyalty, low-maintenance grooming wants, nice with youngsters, appropriate for small condominium, do not require a lot train, simple to coach, very smart.
  • Cons: burglary could be difficult, high tendency to bark, topic to some main well being issues (eye issues, legg-calve-perthes, patellar luxation, hypothyroidism, open Fontanel being the most typical).

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

A red and white King Charles toy spaniel adult dog

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (also called Cav, Cavies) is a big toy breed however smaller than different Spaniels, weighing in at lower than 20 kilos. They have been bred to be companions which is why they’re thought-about Velcro canine, but in addition show traits from their sporting ancestors, like hen chasing.

King Charles Spaniels, a favourite breed of King Charles II after whom they’re named, are pleasant with individuals, canine, and even strangers. These nice household canine soften your coronary heart with their huge, darkish, wide-set eyes and lengthy feathered ears.

Take into account this breed is vulnerable to a number of well being issues, together with mitral valve illness, syringomyelia, episodic falling, hip dysplasia, patellar luxation, and dry eye. Shopping for from a good breeder can cut back the chance of a few of these well being issues. 

  • Execs: affectionate, playful, apartment-friendly, not appropriate for very popular climates, nice household canine, nicely suited to residing with kids, appropriate for aged or disabled.
  • Cons: required common grooming, they have an inclination to chase issues, do not do nicely when left alone for lengthy intervals of time.

French Bulldog

French Bulldogs are one of the poplar small canine breeds, rating at quantity 4 of 196 breeds listed by the American Kennel Membership.

These mini-bulldogs are identified for his or her erect, bat-like ears. They’re a compact, good, adaptable breed, making them a best choice for individuals in residences and first-time homeowners. Nevertheless, they get warmth exhaustion simply and are vulnerable to weight acquire so each day train is necessary. Fortunately, they solely want a pair 15-minute walks a day to remain in form.

French Bulldogs don’t like being alone, so get able to have the right little sidekick with you in every single place you go. Resembling pugs, Frenchies are playful and low upkeep, since they’re simple to groom and prepare.

  • Execs: enjoyable, low-maintenance grooming wants, do not bark a lot, nice household canine, could be good with cats, trainable.
  • Cons: could be fairly cussed and have a brief consideration span, as a brachycephalic breed they’ve a really low tolerance of warmth, train and stress and needs to be refrained from swimming pools and ocean water. 

Golden Retriever

A beautiful Golden Retriever adult dog

It’s no secret that Golden Retrievers make great companions and household canine, which is why they’re one of many prime U.S. canine breeds. Dozens of flicks star this breed, displaying simply how beloved they’re (Air Bud, Homeward Certain, and A Canine’s Function are just some examples).

Golden Retrievers are clever working canine but in addition do nice in households with kids.

They’re mild, protecting of their household, and can observe their individuals on every kind of adventures. Golden Retrievers don’t take pleasure in being left alone and wish numerous room to run and play.

  • Execs: nice as a remedy canine so a terrific companion to the disabled and aged, nice household canine, good with kids, tolerant of different pets and cats within the dwelling,obedient, extremely trainable.
  • Cons: wants frequent brushing, very energetic canine, pretty vocal, vulnerable to hip and elbow dysplasia.

Nice Dane

Great Dane curled up sleeping on dog comfy dog bed

Nice Danes are a big breed measures as tall as 34 inches on the shoulder. On their hind legs, they’re taller than most individuals! Their sheer measurement and look could make individuals nervous, which is why they make nice guard canine, however deep down these pups are mild giants.

Nice Danes usually are not advisable for first-time canine homeowners. Whereas pleasant with youngsters, different canine, and strangers, they’re a delicate breed that wants numerous house and train. In comparison with different breeds, they’ve a brief life expectancy of seven to 10 years, however a well-trained Nice Dane makes a superb companion. 

  • Execs: low-maintenance grooming wants, can do nicely residing in a small house, quite- do not bark lots, tolerant of kids ( given their measurement at all times supervise kids when interacting with these Light Giants), nice household canine, will get alongside nicely with cats and different pets, trainable.
  • Cons: wants each day walks and train, reasonable to heavy  shedders, they’re identified to slobber, quick lifespan (common 8 years), vulnerable to hip and elbow dysplasia, bloat, and coronary heart problems.


A cute Pug resting on the grass in the park

Pugs are small canine with huge personalities. These toy breed pups are foolish and enjoyable to be round! They have been bred to be lap canine, so that they love human companionship and wish to be by your facet 24/7.

Pugs are identified for his or her huge, spherical, darkish eyes, small however thick body, and wrinkled faces. Weighing as much as 18 kilos, these little guys can play the day away but in addition take pleasure in lounging round.

This easy-going breed is compact sufficient to do nicely in residences and is usually a good canine for novice homeowners.

  • Execs: will get alongside nicely with everybody – people and different pets alike, low-maintenance grooming wants, not vocal, ideally suited for condominium residing, non-aggressive, nice household canine.
  • Cons: headstrong so not the best to coach, vulnerable to weight problems, inclined to eye issues, and infections within the nasal folds of the pores and skin,  vulnerable to stenotic nares and entropion.


A white Samoyed dog in the park during autumn.

The Samoyed is an imposing, fluffy, white canine bred for arduous work searching and hauling sledges in Siberia. They’re social, pleasant pack canine that crave consideration and change into damaging if left alone.

Samoyeds are huge shedders that want common grooming, and their white fur stands out round the home and in your garments. Since they’re an clever working breed with a excessive prey drive, Samoyeds want train, diligent coaching, and do finest once they have a job to do.

Compared to many of the different Velcro pups on this listing, Samoyeds are excessive upkeep. Nevertheless, a well-trained and cared for Sami makes for a devoted good friend.

  • Execs: mild, clever and dependable, very tolerant of kids, affectionate, nice household canine.
  • Cons: excessive upkeep grooming canine, will chase different animals given their sturdy searching intuition, very talkative, want loads of psychological stimulation and bodily train, very energetic canine, not the best to coach.


Health Issues in Vizslas

Vizslas are noble gundogs initially bred in Hungary as pointers and retrievers. Through the years, these energetic canine have gained reputation in the US. They’re identified for his or her rust-colored coats and lengthy, tender ears that body their face. This breed loves conserving shut and cuddling with its proprietor.

Comparatively tall, Vizslas measure as much as 24 inches on the shoulder and are constructed to be lean and muscular. Since their ancestors labored carefully with one individual, Vizslas are likely to bond carefully with their proprietor and don’t like being alone.

The Vizsla (known as the “Velcro” canine) is a breed finest suited to energetic households who take pleasure in varied actions and have loads of house for his or her canine to roam.

  • Execs: nice operating associate, hypoallergenic, affectionate and clever, nice canine for energetic households.
  • Cons: vulnerable to behavioral points if not mentally and bodily challenged (e.g. chewing, barking and many others), cussed, vocal, very hyper.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

A Welsh Corgi Pembroke running playfully outdoors

The Pembroke Welsh Corgi was bred for herding. Despite the fact that they’re small, weighing as much as 30 kilos, they’ve numerous vitality and like to play. If you need a canine that enjoys individuals however tolerates being alone greater than most Velcro canine, a Corgi could be the appropriate match.

Corgis are identified for his or her quick legs, sturdy however small our bodies, and large ears that stand erect. They arrive in many alternative colours and markings. Due to their measurement they will adapt to condominium residing nevertheless it’s necessary that their vitality and companionship are met.

This breed is nice for dedicated first-time homeowners as a result of they’re simple to coach and pleasant in direction of household, youngsters, and strangers.

  • Execshigh-spirited, clever, will get alongside nicely with felines, likes to be round individuals, protecting.
  • Consexcessive shedders, want psychological stimulation and train to maintain them completely satisfied and well-behaved, vocal, whereas pleasant with youngsters they’re much less tolerant of youthful kids, not the best to coach.

Do you will have one of many above canine or a distinct breed? Tell us within the remark part under. 

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